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  • Frm-41213 SO: Linux 64bits,Oracle Forms 10g Integration With Reports Updated:10-11

    Oracle Forms [32 bits] Versión with Reports Fails. The Report Server Is Up, the file test.rdf its executed ok. but when a button have the next code. all its wrong.... helpme... PROCEDURE REPORT IS repid REPORT_OBJECT; v_rep VARCHAR2(100);

  • Problems setting logo - Forms 11g Updated:10-11

    I've read the manuals, and followed instructions but still cannot get my company logo to appear in the top right hand section of the window bar for Forms 11g using just a image/icon of GIF/JPG file type in any of my directories on my Linux box. On th

  • Oracle Forms & Report Upgrade/Migrate from 6i to 11g Updated:10-11

    Hi All, We are planning to upgrade/Migrate from Oracle Froms and Reports 6i to 11g. Can some one please  give me an high level steps to upgrade and migrate from 6i to 11g version. Many thanks in advance. Kind Regards, Mohanhi , use below steps for El

  • Weblogic 10.3.5 with oracle forms and reports Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am new to 11g concept (actually web based, have worked till 6i) and trying to upgrade my existing system (6i) to 11g. I have installed Weblogic 10.3.5 with forms and reports on windows 7 32 bit. I can connect to my database (10g)

  • IE failed after installing oracle forms Updated:10-11

    Hello , I have installed Oracle Forms10g,& DB then .After connecting to DB when I tried to run TEST.FMB(example form given by oracle), My IE(IE8,Windows7) dont show the form runtime,rather it shows a blank page with a url: http://<My_PC Namexxx-pc&

  • Where to place the oracle 10g forms and reports folder in Linux server Updated:10-11

    Hi.... Currently iam migrating a module to oracle 10g. All my modules which consists of form folders and report folders are inside a folder called PROJECT and placed in C:\ in windows server. So when i want to call a form or report i have used path a

  • Oracle.forms.webutil.fileTransfer.FileTransfer been not found... ? Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I use Oracle Developer Suite on XP platform. When I start any form I get this error massage: FRM-40039: Cannot attach library webutil while opening form MYFORM1. I compile webutil.pll (Shift+Ctrl+K and Ctrl+T to generate PLX) and t

  • Question about Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g.- Installation FORMS Updated:10-11

    Hello everyboyd, I am installing Forms version 11. First, I installed Oracle Weblogic Server version 10.3.6. After, I installed Forms 11g R2, but when the installation is in the step Create Dominion, the installation fails. I watch in the logs the fo

  • Problem in running oracle report from form 10g Version Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am facing problem while running the report from forms 10g getting FRM-41219 For this i am using the following procedure : PROCEDURE RUN_REPORT IS L_RUN_TEXT VARCHAR2 (2000); L_USRID VARCHAR2 (100); L_PASSWD VARCHAR2 (100); L_DESNAME VARCHAR

  • Oracle 10g Form not responding Updated:10-11

    Dear fellows, i'm modifying the text and some text allignment in Oracle Form 10g... but after compile it does not appears it should be and still displaying like before the modification... save and compile before run..but still the same is there somet

  • Oracle Forms Builder - Errors Updated:11-30

    Hi to all! I'm beginner in Oracle Forms and Reports. The OS is Windows and the software is Oracle Forms and Reports Developer 10g with Database Server 10g. I have started with customers.fmb and orders.fmb. When I try start customers.fmb, I get the er

  • Oracle Forms Builder 10g Questions Updated:11-30

    Good day everyone, I want to start off by saying that I'm very new to Oracle Forms Builder (it was dumped on my table about a month ago) and I'm having some issues I need resolved in order to complete a project for a client. I'm looking mainly for do

  • FORMS_PATH in default.env on 10.1.2 Updated:11-30

    I have just installed Application server 10.1.2 with forms and reports. I want to put forms files to directory /home/forms/forms_files/ I have configured in default.enf variable FORMS_PATH=/home/forms/forms_files, but it seems to not work. Forms serv

  • Oracle Developer Suite 32 Bit Version  Configuration issues Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have installed Oracle Developer Suite 32 Bit Version (Production) on windows xp sp-2 in a standalone machine. The following Steps i have followed: 1.Oracle Developer Suite Installed 2.FORMS_PATH ,REPORTS_PATH and UI_ICON has been set