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ora-15173: asm

  • ASM alert ORA-15173 Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I am getting this alert in ASM alert log. There are so many database and file system. The alert log and trace file is not giving info regarding which db it is coming from. ========== ORA-15173: entry 'thread_5_seq_9631.2209.732197917' does no

  • ORA-15063: ASM discovered an insufficient number of disks for diskgroup Updated:11-30

    Hello DBAs, I have encountered this problem. I am using storage vendor snapshot capability. On my first node, I have 2 disks for ASM diskgroups. ORCL:DATA belongs to DATA diskgroup and ORCL:FLASH belongs to FLASH diskgroup. After making the snapshots

  • ORA-15124: ASM file name contain invalid alias name after creating standby Updated:11-30

    OS level: redhat 5 db version: 11gr2 I just created a standby using rman duplicate from active database and the rman duplicate ran successful. Then I modified parameter files on standby to include the current controlfile and try to start the db as mo

  • ORA-15063: ASM discovered an insufficient number of disks for diskgroup "DB Updated:11-30

    Dear All, we are moved our storage from hitachi to EMC . after come to emc no issue. But few day before we are try to use old hitachi storage for our T&D,the same storage mounted in new server. After that we are try to start the asm but it disk group

  • ORA-15042: ASM disk "2" is missing from group number "1" Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm working on an Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production With the Automatic Storage Management option. Into the ASM I had 3 diskgroups: - ARCHIVELOG (4 disks) - ONLINELOG (1 disks) - DATA (10 disks) When I tr

  • ORA-15063: ASM discovered an insufficient number of disks for diskgroup "LO Updated:11-30

    After a reboot of the server, 3 of the 4 diskgroups mounted. The one that did not mount contained my redo logs and controlfiles. Select * from v$asm_disk does not show anything related to this diskgroup. select * from v$asm_diskgroup does not show an

  • How to establish a single init.ora file for 3 node RAC under ASM Updated:10-11

    All, Our environment is a combination of several different memory sized SUN machines (V880, V490 & 250R). Setting up a single init.ora file that encompasses each of the nodes memory into the SGA sizing is our desired setup. Though we have established

  • ORA-19870: error while restoring backup piece -- file exists in ASM Updated:10-11

    [[email protected] ~]$ rman target sys/[email protected] auxiliary / Recovery Manager: Release - Production on Fri Oct 29 10:41:38 2010 Copyright (c) 1982, 2009, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. connected to targ

  • ASM instance not shown in tnsnames.ora Updated:11-30

    Hi, Currently I have an Oracle 11g database on linux with ASM installed, or at least that's what I can tell from querying v$logfile and v$datafile views. But in my tnsnames.ora and listner.ora I only see the db instance with no ASM instance. If I got

  • RMAN 恢复至ASM DISKGROUP 报错 ORA 19870 19504 15045 17502 15081 Updated:11-30

    问题简单描述: AIX 6, ORACLE 11.2 1.替换原来存储,也就是说用新存储B 把原来的A 存储替换掉, 数据库原来是跑到A 存储上的. 2.我把数据库shutdown 然后 startup mount 后做一致备份到本地磁盘/oracle/rman_bak1201/ 3.删除原来的ASM DISKGROUP ,然后删除磁盘(踢掉旧存储) 4.新存储映射磁盘到主机,然后重新建立ASM DISKGROUP DATA 成功 (原来的DISKGROUP 名字也是 DATA, 所以新disk

  • ORA-15100: invalid or missing diskgroup name in 11g ASM Updated:11-30

    We have 11g R2 DB and 11g ASM installed on linux server, it was working till morning,due to some maintenance we rebooted server, then i am trying to bring up asm instance, its falling with below error. [[email protected] dbs]$ sqlplus / as sysasm SQL*Plus:

  • Oracle11gr2,dbca创建时使用asm,报ORA-17502报错 Updated:11-30

    今天在用oracle11gr2,dbca创建时使用asm,报ORA-17502报错,创建日志: ORACLE instance started. Total System Global Area 2221395968 bytes Fixed Size 2215264 bytes Variable Size 1258291872 bytes Database Buffers 956301312 bytes Redo Buffers 4587520 bytes CREATE DATABASE "te

  • ASM Disk Mount Error Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am consistently getting the following error since yesterday while mounting the ASM disk. 1. I created the ASM disks successfully and created the appropriate ASM DiskGroups using asmca utility. 2. I was able to see the diskgroups as mounted from

  • Error in creating log files in create script with ASM Updated:11-30

    In our create script we have: LOGFILE GROUP 1 ('+REDO1/oradata/cssys/redo01a.log') SIZE 100M; I'm getting the error ORA-00301: error adding log file '+REDO1/oradata/cssys/redo01a.log' - file cannot be created. ORA-17502: ksfdcre:4 Failed to create fi

  • Rename logfile in ASM Updated:11-30

    Is there any way we can rename a logfile that is in ASM without dropping it and re-creating it? alter database rename file '+DATA1/vmracdev/onlinelog/redog16l1_fprcprod.log' to '+DATA1/vmracdev/onlinelog/redog16l1_vmracdev.log'; alter database rename

  • Directory error in RAC 10gR2 2 instances with ASM Updated:11-30

    Hello Team, I am kind of confused in how to create a directory in ASM or how to fix the following error. I really appreciate if you can assist me in fixing this error. ~ORA-16038: log 1 sequence# 2 cannot be archived~ORA-00254: error in archive contr

  • ASM instance on one node can not startup Updated:10-11

    use dbca create database failure [[email protected] ~]$ dbca -silent -responseFile /home/oracle/dbca.rsp Look at the log file "/opt/ora/product/10.2.0/db_1/cfgtoollogs/dbca/mydb.log" for further details. [[email protected] ~]$ cat "/opt/ora/product/10.

  • Problem with ORA-15063 Updated:10-11

    Hi, I've installed Oracle RAC (10g) on Centos 5.3 But after restart system, I can't mount ASM disk on second instance. During mounting I have such errors: ORA-15032: not all alterations performed ORA-15063: ASM discovered an insufficient number of di

  • ORA-19510: Updated:10-11

    Hi, Version : Os :AIX we getting the below message in alertlog. kkjcre1p: unable to spawn jobq slave process Errors in file /u01/app/oracle/admin/ITT11/diag/rdbms/ITT11/ITT11/trace/ITT11_cjq0_24183490.trc: Tue Oct 02 01:04:53 2012 Trace dumpi

  • Why do I need the link spfileDBNAME.ora to +DATA/DBNAME/PARAMETER/spfile.. Updated:10-11

    Hi One month before I stated the question > Why do I need the an alias  spfileDBNAME.ora to *ASM-File +DATA/DBNAME/PARAMETER/spfile..* > in a RAC-Environment. Levi Pereira gave me kindly the answer in the Thread: Re: RAC Backup + Restore & Recov