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OGG-00204 Missing TARGET specification

  • OGG-00204,Missing TARGET specification. Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I'm having some issues on my replicat process as I'm encountering this error "OGG-00204, MIssing TARGET specification" when I'm trying to start it, my replicat parameter file includes "TARGET" on table mapping, am i missing som

  • I need a method to target specific columns in an IP query embedded in a WAD Updated:10-11

    I have an IP enabled WAD with multiple embedded queries.  I need a method to target specific columns of specific queries so as to enable text wrapping.  Does anyone have a technique that has worked for them that they can share? SheldonHi Mayank -  I

  • Targeting Specific Partition in OWB. Updated:11-30

    Hi , I have a partition table with the range partition, partition based on the month. Here this parition table is my target table and load strategy is update / insert Can any body help me that how can I point my mapping, to target the specific partit

  • Time machine: Can I target specific folders for back up Updated:10-11

    As a default time machine backs up your entire drive. Along with my mac I want to back up a +specific folder+ on my Drobo: an external drive. (it's where I keep my large working files) I don't want to, don't need to and can't back up the entire Drobo

  • InDesign CS/CS2 Mac - making a target-specific macro Updated:11-30

    Hello. This is more a CodeWarrior question than an InDesign question, but because the difficulty is caused by the SDK, I am asking the question here. If anyone objects to the question, I recommend not responding. I want to do this in one of my projec

  • Target specific version of psd from bridge talk. Updated:11-30

    I am trying this but its not working. var bt = new BridgeTalk; = "photoshop-12.0"; var crud="try{doAction('2012 Design BW','Design' );}catch(e){}"; bt.body =crud; bt.send(); photoshop works but when I try and version it. Noth

  • GAL synchronization to specific target OU Updated:11-30

    We already have GAL synchronization setup between two AD\Exchange forests using FIM 2010 R2. What we want is to configure Management Agents to put contact objects from specific OU into target specific OU, for example users from DOMAINa/Resursser/User

  • MSX - post 'Start Job' instructions to specific target servers Updated:11-30

    I have an MSX server with about 150 targets.  I'm trying to post download instructions for specific targets (not all targets) to 'Start Job' for a given job.  According to, I can

  • Possible to have Two or more targets in a single DTP request?? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I had actually two data targets (Info cubes )  to be filled by same source ( i.e DSO ) When i want to update the DSO data to the two targets using DTP,i did not find any option which will enable me to have two data tagets included for the update

  • HTMLB - hbj:link - TARGET Parameter Updated:11-30

    Ok Everyone.. I have another issue.. I am trying to be a good SAP Portal citizen and use the developement framework I have been given and not going out on my own. But I am have an issue, which hopefully someone has sovled already. I would like to use

  • In a single DTP request,can we have 2 targets? Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I have two Info cubes to be filled by same source DSO. Now when i am trying to update the DSO data to the two infocubes using DTP,i am not finding any option which will enable me to have two infocubes included for the update inside a single D

  • Launch Adobe Flex iView from Specific URL Updated:11-30

    I was wondering if there was a way to launch a BSP iView from a direct URL, rather than having to log in to the portal and navigate to the iView. For example, if I create an Adobe Flex application called SamplePortal, I want users to be able to click

  • Reference Assembly targets a different processor than the application Updated:11-30

    I am using the oracle provider to access oracle XE database within my visual studio 2005 VB project. I am getting this warning after compiling the application "Reference Assembly Oracle.DataAccess.dll targets a different processor than the applicatio

  • Targeting multiple subforms with a shared name throughout a form Updated:11-30

    Hi I've found a few hints at this online, but to date with little detail as to successful methods. Has anyone had any success with targeting subforms that have the same name throughout a form? The intention is to hide or disable the contents of those

  • Oracle.DataAccess.dll targets a different processor than the application Updated:11-30

    I need help to solve the error message for Referenced assembly 'bin\Oracle.DataAccess.dll' targets a different processor than the application I have try two different verison 11 and 10 has the samething Anyone know what causeing this problem?I had th

  • Multiple DataTargets in the Same BI 7.0 System to One DataSource Updated:10-11

    Currently, I do not have access to BI 7.0 system.  I am wondering whether it is possible to connect MULTIPLE DataTargets of a single BI 7.0 system to ONE DataSource in the source system?  I have searched the forum, but I couldn't find relevant posts.

  • Unable to access java web application index page on Weblogic server 10.3.6 Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have deployed a Web application on Weblogic server. My war file is very basic with just a index page. I am able to deploy & access its index page properly in OC4J ( applicaton server on soa suite 10g ) and apache tomcat. But when i deployed sam

  • Q's-Wiping/Reinstalling iMac G5 PPC (10.4.11) for donation Updated:10-11

    My parents recently purchased a new 2012, 21.5” Intel Core i, iMac with OS 10.8 installed.  They wish to donate their old iMac G5 ALS PowerPC (20”) computer to a local charity. It came with OS 10.4 installed and they never upgraded, but did install a

  • Startx not working as a regular user. Updated:10-11

    Hello At start up slim is the one supposed to handle things and it raises failed to connect to X sever or something. Then I systemctl stop it and try startx. I have troubles with startx which ends up with a black screen when I launch it with my user.

  • Flash videos embedded in Facebook don't appear when played Updated:10-11

    My computer is running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Internet Explorer 11, and Adobe Flash Player I have Microsoft Security Essentials and an activated copy of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware protecting me from viruses and malware, and my IT d