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  • Tethering Nokia Mob to PC (Win XP) Updated:11-30

    How can I tell at a glance if a phone is capable of tethering to a laptop to act as a modem. I spend a lot of time in the countryside out of range of more common connection methods (dongle etc) However I have a reasonable mob signal, I know it is pos

  • Do you know how to open VMG text message files downloaded from Nokia mob? Updated:11-30

    Hi I've tried looking for software which will allow me to read vmg files from my Nokia mobile. I've downloaded abc nokia but without success. Do I need to find a mac specific version of this software or is isync the way to go? I'm stumped!Hi. I just

  • Please give me an information about the Nokia Mobi... Updated:11-30

    HIWell N90 was but it's a bit old model. N93 and N93i are still out there but there hasn't been new firmware for them and although they are good I think N95 is better overall than N93i. N92 has a very poor camera (2 MP and no flash?). The thing with

  • If download of Nokia Maps doesn't work... Updated:10-11

    ...then you can try the following. When I tried to download Nokia Maps from "" via "Web" with my E61i, once I clicked on "Accept Terms Service", the browser always took me back to the starting page with the red

  • Nokia C3 Chat application wont work! Updated:11-30

    I updated my phone to ver 8.70 now i cant open my Chat app. Help please!Why is there none answer on my question? I find it very bad that there is none official Chat on to go application for S60v5 or S60v3 phones in the Ovi Store. Browse to

  • 2710ne : Nokia browser alone doesn't work. Updated:11-30

    Brand new Nokia 2710ne. Firmware v06.13 09-04-10 RM-586. Operator Virgin Mobile France (unlimited data offer). No OTA update available. No Nokia Software Updater available. Device hard reseted. Opera Mini works fine with all kind of sites. The "inter

  • E71, Nokia Messaging, Homescreen, Sub-folder & Not... Updated:11-30

     Ever since I updated to the latest version of nokia messaging (1.0 build9.2.3.396) I lost funcitonality regarding subfolders and notifications. I still receive mail correctly in the subfolders, however I do not get any notification, nor does it show

  • Nokia E5 Chat application Updated:11-30

    Hello, My installed application on my Nokia E5 (Chat on the go, i think) doesn't work. In the Ovi Store, I can't find a original Chat application, also not for my Nokia 5530 XM & Nokia N97 Mini ! Is there any solution available? Edit: I've download (

  • Instant messaging(IM) option not working in nokia ... Updated:11-30

    i bought a new nokia 5130 xpress music mobile. but i am not able 2 connect to the instant messaging option(IM) itz coming as CHECK CONNECTION SETTINGS. but i have activated gprs and evrything in my mob. how to clear the problem?hi,     1)))) gprs on

  • Download option is not working Updated:10-11

    my nokia x6 00 ,in Nokia Store option option is not working Moderator's note: We have provided a subject-related title to help other forum users easily view and respond to this post.Hi ahrar3359, Welcome to the Nokia Support Discussions! C

  • Windows 7 & Ovisuite 2.0 problems Updated:11-30

    Hi, Tried to install Ovisuite 2.0.10 on a Windows 7 x64 installation, some observations: - As soon as you connect your phone (5800 XM in my case) it starts installing drivers. Most drivers are downloaded from Windows Update... except for one ... PC S

  • How do I get Social App to work again on N8 Anna Updated:11-30

    Stopped loading 3 weeks ago, have tried uninstalling and reinstalling via Ovi and it still won't load. Any ideas ThanksWEB TV is a third party service hence not Nokia responsibility. Mine vanished after the firmware update, but there are some still a

  • N95-3 NAM firmware upgrade to 35.2.001 - broken Ov... Updated:11-30

    Last night I noticed that 35.2.001 was available for my RM-160.  I successfully upgraded it. I was able to upgrade Download! to get OviStore working for a little while, but now I have the following two situations: 1) the OviStore app reports (in a sy

  • N95 DST bug Updated:11-30

    Well, have just had my first DST transition since getting the N95 (of course), here in Australia going +1hour... anyway, the clock automatically went +1hour, but so did all my alarms!! The alarms should stay at the same time (localtime). I assume all

  • How to set Internet home page in c2-01 model Updated:11-30

    Hi Friends, Can anyony tell me how can I set my internet home page (both for accessing by pressing 0 and from internet folder) in C2-01 model? Thanks in advance!Thank you for your response and interest in helping out. When I click on the "Internet&qu

  • Problem whit ovi chat Updated:11-30

    Hello. I have a Nokia C3 and I have a problem.. When I try t o conect to ovi chat its says that it cant connect. Code Error "409" Any one can help me??? Thank you Ps: sorry about my english is not that goodWhat it says is:  "The chat featur

  • Uninstall Ovi Chat & Vlingo in new N97 20. update Updated:11-30

    How can we remove these apps if we don't use or want them? There has been now improvement in C: drive space and in fact I lost drive space with the upgrade!What it says is:  "The chat feature of the Contacts application will be discontinued on August

  • Ovi chat Updated:11-30

    Hello everyone i have some trouble using ovi chat. Previously it was working perfectly and i had a couple of frineds on it but in the ovi community. But then somehow all of my friends got deleted and i cant add any i can only add people at yahoo eg [

  • Ovi Chat IM Update problem Updated:11-30

    hi i received the message about ovi chat ending august 1st from [email protected] the message contained a link to follow and update to the new terms/new ovi chat i followed the link but the webpage opened in spanish (i speak english) i tried from bot

  • What's new in the firmwares? - 6230i Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have the 6230i with firmware 3.40. I understand the latest out is v3.62. Can anyone list all the differences between 3.40 and this latest version, or is there a link to a site that lists the changes. Many thanks, Jon.03-Jul-2006 02:23 PM stuart