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partner function may not be changed

  • Creation of partner functions for customer master with LSMW Updated:10-11

    Hello, I try to create partner functions together with a customer via Batch Input in LSMW. Object: 0050, method: 0000, program name: RFBIDE00, program type: B. I use the structure BKNVP (Customer master partner functions) to create a new partner and

  • Automatic assignment of Partner Function (Dealer) based on Postal Code? Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, We are realizing a project in the Bathroom-Product Industry. Responsible for the service to the end-clients are authorized dealer. When creating a service ticket the responsible dealer has to be assigned automatically to the ticket on the

  • Problem in creation of partner function creation. Updated:10-11

    Hi all,     During customer Master upload using LSMW direct method, Iam getting this problem. while creating Sales view using XD01, three partner function VE (Sales Representative), SH (Ship-to party), ZI (Front Office) are getting displayed in the l

  • I can not see all "Divisions" in BP Rel.--Partner Function Assignment Updated:10-11

    Hi, When I edit "Partner Function Assignment" in BP reliationship such like BUR011("Employee Responsible"), I can not see all "Divisions" in list which I can see in configuration via SPRO-->Customer Relationship Management

  • Can we view  SH's partner functions in Sales Order? Updated:10-11

    Hi All, SP has a different SH and FA is assigned to SH in master record. When we create order we can see all the partner functions of SP but we can't see partner functions of SH. User wants to see which FA is assigned to SH. We can only view partner

  • Partner function not working when creating PO with ref to PReq Updated:10-11

    Partner function is not working when creating a Purchase Order with ref to a Purchase Requistion, Partner functions maintained in the vendor master are VN, OA & PI. But OA & PI are not appearing in the PO header partner tab when created with ref t

  • Partner functionality in release order Updated:10-11

    Dear Gurus, I have created a contract with partner functionality. I created a Purchase Requisition referring contract (Using source of supply). I need to create Po in ME21N by adopting PR. System copies all the other details but not partner details.

  • PO and partner functions of a contract Updated:10-11

    Hello, We have the following problem:    In our system, we maintain partner functions in the partner functions of the vendor. And for this vendor we have a contract. However, we don't maintain partner functions in the contract. But when we create a P

  • Question on Contract - Partner function Updated:10-11

    Hi all For eg. I created a CONTRACT in ECC and its vendor as VN 11111 ( OA ORDERING ADDRES  22222.) Later Vendor master team changes in the vendor OA as 33333 from OA  22222 for VN 11111. Can I expect the same changes in ME33K , HEADER , partner -> p

  • Partner functions missing in the replicated order Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I Have created an order in ECC which has replicated to CRM with some errors partner functions are missing. could help me how to solve this  problem in below link you can see the detail analysis of the error. 1)

  • Partner function at shipment Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, Kindly advise on the below issue. Currently in VT01N(create shipment) when we enter FwdAgent and other details like shipping cond. ,at "Partner tab" partner function SP Transporter comes by default/automatically that is nothing but m

  • Mandatory partner function at sales order item level Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I'm customizing partner schema at item level for sales order. I have created a custom partner function, I put it in a new sales order item partner procedure and i set this partner function as mandatory (I want that system show me a message if

  • Error "You cannot enter a partner function for output NEU" Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I'm having these error "You cannot enter a partner function for output NEU" (message VN041) when I tried to assign a partner function (e.g OA)  in the conditions records for application "EV" (Purchase outline agreement). Th

  • Error while creating Notification: Partner Function is Not Allowed in Partner Determination Profile Q2 Updated:10-11

    During Notification Creation I get the error --Partner Function is Not Allowed in Partner Determination Profile Q2 As I enter Purchase Document Number in the transaction QM01 and press Enter. I get the above error and donot go further. Can anyone hel

  • Partner function for a team in Change Request Management Updated:10-11

    I have defined a new transaction type based on Urgent Correction. I have three partner functions: Change Manager, Team Member and Quality Assurance Team. The first two partner functions are represented by single business partner so I can define them

  • Bapi_po_create1 - partner function and partner number problem Updated:10-11

    hello. let me just first state that on ecc5 this problem doesn't exist. we are in the middle of an ECC6 upgrade right now and i have a problem creating a PO through the BAPI on the ECC6 upgrade system, needless to say that all customization was copie

  • Tax Jurisdiction Code Check as part of a Sales Order Partner Function Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a scenario where we modify partner information directly in the sales order. These partners are simple addresses and are not tax relevant. We have set them up as one-time customers. Every time when we modify the address information, Vertex

  • New Partner Function in CRM (Solution Manager Service Desk) Updated:10-11

    Hi CRM Gurus!,   Even if this problem is present in my Solution Manager Service Desk I'm creating this thread here in CRM Forum because I thin'k I need the experience of one CRM Expert. Í´ve created this question in Solution Manager Forum also but I

  • In the SLFN transaction type partner function sold-to-party Updated:10-11

    Dear all,         We have connected 7 satelite systems to the solution manager server when the end user create the ticket in the satelite system  automatically transaction type will create .When the super user open the transaction type In the Sold-to

  • Partner Function in Vendor Master With Internal Number Range Updated:10-11

    Hello Friends, I am creating vendor master record with internal no range.I wanted following clarifications. 1.In partner function screen, I want to have same vendor no which i am creating to be assigned automatically to VN.OA PI and GS funtions at th