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per_assignments_f_pkg.update_row API


    Hi, I'm using the API per_assignments_f_pkg.update_row. But I'm only updating the default_code_comb_id value. Do I still need to pass all other parameters to the API? Can't I just pass assignment_Id and the new code combination ID? Thanks, Naveen GIt

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    Hi all, i am currently using AP_VENDOR_SITES_PKG.Update_Row API to update supplier site information.API is able to update few vendor sites but not able to update few vendor sites. Please advise if any other API can be used or if some changes need to

  • AP - updating unpaid invoices payment priority Updated:10-11

    all: Any one have suggested script which to use to update unpaid invoices payment priority code on ap_invoices_all table. there is ap_invoices_pkg.update_row api but do not have adequate information on this api to make this script. Will appreciate an

  • Hr_ex_employee_api Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I need to use the hr_ex_employee_api.actual_termination_emp and hr_ex_employee_api.update_term_details_emp to terminate the employee I just need to know that what should be passed to the parameters in both API's and which table am I supposed

  • Call to API per_people_v7_pkg.Update_Row gives an error Updated:11-30

    Hi All, We are calling per_people_v7_pkg.Update_Row to terminate the employee for the Employee Interface in fresh install of R12 and it is giving an error which says wrong number of arguments Can I do something to fix the error or I need to use some

  • ORA-20001: APP-PER-06841 on API call to APPS.PER_PEOPLE_V7_PKG.UPDATE_ROW Updated:11-30

    I make a call to the APPS.PER_PEOPLE_V7_PKG.UPDATE_ROW function and get the following error... 'ORA-20001: APP-PER-06841: Person changes exist between the old date and the new date.' What is up? Thanks! Message was edited by: user454052Here the query

  • Unable to update the VAT_CODE column through supplier sites API Updated:10-11

    Hi, I'm unable to update the vat code column of the ap_supplier_sites_all table using the ap_vendor_pub_pkg.update_vendor_site API.Oracle application instance 12.1.3 and OS linux.Please find the code below.I'm able to update other feilds,but not the

  • API to update ap_invoices_all table Updated:10-11

    Hello all, is there any API to update ap_invoices_all table? Please let me know. thanks,Oracle uses AP_INVOICES_PKG API (Update_Row procedure) internally, but I believe you cannot use this API directly --

  • API AP_PO_VENDORS_API_PKG.update_vendor_site Updated:11-30

    Hello, The API AP_PO_VENDORS_API_PKG.update_vendor_site doesn't update all the fields (address for example). This is a known prblem. Does anybody know if this has been fixed in R12 ? Thanks in advanceYou can customize the AP_PO_VENDORS_APIS_PKG APIs

  • Anybody know of a way to add or modify Accounting Periods through an API? Updated:11-30

    I am trying to import and modify Inventory Accounting Periods. Does anybody know of a way to do this through an API? I can't find an API to do this so I'm thinking that I might have to a direct insert. Thanks for the help.I think that I have figured

  • Is there an API to updated DFFs on Supplier Sites? Updated:11-30

    I am looking for a Public API to update a DFF on various supplier sites. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!DECLARE lv_return_status varchar2(1); lv_msg_count number; lv_msg_data varchar2(2000); lv_vendor_id ap_suppliers.vendor_id%type; lv_vendor_site_i

  • Public API for contract group change Updated:11-30

    Hi, Does anyone know of a public API to change contract grouping? The only one I found is a private API: OKC_CGC_PVT.update_row. TIA, Alka.Thanks Nagamohan. I did look at the package, but did not notice "update_contract_grpngs" procedure in it..

  • Unable to capture user comments and responder in RESPOND API Updated:10-11

    We are building a custom application that uses Oracle Workflow underneath. The application users and responsibilities have been integrated into Workflow. Notifications are acknowledged and responded to directly from the application using the PL/SQL N

  • SR Log Error - |  Message  : Updated:10-11

    Hi, We are getting below errors in /nwa/logs. We have our PI (7.11) and Service Registry configured on the same server. And have out CE (7.2) system connected to this service registry. Does any one has similar experience? Please let me know if you ha

  • Is There any API in receivables payment will made against closed invoices ? Updated:10-11

    Hi ALL, i have requirement as below. i am doing AR Invoice Data Migration for Instance 11.5.5 (as a Source Instance) to the new instance R12 (as a target instance). Both open and closed invoices will have to be migrated from 11.5.5 to R12 to provide

  • Error while creating new projects using api Updated:10-11

    Hello, I am having error while creating projects using standard api, PA_PROJECT_PUB.CREATE_PROJECTS. The error I am having is as follow. Source template ID is invalid. === My code is as follow: SET SERVEROUTPUT ON SIZE 1000000 SET VERIFY OFF define n

  • Error While trying to Convert a Date Value to string in POI API (Excel) Updated:10-11

    Hi How can I convet a date value in excel to string value ? I am using POI API for excel sheet reading in JSP .Hello Esther, the problem seems to be that the temp folder of the target Integration Builder system can't be found: 'The system cannot find

  • Error while invoking a public PL/SQL API in EBIZ from Sync BPEL process Updated:10-11

    Hi, SOA Suite: I am getting the following error when I am invoking a public API in EBIZ from Oracle via a BPEL process. I am supplying the username/password via binding properties (as mentioned in other posts). Can someone point out that is

  • Error while creating a Foreign Currency Receipt using Create_Cash API Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am working on AR Receipts converison in R12 and trying to create cash receipts using AR_RECEIPT_API_PUB.CREATE_CASH. Receipt gets created successfully when the currency_code is USD. Receipt Method i am passing is 'Manual Receipt'. When the curr

  • DI API error while adding AP Invoice (Using serial Nos.) Updated:10-11

    Hi, Im getting the following DI API error when adding an AP Invoice which has serial numbers and i cant seem to find any logical fault in the code. " [PCH1.WhsCode][line: 4] , 'This entry already exists in the following tables (ODBC -2035) " If