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  • Error in PCR WorkFlow Updated:11-30

    Hi , I  am working on PCR WorkFlows, the problem is the workflow is triggering but when i look at the errors in SWI1Container it is showing like "Resolution of rule AC50000134 for task TS50000075: no agent found" Can any one tell me what could b

  • PCR workflows in MSS Updated:11-30

    Hi friends    Am working on PCR workflow for employee group change and personal area change and separation. I can design the workflow but where to tag my workflow. So that when i rise the new PCR for any separation or any employee group change. How t

  • PCR Workflows Updated:11-30

    Hi Friends, What would be a good starting point for PCR workflows? Is there any standard workflows available to understand the basics? Thanks in advance. Nathan.Did you check this <a href="

  • PCR workflow - HTTP handler for starting an external service cannot be read Updated:11-30

    Hi, We are implementing PCR Approval using adobe forms. Currently when we try to open the adobe form for Approval from the UWL we get the error(it actually displays with an information message symbol) "<b>HTTP handler for starting an external s

  • PCR workflows are Blank Updated:11-30

    Dear All,       I searched in the SAP library and found the workflows for PCR's as WS50000031  - ProcessPCR_2 WS50000041  - ProcessPCR_1 WS50000033  - Subworkflow ApprovePCR but when i login into the Workflow builder and checked these workflows, its

  • Launching PCR-Workflow from Backend in Portal Updated:11-30

    Hello We have a PCR-scenario running (ESS+MSS) with EP 6.0 SP2 Patch 4 HF 7 und CM SP2 P4 HF5 and it works great in the uwl in the portal. But some of our people still prefere working in the Business Workplace ("UWL of the Backend") instead of t

  • PCR workflow Updated:11-30

    Using ECC5 and Portal.I've cconfigure PCR to use the SAP standard with approval. When I click on the link in UWL I get the error below. Is there a missing config somewhere? It seem to be looking for a ITS service. Can anyone confirm how the PCR supos

  • PCR Workflow Error Updated:11-30

    Dear All, This workflow was working. It used to arrive in the UWL successfully and the item in the UWL contained the correct type of request. For example, the item looked like this: Process Change Request 'Request Promotion' Now, the item does not pr

  • Workflow in PCRs Updated:11-30

    Namaste, Do we have to assign a workflow in Define Scenario Attributes for all the PCRs which we intend to use? If yes, how do we do it? Krishna MurthyHello Krishna, Follow these steps To assign the workflow template to an ISR scenario, proceed as fo

  • How to get or call PCR form in workflow template. Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I'm working in ESS and MSS workflow now. For my requirement, I need to get or call PCR form in workflow template. How can I achieve this. Thanks - KrishHi Raj, Check if the following links helps you:

  • MSS PCR Notification/Workflow Updated:11-30

    Hi, We have been trying to use the MSS PCR for Separation.  We are able to successfully submit the PCR however, there are no workflows triggered.  Appreciate if you can advise on how to setup to trigger workflow.  Alternatively, appreciate advise on

  • PCR Work Flow Error Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am working on PCR WorkFlows, the problem i am getting is .. when the PCR is executed from MSS it is coming to UWL as task . But when try to open that .. it is giving me the error like .... "Critcal Error. Message number cannot read from Workflo

  • Workflow Approval Configuration Updated:11-30

    Hi all, we are implementing ESS/MSS on ECC5.0,EP6 and I am having difficulty in implementing the PCR workflow with approval step of 1 and 2 approvers. please provide me some link or documentation about the configuration steps to be done. Need help on

  • PCR send email to email inbox Updated:11-30

    We are ECC 6. system. We want to send an email to hr adminsitrator's inbox in case a PCR is routed to them. Through extended notification it is possible but we also want to send across all the detials that the manager has requested in the PCR in the

  • How to automatic update necessary infotypes at the end in ISR framework Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, I want to create a custom PCR scenario based on ISR framework. This scenario will transfer a person from one position to another position. In the normal PCR scenario, the final change of the person's infotype data is done by following-up

  • UWL Status Update Updated:11-30

    Hi All, Currently I am working in PCR workflows. All workflows are working fine. I need to update status in UWL. Once any work item is approved or rejected or completed the UWL will NOT update the status. It always open / process status. I used BUS70

  • Error in sending workitem to outlook if Email id is not maintained in SU01 Updated:11-30

    HI Guys,                  Right now i am working with PCR workflows. Here the approval will go both to the SAP inbox and the Outlook Inbox. For sending workitem to outlook i had scheduled a background job RSWUWFML2.           My problem is if the Ema

  • TS50000075(Process Change Request (Web) Updated:11-30

    Hi All, We have customized a standard PCR workflow WS50000031(2 level approval) based on our requirements, which is using another sub -workflow for approval step.. The sub-workflow has a step for task TS50000075(Process Change Request (Web)). The pro

  • Custome MSS Webdynpro form and update & approvel process. Updated:11-30

    Hi, I developed MSS form using Webdynpro Java and want to add the submit (not for actual update)  as well as approvel / rejection process. what is standard process is to route the PCR Notifications through the HR Administrator who will then process t

  • Badi / User exit while employee separation Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts,     I have a requirement that at the time of employee separation, I need to create a text file containing employee code, employee name,employee grade etc.(who is getting separated on that date) on the 'SAVE' button. Is there any user exit