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  • *Logic Pro 9.1.1, Garageband, Waveburner, Abelton suddenly crashed and won't open at all ! Updated:10-11

    I recently was working on a project in Logic Pro 9.1.1, saved the project and put my macbook to sleep. When i return, my mac wont turn on for the first 10-15 minutes sitting on the blank screen with the rotating circle. When it finally loads through

  • How many times can I install Logic Pro? Updated:10-11

    I need to re-install Logic Pro 8 on my computer but I hear there is a limit to how many times you can do so. Anybody know what the limit is?No limit on reinstalling to the same machine, it will work fine.Read other 3 answers

  • Mac Shuts Down Unexpectedly in Logic Pro Updated:10-11

    I sure hope someone can help me with this. For the last few months my Mac Pro starting shutting down unexpectedly typically when running Logic but not limited to Logic. I have updated everything that I can find. I have taken the computer in the store

  • Looking for help getting EZdrummer to work in Logic Pro 9 Updated:10-11

    First off let me say I have looked everywhere and even talked to toontack about the following problem. Toontrack as said that the plug-in is working properly and the problem is with Logic. Ok so I purchased toontrack ezdrummer and drumkit from ****.

  • How do I use my computer keyboard instead of a MIDI keyboard to enter notes? In Garage Band I simply go to View - musical typing but there is no such prompt in Logic Pro 7. Updated:10-11

    Ihave always used my Logic Pro 7 program with a MIDI keyboard for note entry. I do not presently have a MIDI keyboard and wish to use my computer keyboard for note entry. I know this is possible but cannot recall the command to set that up. Can anyon

  • Logic Pro 7.2 and Tascam FW-1884 Not Working Updated:10-11

    I recently upgraded to Logic Pro 7.2 and I'm using a Tascam FW-1884 as my audio interface / Control Surface. Everything was working fine in 7.1.1, but now it doesn't work correctly. When I press buttons and faders on the Tascam I see MIDI information

  • How do I get more instruments in Logic Pro? Updated:10-11

    When I was installing Logic Pro 9, I think it offered me to download extra instruments...I clicked ''no'' or something like that. I'd like to get those instruments now so I was wondering in anyone could help me. I think this is why my brother has mor

  • I can't find converted apple loops in the loop browser within Logic pro 7 Updated:10-11

    Hello There. I've cereated some apple loops with the apple loops utility. unfortunately I am unable to find them in the loop browser within Logic pro 7.2.1. I've scaned them using the project manager " so Logic knows about them" but still didn't

  • Does anyone use MIDI loops in Logic Pro to compose music? Updated:10-11

    Seriously, if anyone out there uses the MIDI loops to compose music in Logic, how the heck do you do it? Especially if you are also using audio loops, it seems almost impossible to me. The chord transpositions that you get from the chord track are no

  • Sticky proposal: Logic Pro (first draft) Updated:10-11

    Ok, here's a first draft of the proposed sticky for this forum. After looking at what we had, I decided to basically do it in four parts - introductory stuff (please post version numbers etc), problem solvers, tips, and audio general stuff. I'm not m

  • Logic Pro 9 - Recorded audio just silly with crackling, clicking noise Updated:10-11

    PLEASE!!! Read my entire post before commenting. I don't mean to sound rude but I've posted this in several other forums and it's obvious they hadn't read/understood my issue based on the comments they left, ie., suggesting everything I've already tr

  • Logic Pro, Apple Loops, and Restoring from Time Machine Updated:10-11

    I recently had to restore my Mac from a Time Machine backup, and like most things touched by Apple, the restoration worked flawlessly for all my stuff, with a few exceptions. Some 3rd party apps I use had problems with file permissions but most of it

  • Logic pro 9 loops dissapeared Updated:10-11

    After i installed logic pro 9 and the loops ( some still says incomplete) i got a window that i should wright in my apple pass and all my loops turned grey and i cant get them back. I have the loops on the computer but i cant get them into logic. I h

  • Logic pro 8 loops in garageband 3 Updated:10-11

    I cannot get most of the loops shown in garageband 3 to play. These are new loops since I installed Logic pro 8. The loops are not greyed out but they will not play. Also since installing Logic pro, I no longer have a jazz kit in Garageband. Any sugg

  • I havent any vocal loops on logic pro. its greyed out. How do i access this? Updated:10-11

    I havent any vocal loops on logic pro, its greyed out. How do i access this?Have you downloaded the additional content? Go to menu bar in Logic.. and under Logic Pro/Download additonal Content, you will find what you need to download there..Read othe

  • World Pack instruments missing in Garageband after Logic Pro 8 upgrade... Updated:10-11

    i have installed the Logic Pro 8 upgrade on my imac and have a slight problem... all of the jam packs show up in Garageband (4.1) except for World Pack... the loops are there, but the instruments are not appearing (they do work in Logic however... an

  • Logic Pro loops disappear when I re-index? Updated:10-11

    I'm trying to delete some of the loops in logic to save some space on my SSD as I know I will never touch some of then. However I located them in finder and moved them to the trash, but when I try and re-index my loops library, I enter my password an

  • Logic Pro 7.1.1 stability Updated:10-11

    Hi, I'v been using logic on mac since v6, I have never bin able to have logic run continuously for more than an hour!! It always locks-up on me (crashes). I am at the end of my tether. I love the look of logic and love the way it works, (wen it works

  • I am trying to use logic pro 9 on my lion system and it continues to say I have a bad midi...when i go to check my midi drivers folders in my library its empty...does anyone know whats going on? Updated:10-11

    i am trying to use logic pro 9 on my lion system and it continues to say I have a bad midi...when i go to check my midi drivers folders in my library its empty...does anyone know whats going on?I got your message about making sure to use the machine

  • Wav file from remix stem pack has no volume - Logic Pro 9 Updated:10-11

    I recently downloaded a remix stem pack and can't get the vocal wav file to play. It show's a wave form, but no volume. If I load a sample wav file, a drum hit for example, it will play no problem. Anyone have any idea's? It's not the wav file as it