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ole2.invoke fileprint);

  • Ole2.invoke doubt Updated:11-30

    Hi all... In the client server env. we have... arglist := ole2.create_arglist; ole2.add_arg (arglist, n); ole2.invoke (selection, 'FontSize', arglist); ole2.destroy_arglist (arglist); We changed to client_ole2 and we are trying to set the fontsize fo

  • Internet Explorer OLE2 problems Updated:10-11

    I am trying to control Internet Explorer 6 using OLE2 from forms to open and print an html document. I can open the html document, but I cannot print. Here is the code: declare webhandle ole2.obj_type; args OLE2.LIST_TYPE; begin webhandle := OLE2.CRE

  • Problem entering values in table after creating it in Word using OLE2 Updated:10-11

    Hi, I want to create a Word document from a Oracle Forms 6i application. The document will have standard text followed by a table. The cells of this table are to be populated from fields in the Forms application. I have created a sample code below. W

  • How to use saveas webarchive in word using OLE2 Updated:10-11

    Hello, I am using the webutil word demo (without webutil) on the client. This demo is working fine. Now I like to save the file not as a word document, but as a WebArchive or html file. How can I pass the fileformat argument to the saveas invoke call

  • OLE2 with MS Word -- Table Handling Updated:10-11

    Dear All, Im using forms 6i. Im generating a word document from forms. That word document is a template. In that template im placing data at runtime.. My MS Word template has one table with 6 columns and 15 rows... But at runtime i may get data more

  • OLE2 error in Forms 6i. Updated:11-30

    Hello All, I am using forms 6i and database 9i and Office 2007. When I am trying to import data from a excel file to the database using forms 6i OLE2 I am not getting the proper data. For example, I have excel data as below. EMPID ACC_NO PP_ID -- All

  • Add a ReplyTo or From in a mail using OLE2 in Forms 6 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am doing a form to automatically send mails (I use forms because I do Excel docs using OLE to link them to the mails...). It works but the From and ReplyTo properties. My code is: FUNCTION Send_a_mail( Recp IN varchar2,                         

  • Ole2 error when reading excel from form 6i Updated:11-30


  • Ole2 question about inserting document object in Word Updated:11-30

    I thought I had it figured out but it doesn't seem to work. From a Oracle Forms 6i application, I want to insert an object(a file) in a word document as an icon. The vb code generated when I record the macro of inserting an object as an icon is: Sele

  • Forms to Excel (OLE2 and macro) Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am using OLE2 to export data from Forms to Excel. Once I export the data into an excel spreadsheet successfully, I would like to format the worksheet. I have created a macro to do that and try to call the macro from Forms. I am getting Ora-3055


    Hi all, I currently use 10g Forms. but every time have a error FRM-92101 occur when execute when-button-press trigger. anybody know what is the problem occur ? pls find below coding : - PROCEDURE EXP_EXCEL IS TYPE TStrs IS TABLE OF varchar2(1000) IND

  • Will ole2.create_object work with Open Office Document? Updated:11-30

    Dear All, Using ole2 package, we have already did a small application which will interact to Microsoft Excel. Now there is a business need to work with Sun's Open office document. We used to create a excel object like OLE2.CREATE_OBJ ('Excel.Applicat

  • OLE2 error. Updated:11-30

    hi all i want to import data from excel to form but it is showing me error frm-40735.please anyone can check my code? i have 18 rows and 14 cols its in tabular form. here is the code please check it where is the error? PROCEDURE XLS IS BEGIN DECLARE

  • OLE2 ...simple question I think. Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am trying to use the OLE2 built in to communicate with an API (not microsoft). Here's what I have so far... Declare application ole2.obj_type; args ole2.list_type; BEGIN application:=ole2.create_obj('faxapi.Application'); Application.addrecipie

  • Need help with OLE2 for MS Word Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am using ole2 to write out from Oracle Form 6i to MS Word. I have created a table, and want to remove the top border of one cell in the table. What ole2 script will achieve this? I have put in this code but it doesn't work - DECLARE args       

  • Excel File gets Locked using OLE2 Updated:11-30

    Dear all , We are working with 10g forms We are trying to load data from Excel file into a form using OLE2 . We are able to load the data from Excel File . Here we try to read the first row of the excel file and verify for a title to be present if no

  • OLE2 Manipulation of embedded Excel object - need assistance Updated:11-30

    We are struggling to successfully manipulate an OLE2 embedded Excel spreadsheet from within Forms to update the cells driving an Excel chart using data from an Oracle data table. All code examples we have found deal with opening an existing file base

  • OLE2 Word automation problem Updated:11-30

    I am trying to find out how to right align (justify) text being selected into a word document. application : = Word.basic; ole2.invoke(application,"insert command here"); i cannot for the life of me find out the command to insert in the invoke s

  • OLE2 Automation & Word 2000 Updated:11-30

    I am trying to figure out why the following does not work. The search and replace values are substituted but the replacement does not actually take place - its almost asif another method/event needs to be tirggered, but for the life of me I cannot fi

  • Ole2 and Batch E-mail Updated:11-30

    Hi, Based on metalink Note:47498.1 my application sends emails from Form 6 application. The procedure uses ole2 package. The procedure first sends E-mail to outbox of outlook. Outlook in turn sends the E-mail. I am not using MS Exchange. The process