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  • Error code NW-31246-6 - Playstation won't connect to internet Updated:11-30

    I was playing GTA Online when my PS4 randomly disconnected from the internet, normally I have perfect internet so I find no reason that distance from the router should be a problem. All my other devices connect fine to the internet such as mobile pho

  • ALV issue: when save list using Local File command will get run time error! Updated:10-11

    help!!!! report list using ALV method when to save this list using Local File. i will get GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED run time error information. how resolve it? source code : REPORT   ZIFT0103. TABLES :  MARA,MARC,CDHDR,CDPOS,MAKT. ******DEVK909212**********

  • Item Cost at Delivery Updated:11-30

    The DLN1 table stores the item cost at delivery.  Where is this value from?  When i drill into the item on the delivery and review the production order that this product came from the cost booked at production is different than the cost booked at del

  • Grub not booting Vista Updated:11-30

    When I select my Windows Vista option in grub it goes to a screen and says "Grub Loading Stage2..." and then it goes back to grub boot options. Here's the output for sudo fdisk -l: Disk /dev/sda: 320.0 GB, 320072933376 bytes 255 heads, 63 sector

  • SAP TAO (Test Accelerator & Optimizer) Updated:11-30

    Hello Guys, Has anyone here worked with SAP TAO? What is the deal about working with it integrated with Solution Manager? Does anyone has any explanation material? Tks, LucasHello Lucas, Well, I didn't work with SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization

  • Games crash when RAM cache goes over to swap. Updated:11-30

    I'm not sure if this is the right subforum, but it was the most relevant available. I have 6gb of RAM, which is plenty for me even though i use alot. There's an issue however, and that is that many heavy applications such as games like Garrys Mod or