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Oracle Forms 6i win7

  • Which oracle version can i install in windows 7 home premium Updated:10-11

    Please suggest ThanksHi; If you want to install oracle 10gR2 to win7(you cant make installation on home version,you can try but its your risk) For win7 installation follow below:

  • Errors:Installing Oracle Portal, Forms, Reports and Discoverer on Win7 Updated:10-11

    Someone can help me? I installed Oracle Portal, Forms, Reports and Discoverer on Win7. I have install: jdk 64bit Oracle db 11g (64bit) Oracle Weblogic 1033 (wls1033_generic.jar) Oracle Portal, Forms, Reports and Discoverer (ofm_pfrd_win_11.

  • ORACLE 11G INSTALLATION PROBLEM ON WIN7 32 bit Updated:10-11

    okay i intalled the 11g edition but quite unsuccesfully . This is the view of start menu entry start->allprograms->oracle 11g express edition->empty Well, it shouldn't be like this ! Can't figure out why ? Edited by: 908289 on Jan 16, 2012 3:52 A

  • Can't uninstall Oracle Client 11g on Win7/64 (all read and tried) Updated:10-11

    First: I already know the official tutorial for removing Oracle 11g and have read several existing forum entries on this topic. 1. When I try to deinstall with OUI (mark "OraClient11g_home1" only, no expanded subnodes), it tells me to run "

  • How to Configure a oracle R12 with RAC on two different  system . Updated:10-11

    I have one laptop and one desktop Laptop---- on laptop I have install vmware 8 Host OS --win7 Guest OS---linux 4 Desktop --- On Desktop I have install Vmware 8 Hosts OS --- Win XP Guest OS ---Linux 4 Plz suggest How configure oracle R12 with RAC usin

  • Oracle Forms IDS on a windows 7 OS Updated:10-11

    We have had problems with forms since we moved to Vista and have just lived with the crashing as we understood it wasnt certified. I have recently read some posts where people have fixed this constant crashing in Vista with a patch 7047034 but this s