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Opera mini download for nokia c7

  • Opera Mini fails in Nokia 6300 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am using Nokia 6300 with firmware 5.5. I've subscribed to Vodafone Live! I'm unable to use Opera Mini,Gmail etc now.It used to work fine before updating the firmware. The inbuilt WAP browser works fine. The settings from Vodafone doesnt help.I'

  • Not able to browse with opera mini on my nokia 513... Updated:11-30

    i've not be able to use my nokia 5130 to browse via opera mini for free unless i hv money on it. pls does anyone has the setting? hw will configure my phone to browse for free. pls i need helpYour phone doesn't have wifi so, if you want to access to

  • Opera Mini problem with Nokia 3120 Updated:11-30

    I have a Nokia 3120 Clasic that came with Opera Mini included. I activated internet on my phone, works just fine with the mobile browser, but with Opera Mini doesn't work, it seems that can't detect a connection. I instaled another browser, UCWEB 6,

  • Unable to browse with opera mini in my nokia 5310 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am a new user. Pls, i have been unable to launch the Opera mini browser in my Nokia 5310. Any time i launch the browser,"failed to connect to the internet" is displayed. Can anyone help?If I remember correctly, Opera Mini does a connectivi

  • Opera Mini - Nokia Asha 201 Updated:10-11

    I have just lost my opera mini on my nokia asha 201 phone on the menu can i get it back on the menu screen please help???? Moderator's Note: The subject was amended as the post was moved to a more appropriate board.Hi Njakeslezinto, Jus

  • Opera Mini on Nokia 8800 Arte Updated:11-30

    Hi there, I accidently deleted Opera Mini from Application > Collections on my 8800 Arte. I'm not too worried about that as I installed the latest version 4.2. However, I have noticed I do not have Opera Mini on the Nokia main menu anymore. I have Wi

  • Opera Mini on NOKIA 9300 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I need some help. I've tried to install Opera Mini on my NOKIA 9300 but it doesn't work. It does'nt finish the intial tests I've WAP.TIM connection. Coul'd anybody give me some tips regarding the configuration of the NOKIA 9300 for using Opera MI

  • Opera Browser Problem on Nokia 6700 Updated:11-30

    Yesterday (28/5/13) I was able to use the Opera Mini ver 4.1.07 browser on my Nokia 6700. When I tried to use the browser today I got this (see attachment). Does anyone know whats happened please? Thanks Attachments: opera_mini problem_on_mobile.JPG

  • Problem with Opera mini Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have installed opera mini on my Nokia E61. So far I´m content with it, it´s working well. However, when I visit the website (a site for viewing current gasoline prices), I´m stuck - it seems that an advertisement popup opens whe

  • Opera mini doesn't connect Updated:11-30

    hi guys, i can't connect in opera mini with my nokia 5310 xpressmusic. I think it's necessary an acess point. Help me!!!Configured & activate your gprs connection & access point! You can ask your provider for proper configuration. Message Edited b

  • Nokia Lumia 510: Can't download opera mini Updated:11-30

    I'm using Nokia lumia 510 . I can't download opera mini , I can't read Malayalam fonts. Plz help me.. Moderator's note: We have amended the title of this post as it was moved from another board. Opera is not available for Windowsphone devices. Read o

  • On Nokia 6233 using Opera mini song is not downloa... Updated:10-11

    When using opera mini on Nokia 6233 song is not download completed but showing complete download.25-Sep-2008 06:40 AM n5310 wrote: I noticed that I get the same problem when using Yahoo Go, another pre-installed program. This service is per country -

  • Nokia 208 problems with Opera Mini Updated:11-30

    I have a Nokia 208 (Single SIM) and I can not install Opera Mini on him. The application is downloaded but not installed. When I want to install the application, it shows me: "Installing ..." and remains locked so. And after some time it says: &

  • Opera mini language and server problem on Nokia 63... Updated:11-30

    I've Opera Mini 5.1 installed on my Nokia 6300. I downloaded it in English (Indian) language. But when i Google some item the results come in russian Language & my gmail account shows that it has been accessed via Russian servers though at the same t

  • Opera mini not working on nokia asha 303....:( Updated:11-30

    after downloading opera mini on asha 303 its says " invalid application" can i download opera mini for asha 303?Hi vishwajeetkmr7, Welcome to the Nokia discussion boards! Did you download Opera Mini here from the Nokia applications stor

  • Nokia 5000 : use of on-board version of Opera Mini Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have configured the WAP parameters of my Nokia 5000 in the "Personal configuration settings" menu, and it works very well with the default WAP browser located in the "Web" menu : no problem to access Google, Gmail, etc. Nokia 500

  • Nokia 5530: video with opera mini Updated:11-30

    Hello, I want to make you some questions: 1- How can I watch online videos (like google videos) with opera mini browser? 2-  It's possible to set Opera Mini as the defaut browser, instead of Nokia's browser, when you open links? Thank  youSorry , but

  • Opera mini not run in nokia lumia520 and themes ar... Updated:11-30

    Opera mini and themes not run in my sell fhone Lumia 520 then I run it a message give problem in the apps tell me solution the problam and send me good saportebal apps link Moderator's Note: The subject was amended as we have removed with the email a

  • How to put opera mini in nokia n70 on orange?do yo... Updated:11-30

    how to put opera mini in nokia n70 on orange,and do you have a site for opera mini in nokia [email protected] Have you tried going to in N70 browser or downloading Opera Mini 6.5 (S60 2nd Edition) from here?

  • Unable to install Opera mini 4.2 in nokia 5800 Updated:11-30

    hi i bought nokia 5800 in saudi arabia, i download opera mini from but installation fails.  the error: "failed to connect to the internet" but i have a working data connection from "mobily ksa"opera services and browsers