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  • Ovi Store and Nokia Accounts unresponsive on my 80... Updated:10-11

    I sent my 808 in for service and requested a wipe to factory defaults due to some issues that I was having. When my phone was returned to me, I had great difficulty loging in to Nokia Account and Ovi Store Mobile. There is a round wheel that would ju

  • How to install ovi suite to a drive other than C:?... Updated:10-11

    how to install ovi suite to a drive other than c:??? my c: drive is almost full with other partitions perfectly free to install it, how do i do that? can i use previous versions of ovi suite to use with my e63? at this point, i'm unable to use ovi su

  • Error in trying to update FROM Ovi Suite t... Updated:10-11

    I am trying to update FROM Ovi Suite to the newer version. The download process NEVER ends. 2 screen shot are attached. In the 2nd you clearly see some counter overrun (65518MB / 17MB). I have already: uninstalled; download new version; insta

  • Can not install Ovi Store Nokia 603 Updated:10-11

    can not install shop. Tried to install four different versions, including misrepresented and that you download the browser when they click the icon. At the end of the installation says: "Installation not possible"Download this CWRT file to micro

  • Can not download OVI STORE in my NOKIA 5130 XM. Updated:10-11

    Can not download OVI STORE in my NOKIA 5130 XM.IT SAYS CONFLICTING APPLICATION SHOW ITEMS?Hey Suhit I got the same problem. I cant update version or even open. I think it will get fixed after you update your Software Version of your phone. If you fin

  • Nokia Ovi Suite has lost connection with your devi... Updated:10-11

    5 months has passed and many hours on the phone to Nokia. The phone has been completely reset /reboot by Nokia time and time again and still the phone gets this message when trying to update software..."Nokia Ovi Suite has lost connection with your d

  • E5: Ovi Suite has lost connection with your device... Updated:10-11

    I am trying to update the software on my E5 using OVI suite but I keep getting an error during the install phase (after backup). The following error and instructions are displayed in the OVI suite window but makes no difference when I follow these in

  • What is difference between PC Suite and Ovi Suite? Updated:10-11

    What are the main differences between PC Suite and Ovi Suite and are there any advantages in using both please?/t5/PC-and-Mac-Software/I-am-new-so-PC-Suite-or-Ov​i-Suite/td-p/663858 If my post helped you, click on Kudos button and if my solution prov

  • Ovi Store Application NOT WORKING Updated:10-11

    I've been experiencing this problem for a while already. Probably like many other users, I could not access Ovi store via its application. Everytime I open it, there's a error script saying " Application Initialisation Failed" I'm using Nokia 58

  • Having problems installing Ovi player. Updated:10-11

    This problem would not happen if I did not format my PC. After format using Vista SP2, I can't install my  Ovi Player but before the format it was fine. The installation starts normally but until half way the downloading process the status turns to f

  • Installing OVI Suit on Windows Vista Enterprise di... Updated:10-11

    Hy, I have a great problem with the OVI suit installation on a Windows Vista Enterprise 32Bit. Before i install ovi suit, there was the "Nokia PC Suit" on the PC this software is uninstalled now, and also i run the "Nokia_PC_Suite_Cleaner_7

  • Ovi Calendar server back end lost shared calendar ... Updated:10-11

    Setup a shared calendar between the Ovi web suite, and two devices, a C5 and an N8 Day 1 - Syncing fine between web and phones Day 2 - Go into web page, now the calendar is shared with 0 others! Each phone also has a separate calendar. No configurati

  • Issue with ovi support page. issue with bought app... Updated:10-11

    first if all i cannot fill inn support  form just becasue when im choosing issue tipe page is redirecting and i cant chose the issue tipe! email on [email protected] is also fails i ve got some problems with ovi store. some apps which were bought whi

  • Got double charged in ovi store and no download Updated:10-11

    I wanted to buy a game, entered my credit card info, and got through the confirmation page only to receive the error: Card error Card errors encountered. please try again later or change payment method on the next screen. This problem wouldn't be so

  • 5800 Problem with Ovi Store and Facebook - HELP PL... Updated:10-11

    I have had my 5800 for about 4 weeks now and had a great time using Facebook and downloading stuff from the Ovi Store when suddenly my problem appeared.  When I try and log on to the Ovi Store it says at the bottom "you are logged in as Purpledwarfy

  • Cannot Sign into Ovi Store and cannot create email... Updated:10-11

    Hey all, I have just recently got my N8 back from Nokia. I sent it back due to numerous problems...battery life was less than 16hrs, kept saving sent messages, wouldn't update emails instantly and kept getting mail that was 4 days old, etc... But now

  • Problem updating ovi store and downloading whatsap... Updated:10-11

    When i try to open ovi store on my x2-01 it tells me to update it before i would be able to download it and when i try it always tells me page not other problem is when i try to download any software e.g whatsapp application using my phone i

  • Problem install ovi store and ovi maps? Updated:10-11

    my phone nokia C7 can not turn on, then I use a three finger salute to hard reset, and my phone can turn on again, but social networking application, ovi store and ovi maps are lost, I tried installing again, but always "unable to install", whil

  • N8 Ovi Store and Social Application not working Updated:10-11

    Hi Everyone, I am having issues with my Ovi store app and my Ovi Social app on my N8. I have finally managed to get into twitter through Ovi social, but when I try to access facebook i get the following message "Unknown problem.  Please try again lat

  • E71x ovi store and apps trouble Updated:10-11

    on my e71x i am unable to access the ovi store or apps.  when i open the link that had been sent to my phone for the app, it tells me i need to download the ovi store mobile app.  This has been done several times but then there is no way to open this