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  • Oracle Business/Disaster Recovery Test Plan ? Updated:11-30

    I've been asked to create a business/disaster recovery plan (Cover our Oracle environment) outlining what to test in the event of a DR/BR situation once the DB has been restored. Does anybody have a word template or any information would assist me in

  • Looking for comment on disaster recovery plan Updated:11-30

    Looking for some comment on where we are and where we're planning on going with our Continuity of Operations / Disaster Recovery plan. Current setup is Oracle on HP-UX Itanium 64-bit. OAS / Forms 9i on a separate HP-UX Itanium box. We do n

  • Disaster Recovery Plan Updated:11-30

    We're running xMII 11.5 SP3 in a three-tiered centralized server environment (Development, Staging and Production).  We plan on having a project up and running in production by October 1.  Before we do so, however, we need to develop a disaster recov

  • Disaster Recovery Plan for BW Production db Updated:11-30

    Hello Experts, We at IP are trying to evaluate and institute a sound and cost-effective disaster recovery plan for the BW production system. In this regard, we would like to hear from you(or from your infrastructure folks) about the experience(s) at

  • Disaster Recovery Plan for BW Production Updated:11-30

    Hello Experts, We at IP are trying to evaluate and institute a sound and cost-effective disaster recovery plan for the BW production system. In this regard, we would like to hear from you(or from your infrastructure folks) about the experience(s) at

  • Disaster Recovery Plan for SAP BW Updated:11-30

    Dear All, We are planning for robust Disaster Recovery Site for BW . We have similar  R3 & BIW  servers at DR site at different location and data is being copied every 3 Hrs. R3 & BIW at DR site is exact replica of primary site. When primary site

  • Oracle VM disaster recovery network meta file discovery fails. Updated:11-30

    I am using the Oracle White Paper "Oracle VM 3: Integrating Oracle VM into a Disaster Recovery Solution using SAN" The problem I am facing is that during the

  • Lync Server 2013 - Disaster Recovery Plan Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I am looking for a document which has the information about the different scenarios regarding High Availability and Disaster Recovery and things to perform during that situation Eg. If a front end Server is failed. then the load will be moved

  • EBS 11i Disaster Recovery using tape backup on alternate Unix Server. Updated:11-30

    Hi, I would really appreciate if you could please share with us what is the process to recovery EBS 11i environment to an alternate DR server using the latest tape backup in case any disaster happens to the existing production server. I need to prepa

  • ERPI: Data Loading problem Hyperion Planning & Oracle EBS Updated:11-30

    Hi I am trying to load data from Oracle EBS to Hyperion Planning. When i push data Zero rows are inserted in Target. When i look at Table " SELECT * FROM TDATASEG " It is showing me data but it is not comminting data in Target application. The r

  • OIM Disaster recovery installation Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am using OIM BP 12 Oracle DB Oracle SOA App server Could someone tell me about how to install Oracle Identity manager in a two different servers (S1 and S2) with Disaster Recovery plan. Means, when one server (S1) we

  • Need recommentation to setup Disaster recovery site Updated:11-30

    Hi All, 1.What are the basic things we need to analyze before we recommend the business to go for oracle Dataguard for DR setup? 2. Do you know any technology that will replicate the schema from one datacenter[one primary database ] to another datace

  • Implement OBI Apps 7.9.6 with Oracle EBS 12 Updated:11-30

    Hi I have a couple of questions about the integration of OBI Apps 7.9.6 and Oracle EBS 12 The first is, which ETL tool is used for this integration? Informatica or ODI 11g And the second is, my client is currently working on Oracle EBS 11 and plans t

  • Farm Recovery Planning: How to restore existing SharePoint Integrated Reporting Services Databases? Updated:11-30

    Sorry in advance for cross posting, but the Forum Admin for "SharePoint 2010 - Setup, Upgrade..." recommended I post this here as well. Running "SharePoint 2010 SP1" and "SQL Server 2012" Integrated Reporting Services. Assumi

  • Apps 11i disaster recovery with hot standby db Updated:11-30

    Hello, We are trying to formulate a disaster recovery plan for Apps 11i (single node install) utilizing a hot standby database for the db layer and file synchronization (rsync, rcp, whatever) of the application stack. We're comfortable with the hot s

  • Disaster Recovery - HPSU8 Updated:11-30

    We currently are running HPSU 8.3 and have been tasked with developing a good disaster recovery plan should the server fail. We have purchased a new server that's identical to the production server. Does Hyperion have documentation/recomnedations for

  • Disaster Recovery / HA server role count question Updated:11-30

    We are currently working on a disaster recovery plan for our on-premise Exchange 2010 environment.  As of today, have a DR Office 365 site is not an option for us.  Our primary datacenter that houses our Exchange 2010 SP3 servers is setup as follows.

  • Concurrent Transactions,Disaster Recovery Updated:11-30

    Hello friends, I have an application on sql server which is used for online reservation.Could you tell me roadmap in order to handle  concurrent transaction and disaster recovery plan? I am using sql server 2008 R2. Thanks in advance.Hi, I suggest yo

  • Disaster Recovery and GSPS Updated:11-30

    Hi all. I have recently been investigating the GSPS model. I would like to know how the GSPS model provides for Disaster Recovery(Incedent Response Planning, Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Continuity Planning). Any links or documents related

  • Advice on SAP B1 Disaster Recovery Updated:11-30

    Dear All,    We are a SAP B1 Customer and are in the process to apply a Disaster Recovery Plan. For that we need advice how to take Application Back Up, how will that backup be restored on the back up server and what is the good configuration for the