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  • Office365 Mail sometimes not actually sent Updated:11-30

    We have a faculty member using Apple Mail to connect via Exchange to his Office365 email account. Periodically when he sends a message, Apple Mail behaves as though the message is being sent and files the message in the Sent folder, but the message n

  • XP Outlook 2007 not connecting to exchange server for office365 mail Updated:11-30

    Here is the deal it is the workstation it self no one can get there account to connect through outlook on the work station the person who's work station it is can connect with outlook on other work stations. 1.  First thing it does is continues to pr

  • Unable to connect office 365 Mail Updated:11-30

    :-( Some thing went Wrong Error showing unable to connect office365 MailHi, Do you mean Outlook Web App for Office 365 by "office365 Mail"? At which exact point will you get this error? Could you please provide the complete error message, or as

  • Windows 10 Mail and Calendar app will not sync with Office365 account Updated:10-11

    I'm playing around with a Windows 10 PC build 10130. I want to try out the mail and calendar app to see if it's good enough for daily use, in lieu of Office.I keep getting the "Make My PC more secure popup box" and clicking enforce these policie

  • Help with e-mail notifier connecting to Office365 Updated:10-11

    At my work, we have a custom built program that does some maintaining on databases and sharepoint. It also has an e-mail notifier to send out an e-mail if something messes up or if we have a shortage on a item in stock, etc. Yesterday the e-mailer st

  • Issue with Mail and Office365 Updated:10-11

    I'll start off by saying I work in IT support so I know my way around. I'm having problems seeing email in the native Mail app that came with my Macbook Pro. I can add my Office 365 exchange account and download all the folders but Mail does not show

  • Database mail configuration is not working with office365 Updated:10-11

    Hi there! I' looking for some help debugging a blocking error in our DEV environment. We're currently using Windows 2008 R2 Standard, with IIS 7.5 and MS SQL Server 2012 Standard. We're experiencing troubles while trying to use database mail in conju

  • Mail and Office365 Updated:11-30

    Mail does not seem to be syncing properly. The initial pull from O365 functioned, but once completed no new mail is being delivered to the mailbox. Anyone else seeing any problems?I work in IT support as well. I have a client with a very similar prob

  • Office365 incorrectly labeling my mail as Bulk Mail/ spam Updated:11-30

    At my office, we send about 5k transactional emails per day. Our email provider shows us has having an excellent reputation with top 10% open and click rates.  However, last week Office365 started labeling our email as spam. Specifically, it is label

  • "ErrorAccesDenied" when using REST APIs to access Contacts, Calendar and Mails in Office365 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am developing a web application to integration with Office365 using Azure AD method. I have created a Multi-Tenant application in Azure AD and using the client-id , client secret I have successfully generated access token and refresh token. Bas

  • Office365 - Word Document .docx banned from Mailer if you edit properties online. Bug ? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm working on office365 (SharePoint 2013) solution with documents created on SharePoint Library. We create new document in library with a simple custom template (in .docx format), I use a quick part in document. I attach new document and send to

  • Send Sharepoint list items in Office365 Outlook to external mailing list Updated:11-30

    Hello everyone I'd like to be able to send a 'weekly update' mail to a mailing list with external email addresses from within Office365 Outlook. The mail should consist of list items (conditional, not exceeding a certain date in history) coming from

  • Office365 incorrectly labeling my mail as spam Updated:11-30

    At my office, we send about 5k transactional emails per day. Our email provider shows us has having an excellent reputation with top 10% open and click rates.  However, last week Office365 started labeling our email as spam. Specifically, it is label

  • Enabled Message encryption in Office365, but internal mails to other O365 users are not encrypted Updated:11-30

    I have enabled Message Encryption in Office365, and tested sending encrypted email to external users (outside my organization) and internal users (both other O365 users and internal users using a local Exchange 2010 server account) Encryption Works f

  • Mac Mail move IMAP message to Exchange Folder Updated:10-11

    SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME THERE IS AN ANSWER OUT THERE!!!!??? I have most of my email accounts set up in Mac Mail (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange (office365 hosted)). When I try to move any of my messages from the first 3 accounts (all IMAP) to the Exc

  • Outlook.office365 debug unable to launch the IIS Express Web server 49152 Updated:10-11

    Using office365 portal to test a mail app. I am using VS2013 and have deployed from VS2013 to my office365 portal. During the process of starting the debug of the mail app and window pops up stating: "Unable to launch the IIS Express Web server. Port

  • How to setup email account on mail app? Updated:10-11

    I currently have an ".edu" account that I usually log-in through a browser. I usually place my email username in then redirects me to adfs."school here".edu Then I usually do the actual login username and password fo

  • How do I setup shared Exchange mailbox with Mail (Yosemite)? Updated:10-11

    Hello, we use Office 365 hosting for our mails. Setting up my default Exchange account is no problem at all, just provide e-Mail address, password and let auto discover finish the rest through System Preferences -> Internet accounts. But I also need

  • Does Office365 EWS provides Push Notification service for Contacts and Calendar Events? Updated:10-11

    Even though there are REST API's for performing PUSH and PULL operations for Office365(online), I am still looking the old EWS approach where in I want to subscribe for PUSH notification service for Contacts, Calendars and Mail Boxes. Can any one sug

  • How to migrate mails from Google Apps to MS Exchange Online IMAP (Getting error) Updated:10-11

    Any tips on How to migrate mails from Google Apps to MSOL? What is required? When I am trying to migrate using IMAP but getting fpollowing error ======================= Summary: 1 item(s). 0 succeeded, 1 failed. Elapsed time: 00:00:11 [email protecte