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  • Explain why READ DATASET conversion from codepage '4110' to codepage '4102' Updated:11-30

    I am unfamiliar with unicode but I am trying to solve a problem in an ABAP program. Our code is OPEN DATA p_in FOR INPUT IN TEXT MODE ENCODING DEFAULT. DO.   READ DATASET p_in INTO i_tab. The program gives me the error  'At the conversion of a text f

  • Error: At the conversion of a text from codepage '4110' to codepage '4102': Updated:10-11

    I am trying to open an ANSI file from Application server. I am using "open dataset F_FILENAME for input in text mode encoding default." For some ANSI files it works fine, and for some it fails. I want to open this file and validate it , post it

  • Reading File from Application Server using Read Dataset Updated:10-11

    Hi, i am trying to read excel file from Application Server and has multiple records in that based on structure below. but when i execute its giving me error is the code, can sumone suggest me on this please ?? FORM f_data_upload .   DATA

  • Error "conversion of a text from codepage '4102' to codepage '1100' " Updated:10-11

    Hello, If some could help me with this error while tryning to transfer a structure containning the character "u20AC" to a file: OPEN DATASET p_fic FOR OUTPUT                  IN text MODE ENCODING non-unicode. transfer wt_textes to p_fic. close

  • Open DataSet problem Updated:10-11

    Hello Expert: I wanna download a excel file from unix server the file inculde some Chinese Character. Program is: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<&

  • OPEN DATASET Big/Little Endian Updated:11-30

    Thread opened on behalf of colleague: SOURCE I want to create a file on a system that is Big Endian with codepage 4102. TARGET I want to read this file in a system that is Little Endian with codepage 4103. What is the exact 'open dataset' syntax on t

  • Open and Close Dataset problem Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am facing a weird problem in transferring data to application server. I have used Open dataset to write my file in text format to the application server. Now everything works fine when small amount of data is there.When the number of record

  • How to create a report based on a DataSet programatically Updated:10-11

    I'm working on a CR 2008 Add-in. Usage of this add-in is: Let the user choose from a list of predefined datasets, and create a totally empty report with this dataset attached to is. So the user can create a report based on this dataset. I have a data

  • How can we remove the key from the dataset which has json Updated:10-11

    uid id Json 4588 51 { "key": "1/0/234", "element1":{ "a":10 "b": "test1" } } 4589 52 { "key": "1/0/234", "element1":{ "a":10 "b": "test1&quo

  • Possibility to edit datasets, when there is already a maintenance view? Updated:10-11

    Hello again, is it right that I can modify datasets even when there exists a generated maintenance view for the table? It was usual for me, that in the transaction SE16 don't allow that. Thank you for your answers! MelanieDepends on the setting for "

  • SSRS - Is there a multi thread safe way of displaying information from a DataSet in a Report Header? Updated:10-11

     In order to dynamically display data in the Report Header based in the current record of the Dataset, we started using Shared Variables, we initially used ReportItems!SomeTextbox.Value, but we noticed that when SomeTextbox was not rendered in the bo

  • SSRS Dataset Filter expression query Updated:10-11

    I have an SSRS report which has a simple dataset and accepts two date parameters, and filters the results based on a Position parameter. The Position parameter filter is: Expression: Position Operator: In Value: [@Position] I have now been told that

  • SSRS Chart group dataset by Year (series groups)/Month (category groups) force intervals to start at JAN? Updated:10-11

    Hi all, trying to figure this out in REPORT BUILDER, but I guess I can go to VS if needed... I've got a data set that says "sales" and its basically order summarycontaining: id, dateplaced, and other stuff... I want to use this dataset to show t

  • Creation of data packages due to large amount of datasets leads to problems Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, We have build our own generic extractor. When data packages (due to large amount of datasets) are created, different problems occur. For example: Datasets are now doubled and appear twice, one time in package one and a second time in pack

  • Reporting Services - All Datasets Broken Updated:10-11

    Hello there. We’re having some problems with Reporting Services on a prod site and I was hoping someone might be able to offer a suggestion. Here are the facts : We have a SP Server 2010 (not foundation) farm which uses Reporting Services. There is 1

  • Error running reports from Crystal Server XI R2 with datasets Updated:10-11

    Hi, sorry if my english is not good. I'm from Spain. I have a problem. I'm programming with Visual Basic .NET 2008. I'm using Crystal Reports Server and programming under Visual Basic to take reports from crystal Server, changing the tables from the

  • Multiple data sets: a common global dataset and per/report data sets Updated:10-11

    Is there a way to have a common dataset included in an actual report data set? Case: For one project I have about 70 different letters, each letter being a report in Bi Publisher, each one of them having its own dataset(s). However all of these lette

  • Need help in creating a chart from 3 datasets Updated:10-11

    Need help in creating a chart in SSRS from 3 datasets Can someone help me in creating a chart from 3 datasets, however datasource is same.Thank you Olaf... could anyone help me in using union all with the below  WITH a AS ( SELECT clientid, DATEPART(

  • How do I use FILE_GET_NAME and make my resulting dataset name unique? Updated:10-11

    Okay, here's a case where I have a bunch of pieces to the puzzle -- a little knowledge here, a little knowledge there -- but I'm having trouble putting them together. I am working on an RFC that is called by XI as part of an interface.  This interfac

  • How do I use a shared data source in my dataset in this new UI? Updated:10-11

    I'm new to SSRS 2012 and am having trouble with the UI. All of my experience is with SSRS 2005, and this is quite different. So I created a shared data source in my new project. Next I added a report (non-wizard, I'm going for hand-crafted). Looking