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  • O que é ligação terminada? Updated:11-30

    ao tentar realizar ligações telefonicas, imediatamente vem a mensagem de "ligação terminada". O que é isso? problemas com a rede do celular ou equipamento?Aquiles, tenho o mesmo problema por aqui. Passou à acontecer depois que fiz portabilidade

  • Cuando realizo llamadas a cualquier lugar me dice de inmediato llamada terminada!! No me puedo comuniat a que se debe esto?? Como lo soluciono? Updated:11-30

    Ayudenme porfavorEsque por eso quería hablar con vosotros.. Hago un diagnóstico envió el número de ticket y me deja llamar una hora pasa la hora y me pone llamada terminada.. Hago otro diagnóstico me deja otra hora.. Estoy desesperado ya..Read other

  • Instalei o Windows7 x64 num computador limpo. Quando sincronizei o iPhone, perdi todos os meus contatos. Como resolver esse problema? Updated:10-11

    Tenho o iTunes versão 10.4 para windows x64. Tudo instalado corretamente e estou tendo muita dificuldade para sincronizar o iPhone4. Numa primeira vez, o programa fez um monte de atualizações e depois de terminada a "sincronização" verifiquei qu

  • Alias Table in SQL Updated:10-11

    Hello .. i want to join an alias Table in an SQL statment something like Invoices_Table -Inv_ID -Amount -Delevery_Country_id -Bill_Country_id Country_Table -Country_id -Country_name I want to join Country_ID once for deleivery Country and then for Bi

  • Error during Restore Database Updated:10-11

    Hello everyone! First of all, i'm sorry for posting another restore problem, but i read all threads related and i still have my problem. I have a fresh new install of oracleXE, but when i try to restore de database from a backup store in other disk i

  • How to track changes on the table not using triggers Updated:10-11

    Hi, I would like to track DML changes on the tables. As I have many tables it is not efficient to write triggers. Is there any setup I can do at database level. I am using 11g R2. Thanksthanks fran. I would like to know old and new data in case of up

  • The same problem with samples Updated:10-11

    Hello, When i tried to run AssociationRules sample i've got the following error: Completed MiningServer login Formed bin boundary objects: census_2d_build Created discretization tables for: census_2d_build Received an exception in main: ORA-00905: mi

  • RMAN-03002 RMAN Error ! Updated:11-30

    Hello,For testing purposes I am duplicating my database from 11gR1 to 11gR2 on Windows XP. The Oracle Sid of my database SOurce, which is in 11gR1 is : DB01. The Oracle Sid of my auxiliary database , which is in 11gR2 is : DB02. I am using RMAN for t

  • Error importing with impdp after applying a patch for oracle 11g Updated:11-30

    Hello guys, I recently unistalled all the oracle software with my database in order to start all fresh. I then installed the database and applied a patch from the version to I used the DBUA to do such a thing and it worked wonder

  • Script for automation. Updated:11-30

    Rhel 5. Any body have idea how to write a scripts to fullfill below requirments. script 1) Change Partition name and subpartition name ( Range Hash). First List and then change. script 2) Estimate Size and then purge data of selected partiti

  • Doubt about a question Updated:11-30

    Hi, Recently, Oracle University posted on his Facebook's wall a question: You created a new user on the database by executing the following command: SQL> CREATE USER user01 IDENTIFIED BY user01 DEFAULT TABLESPACE users TEMPORARY TABLESPACE temp; Then

  • =?iso-8859-1?Q?=5BFlash=5D_Rotar_un_tri=E1ngulo?= Updated:11-30

    This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_026F_01C8845B.79B82220 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable No ando mucho con Flash, pero se me ocurri=F3 hacer una botonera

  • How I can catch the word that was spoken in a string?? Updated:11-30

    Hi i'm doing a java aplication with speech recognition jsapi and i want know how  i can convert tag form FinalRuleResult  to string?? i want  catch the word that was spoken in a string to  evaluate the string in the sentences if                      

  • Auditing non-dba user grants? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm trying to audit if an user grants a privilege on their objects to another user. ex: show user USER is "TESTUSER1" grant select on mytable1 to testuser2I'm trying with "AUDIT GRANT ANY OBJECT PRIVILEGE BY ACCESS" but it only aud

  • Doubt about nls_language Updated:11-30

    I don't understand the following situation (I don't undrestand very well how nls_lang parameters work): I have an 8.1.7. release database on a linux platfrom, these are the language parameters of both the db an the only instance: CSR>select * from nl

  • ORA-29532: It Works with JDeveloper and fails under Database Updated:11-30

    Hello, We have a web service client. It works fine under JDeveloper but when we upload it to the database and we excute a procedure calling it. Exception message "ORA-29532: llamada Java terminada por una excepción Java no resuelta: java.lang.Error:

  • Please Help for the Query Updated:11-30

    Please Help for the Query Hi frds please help me for the below query.What I want to do is to pull out the data from below table :- date ticker indicator 03/13/2008 3IINFOTECH -8 03/18/2008 3IINFOTECH -4 03/25/2008 3IINFOTECH -5 03/27/2008 3IINFOTECH

  • Query  stucking somewhere... Updated:11-30

    Hi, version:10g (Windows) software using : toad SELECT /*+ parallel (r,4) */ SERVED_MSISDN,transaction_id,event_date,transaction_datetime,transaction_amt,file_name,bal_before_transaction,bal_after_transaction FROM ABC_ETL.XYZ_123 PARTITION(DATE_20130

  • Error al instalar Oracle Updated:11-30

    Alguien me podría indicar que tengo que hacer para solucionar este problema? Comprobando requisitos de configuración de red ... Resultado Real: :Native Library C:\documents and settings\Usuario\Configuración local\Temp\OraInstall2007-11-10_12-49-05PM

  • Ortografía en Indesign CS2 Updated:11-30

    ¡Hola! Veamos el problema, he observado que cuando paso el corrector ortográfico a un libro en Indesign CS2 éste realiza una primera pasada por todo el texto, pero una vez terminada, siempre que haya hecho una corrección vuelve otra vez al comienzo d