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  • Nokia E5 - Product released with bugs - Any Nokia ... Updated:10-11

    I bought Nokia E5 assuming it's a super Smartphone at affordable price but i was conned. It doesn’t even have features present in budget phone. You have released this product with lots of bugs. I want someone from the higher ups respond to my complai

  • Nokia n8 battery backup Updated:11-30

    please tell me how increase battery backup of Nokia n8I assume your asking to to make the nokia battery life last longer right? if so there are many threads already exist so please do some research first then try to start a new post. /t5/Nseries-and-

  • Nokia Email 3.09.0 in recent E72/E52/E5/C5 firmwar... Updated:11-30

    Would anybody using one of the above phones tell me if Nokia Email 3.09.0 (or newer) was rolled into the most recent firmware?  (I believe it's 071.x ?)  You'd probably have needed to hard reset your phone recently to know the answer (i.e. do you sti

  • Disappointed with Symbian Belle! Pros vs Cons Updated:10-11

    I accept that I'm probably in the minority here, as a lot of you seem to be banging on about how great Belle is, but I personally dislike it! In fact, I would go as far as saying I HATE Symbian Belle, after coming from Symbian Anna! First of all, I'd

  • If we have any self respect, we should boycott Nok... Updated:11-30

    Nokia is dumping defective phones in India (like the Lumia 800) because a) India has no laws  b) They view Indians with contempt. I have had a Lumia 800 for nearly 2 months. It never worked, has been sent for repairs twice, and I have been told 'no r

  • Asha 300 - Change language for german to english Updated:11-30

    How can I change the language on the Nokia Asha 300 to English?  I have a new phone but it's in German and I can't find my way through the menu.  I can connect to Nokia Suite but there doesn't seem to be a procedure to change the language. Can any on

  • E71 mail authentication problem Updated:11-30

    Hi All After having setup email on my E71 (which i love!), i realize that it isn't working fine. I receive all incoming mail just fine. I have a problem with outgoing mail. All mails that i send to office folks who're on the same domain name (which i

  • N96 restarts, hangs and crashes. Not seeing USB Updated:11-30

    Hi, I got an N96 two months ago, it worked great, no problems, until about a week ago. One night I wasn't able to charge the phone because I wasn't home. The phone was dying, so I put it off. The next morning, I plug it in and it barely resopnded. At

  • HOW THE ************** Do I set up nokia messagin... Updated:10-11

    HOW THE  ************** Do I set up nokia messaging on the 5800? Please if somone can help me I shall burn an effigy in your honour. First A person in the UK CANNOT set up a Nokia mail account.  You go to, you select your device and e

  • Nokia Lumia 900 Updated:10-11

    The Lumia 900 is about to be introduced.  I'm wondering how it compares to the competition in terms of what the phone can actually do (now, or in the very near future). I'm not concerned with the "price", as over a year's time, and more, the ori

  • Nokia Lumia 900 needing at least 2 factory resets ... Updated:10-11

    Hi there I'm currently on my second Nokia Lumia 900 device (the first had deformed defects at the top two corners after overheating) and since i've received the second device at least twice a month i have to perform a factory reset in order to preven

  • My Nokia E7-00 Belle update - the good, the bad, a... Updated:10-11

    Late last night I installed Belle on my E7-00 Anna.  It was a completely hands-off install using the USB cable connected to my PC.  It took about 15 minutes with multiple restarts of the phone all done by the software update. I have a 12MB Internet c

  • Are we Beta testing the N97 for Nokia? Updated:10-11

    Because if i was given this as a beta release i would have told them what i thought, the current launch version on the N97 with V10 firmware is barely an Alpha release, this phone was a rush job thrown out on the market to coincide with the launch of

  • The deal breaker, or why I won't upgrade to Nokia ... Updated:10-11

    Why can't Nokia come up with a really competitive budget smartphone offering? Why can't it give as an all-around decent phone like it used to do in the good old dates? For the last 2 years, I've been using Nokia 5530. It was a nice budget offering fo

  • Nokia e72, gmail setup + syncing contacts and cale... Updated:10-11

    My objective was to 1) get my contacts into the phone from this account, as I had on my old windows mobile device 2) set up my gmail account on my new nokia e72 1) getting contacts from gmail into the phone. Go here:

  • Nokia BH903 and iPhone 3G Updated:10-11

    Hello, i am desperately trying to make the BH903 work (its phone functions, not interested to A2DP advanced functionalities) with the iPhone 3G, but to no avail until now. I can successfully pair the headset but after a few moments it completely free

  • Nokia Drive on Windows Phone- the future. What can... Updated:10-11

    Hi Everyone, The question is obviously pointed towards Nokia representatives here, but we're all probably interested in, more or less. So: What can we expect from Nokia Drive (and Maps...) in future? Are we gonna be given back at least the basic func

  • N8 Belle refresh: Nokia Suite Backup has problems ... Updated:10-11

    Since I installed the Belle refresh on my N8 the backup of Nokia Suite 3.5.34 has difficulties to safe Documents. Only after restarting the N8, the backup works.I assume some documents are locked. This was never a problem before. What are these docum

  • Nokia N8 Belle Alarm Clock Issue Updated:10-11

    I was finally able to update my N8 to Nokia Belle a week ago and was reasonably impressed with it's attempt at an Android Froyo kind of thing, it is a step in the right direction. However- I set a several alarms for between 6:45 and 10am today (I'm a

  • Nokia PC Suite 6.83 - No longer able to drag and d... Updated:10-11

    Hi folks, Having upgraded to Vista, I have lost the ability to drag and drop text messages from the PC Suite Messages Folder to my PC which was my preferred manner of backing up the text messages, when I was using Windows XP as my platform. Is this f