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oracle forms 12g and spellcheck

  • Oracle Agent 12g: how does the license model look like? Updated:11-30

    Hi , if I install the Oracle agent 12g on a linux box, on which no other Oracle products are installed: - does this require an extra license? We just want to monitor the host (linux box) via Oracle agent, that's all. It's my understanding that the in

  • Is Oracle Database 12g released? where to download? Updated:11-30

    wanna know whether Oracle Database 12g available or not? if yes where to download it?TonyHuang wrote: wanna know whether Oracle Database 12g available or not? if yes where to download it?No, it has not been released. When it is, you should see it her

  • Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Manager Plugin Installation on oem grid control 12c facing error Updated:11-30

    Hi Friends, I am planning to monitor Peoplesoft 8.52 HRMS application through oem 12c grid control. First I have installed 12c grid control successfully. Followed by I am installing the Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Manager Plugin in 12c oem repositor

  • How to install and configure OIM with 11i Oracle Applications( Updated:11-30

    Hi, We are currently having Oracle Applications 11i ( Instance. I need to install Identity Management (OIM), SSO and configure these to 11i instance. Can you please provide me below, - What are the documents to be followed. - What are the p

  • Spellcheck in Oracle Web Access Client Updated:11-30

    need the spellcheck in the Email Oracle Web Access Client. The question is: are this functionality in this Java version of email??? Because I find this functionality (spellcheck) in the HTML version of Oracle Mail but I cant find the spellcheck in th

  • CF10 unable to connect to Oracle 12g Updated:11-30

    Hello, ColdFusion 10 (Enterprise) and Oracle 11g were configured and was working well. However recently Oracle 11gR2 was upgraded to version 12c, and this broke many things. Mainly, the data source connections that were setup in CF Admin page to quer

  • Installing Oracle 12g Grid Updated:11-30

    Hi      In the last days I have beenn trying to install Oracle 12c Grid. The issue appeared on Node 2 when running the script. The log file is: Performing root user operation for Oracle 12c The following environment variables are set as:    

  • Query on Linux 'top' command in Linux for oracle user Updated:10-11

    This is the output of 'top' command in one of my linux server hosting One Oracle instance with 600MB SGA and 400MB PGA. One one instance is up in this server. top - 14:36:37 up 4:26, 3 users, load average: 0.05, 0.11, 0.28 Tasks: 124 total, 1 running

  • Oracle 11g 2 installation blocked Updated:10-11

    Hello, I'm installing the 11g release 2 Oracle version under a CentOS 6.3 virtual image, which is running on a CentOS 6.4 physical server. I've followed the steps about previous requirements showed in the "Quick installation guide", so I think t

  • Oracle 11g unreasonable large data file that can't be shrunk Updated:10-11

    I got this Oracle 11g installed on my win7 just for running my local application. In the Enterprise Manager the "USERS" tablespaces shows over 12g for allocated size, about 1g for Space Used(also see the table snippet below), only about 8% of sp

  • Business case to move from Oracle BPM 10.3g to BPM11g Updated:10-11

    We are a very large organisation doing our business process implementation using Oracle BPM 10.3g. Currently we are working on only 3 processes, but over next couple of years, we would have at least 10 LIVE processes. As an organisation, we are wonde

  • Oracle Universal Installer not starting, failing on pre-requisites Updated:10-11

    --[This is where the application server 10g Forms and Reports (9.0.4) cd resides for Solaris version 5.9] /data02/FMSinvoice/appsFR904/INSTALL/SOLARIS --[The runInstaller is using oraparam.ini from the following temp location (/data02/FMSinvoice/apps

  • Oracle SGA sizing Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have an oracle rac 10g with 4 nodes on linux and each node has 12G RAM memory. my current SGA sizing from pfile looks like this, I need suggestions to change values to have better performance... racdb2.__db_cache_size=2080374784 racdb3.__db_cac

  • ORACLE APPS 11i Installation Updated:11-30

    RW-50011 Error is coming while starting Apps 11i installation in linux(RHEL-ES) with 30G for WindowsXP and 130G for Linux. I gave partition as 104G for Oracle,12G for root, 1.5G for Swapspace. I checked all the required RPMs to be installed. But whil

  • Oracle latest version after oracle 11g Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am a Oracle DBA , Can any one please tell me what is the version released after oracle 11g ? and what is latest oracle version? Thanks in advance Venkatuser13451089 wrote: Hi, I am a Oracle DBA , Can any one please tell me what is the version r

  • Memory issue, Oracle 10g in Solaris 10 zone Updated:11-30

    I know many memory questions have been asked, but I couldn't find any similar to the problem I'm seeing. Starting from a fresh server boot, I have 12G of available memory, or nearly that anyway. Oracle 10g is installed with no databases created. Afte

  • ORA-27102: out of memory Solaris 10 Oracle 11g Container Updated:11-30

    Hi, I work with SPARCT3 32Gb Ram, Solaris 10. Trabajo con contenedores/zonas. I try to install some DB in the same container. The max-shm-memory variable set to 8G, 10G, 12G, 14G and 16G but its the same. The first installation its work, and i set th

  • J2EE versions supported by Weblogic 11g, 12g Updated:11-30

    Hello, Can you please direct me to a link that I can find what versions of J2EE or Java EE are reliably supported in 11g and 12g. Thanks, RajI'm sorry, I thought by mistake that you were asking about Java SE, so I sent you info about Java SE in my pr

  • What is diff between oracle application server and weblogic server? Updated:11-30

    what is the exact difference between oracle application server and weblogic application server?The difference between Oracle Application Server AND WebLogic Server has been discussed in a lot of forums dated 2008 and earlier comparing OAS10g with Web

  • Oracle ASM on Windows Updated:11-30

    I think I may need some help getting the storage for my ASM right. I changed companies recently and the new place is a Windows house so the Oracle databases are all on 2008 R2 machines. I have run Oracle RAC on both physical and virtual before, but o