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  • Data Model on OTL-tables Updated:11-30

    Hi, I need to know how the tables in OTL around table hxc_time_building_blocks is connected togehter. Does anybody have some information about this or can point me in the correct direction? I have search Metalink, eTRM, OTN without any luck. I have t

  • OTL - Hwo to change the error message Updated:11-30

    Hi When someone submits time beyond the valids project and task dates, we get teh followign error. We want to change the text of this message to give more meaningful text. How do i change that in OTL The expenditure item date is not within the active

  • R12 and OTL Sql Query Updated:11-30

    I am from BI group and trying to extract all timecards from R12 OTL HXC schema. OTL has Project, Task, expenditure type. Expenditure Type will be used to get Pay element Type to match with Payroll. There is already one to one mapping table in OTL bet

  • OTL API - Log Message Updated:11-30

    Hello, Can anyone tell me how to capture error messages when uploading the timecard through OTL API? I am calling log_messages procedure to retrieve the messages in the end. But I want to error handle them before calling the deposit process. --vgurr 

  • OTL Tables Updated:11-30

    Hi, Can anyone tell me the important tables used in OTL and one liner description of the same. I am looking for tables which would store detials afer time card submission, approvals and time-store thanks for the help Applic

  • OTL (Oracle Time and Labor) Table Structure Updated:11-30

    Hi, Could you let me know about the Table structure of OTL(Oracle Time and Labor). I went through eTrm manual, but I'm trying to find the joins and hierarchy structure. Thanks.931832 wrote: Hi, Could you let me know about the Table structure of OTL(O

  • OTL deposit API Updated:11-30

    Hi There , I'm using otl API's to upload data into weekly time card but The deposit API take toooo much time hxc_timestore_deposit.execute_deposit_process ( p_validate => FALSE ,p_app_blocks => v_app_blocks ,p_app_attributes => v_detail_attribute

  • OTL HXC_TIMESTORE_DEPOSIT API populated tables Updated:11-30

    Hi, Could you let me tables populated when HXC_TIMESTORE_DEPOSIT API is executed. ThanksCould you let me tables populated when HXC_TIMESTORE_DEPOSIT API is executed.Depends on what procedure you use when you use this API.

  • Transfer OTL to Payroll is not working for Custom Field Values Updated:10-11

    Hi, We have Extended the Payroll and Project layout in OTL to include custom fields. Now linked the fields to Element entries input values. The issue happens when a retro batch is processed and transfered to Payroll the input values are not getting p

  • Connecting Oracle 9i Server via a C++ application written using the OTL lib Updated:10-11

    I am looking for somebody has experience writing client applications for Oracle 9 using the OTL framework: I am using this free open source software to write my client, but the first stopper was to having my client applica

  • OTL -What happens to the rejected time card? Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Can u pls clarify me this question on OTL? We have 2 buckets on time card. One is 1) On time bucket (Element) 2) Late hours bucket.(Element) We r using entry level approver where only the time entries with Late hours will be sent for apprval.

  • Showing multiple expenditure types in OTL Projects Timecard Layout Updated:10-11

    Does anyone know how to limit the expenditure types that show up in the standard OTL Projects Timecard Layout? I have two expenditure types for straight time classifications, Labor and Contingent Labor and I only want to show Labor for employee timec

  • Questions on OTL Configuration Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have couple of questions to all OTL gurus.. 1. Can a custom LOV be defaulted with some value which can also be overwritten by the user action? 2.Can a package choice list be hidden and still be executed as it is a mandatory parameter for eg:Hou

  • Error : while running OTL page. Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am getting the below mentioned error when I clicked the 'YES' button in the Warning page which comes after clicking the Save Button in Create Timecard ( OTL)  page using the customised controller code. Kindly help me to understand what caus

  • Adding Project Name in OTL Time Card Updated:10-11

    Hello All, I have done the following Changes to display Project Name in OTL time Card in R12.1.3 with no luck, please let me know. 1. Added Attribute28 as PROJECTNAME for Context - PROJECTS in OTL INformation Types - DFF 2. Using AK Html Forms, Added

  • Open a new popup window in OTL Create timecard page Updated:10-11

    I am have created a new item called button on the create timecard page in OTL. when i click on the button it opens up a new window which runs a function in it. I want to set the properties of the new window like remove toolbar,location and menubar. w

  • Need Help in Customization of OTL Time Keeper Layout for Projects. Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Need help in customization of OTL Time Keeper. Requirement: Required to change the Project Layout Template as Payroll Layout Template. In Payroll Layout Template the days consits of start and end time and total time per day. Similary need to

  • OTL - Table Relationship between Timecard and Workflow Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Our employees work multiple projects and charge their time thru OTL to each of individual project as appropriate every pay period. Each project has it's own project manager. When an employee sumbits his timecard for approval the workflow rout

  • India Localization eTRM Wanted Updated:10-11

    Hi, Can anybody provide the link to India Localization eTRM. Thanks, Angelica.For information about implementing India Localizations, please review Oracle India Localizations Implementation Guide R11i Note: 334668.1 - Oracle India Localization Implem

  • New line character in OTL Fast Formula Updated:10-11

    Hi, We have written custom OTL Formula to perform some legislative logic. We are generating message dynamically and to have line break we are using chr(13). When we check in fnd newmessages table, it shows proper break, but on timecard page error com