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  • Using Windows 8.1 With Older Domain Controllers Updated:10-11

    Is there any document that would specify types of incompatibility we might expect when using Windows 8.1 with older domain controllers, either Windows 2000 or Windows 2003?     I assume at minimum that these older domain controllers would not have gr

  • OSB 11g Domain Configuration. Updated:11-30

    Hello, I am having trouble understanding the results of the OSB 11g domain configuration. In creating the domain i have selected the following options: Oracle Service Bus OWSM Extension Oracle Service Bus Extension - All domain topologies Weblogic Ad

  • Failed to start two OSB development domains Updated:11-30

    Hello All, I am a newbie to OSB. I am trying to create two development OSB domain, but I am not able to start the second one after the configuration wizard. It's the pointbase problem, I think. the second OSB domian is trying to start the point base

  • Server 2012 R2 Group policy management with older Domain servers Updated:11-30

    Hi Guys, I need your expert assistance with a issue I'm facing. We have a client that has 3 domain controllers. The Primary DC is running Server 2003 R2, another one is running Server 2008, and the last DC is running Server 2008 R2. The forest functi

  • OSB Example Domain Login Updated:11-30

    Hi, Can somebody share the username/password to access OSB Example Console which comes with OSB 11gR2 installation. I could not find it in any document. weblogic/weblogic did not help.just a guess - weblogic/welcome1 or weblogic/welcome?Read other 2

  • An older version domain is detected. Updated:11-30

    when m tryn to create a domain using weblogic10.3g i get the error: The server is invalid. An older version domain is detected. Click the link below to upgrade it with Upgrade Wizard ..Was the domain created using an older version of the server? The


    Hi , Need the help in creating the OSB clustered domain. Followed the below documentation. But not getting the required results. Domain that created after using the wlst b

  • Error while creating domain after OSB Installation OS:linux 64 bit Updated:11-30

    Hi, OS is Linux 64 bit.. Oracle 11g.. Could you please suggest what I am missing in Installation of OSB or domain creation?? <------------------- Fusion Middleware Configuration Wizard ------------------> Application Template Selection: Available Te

  • Are there any WLST 11g Scripts to create an OSB domain? Updated:11-30

    All the ones I can find (forums, blogs, etc.) are for 10g. Things have changed since then, it seems. For example, most scripts contain something like: addTemplate(workshop_home + '/common/templates/applications/workshop_wl.jar') addTemplate(wl_home +

  • OSB projects deployment issue Updated:11-30

    Hi All, i am getting following error when i try to deploy the osb config.jar . the same jar i am able to deploy in another environment. As for my understanding some server configuration was corrupted thats why deployment was failed with validation fa

  • UDP when adding Server 2012 R2 to a Small Business Server 2003 Domain Updated:10-11

    So we have a Small Business Server environment. Migrating to Windows Server 2012 R2 VMs. Currently the entire old SBS environment is still in existence. I've added 2nd 2012 DC, 2012 RDS VM, and a Server 2012 File Server as well that will host the UDP

  • What is the best practice to perform DB Backup on Sun Cluster using OSB Updated:11-30

    I have a query on OSB 10.4. I want to configure OSB 10.4 on 2 Node Sun Cluster where the oracle database is running. When im performing DB backup, my DB backup job should not get failed if my node1 fails. What is the best practice to achieve this?Hi,

  • OSB Implementation on AIX 5.2 with HACMP - SSL Trust Issues?? Updated:11-30

    Hello All I think I'm on a bit of a long shot with this one unfortunately, but I am trying to implement an OSB solution on a production HACMP cluster. The configuration would look as follows: OSB Admin & Media Host : Windows 2003 x86 (Host: FPTXOSB01

  • Ask about the Service Pooling in OSB Updated:11-30

    Hi all,     I read the Service Pooling feature in OSB. It said that: "OSB support load balancing of service endpoints through service pooling technique." --> It's mean I can create multi instances of a service that a provider exposed, and whe

  • Problem creating OSB11g Domain Updated:11-30

    Hi I installed OSB11g on Window 7 64bit using generic installer. I am trying to create OSB 11g Domain using configuration wizard. when i try to select Single server Domain check box it gives a prompt DEP for Oracle Soa common Adapters: and as

  • Change or add a NetBIOS Domain Name Updated:11-30

    We have a current 2008 R2 level domain, for example and we need to migrate to a 2012 level  Currently does not exist. currently has a netbios name of example.  Is there a way t

  • Setting up second domain at work. It tries to take over DHCP for both domains. Updated:11-30

    So I have an existing older domain (Server 03 r2) and it's working normally.  I'm setting up a second domain, server 08 r2. Each time I activate DHCP on it it begins handling IPs for both domains causing other issues related to DNS. They are differen

  • How do i revert to an older saved version Updated:11-30

    I have several saved verisons of older domain sites  i would like to revert back to one from a few months ago, but iweb defaults to another one and it's not even my most recent published site??? how do i get it to open the older saved version?See thi

  • IWeb won't Publish new domain on New mac...? Updated:11-30

    I copied all my domains and switched them from another computer. I re- logged in under my account on the new mac. Trashed the domain file and replaced with my older domain file. And made a revison. It allows me to Publish, but no changes get made whe

  • Workshop cannot start "localhost" server Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm using Workshop 10.3 (from Oracle Service Bus 10gR3) on a Windows XP machine. I have to run my domains strictly on "localhost". I've edited the default OSB and Workshop domains (i.e. ${OSB_HOME}/osb_10.3/samples/domains/servicebus and ${O