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  • If download of Nokia Maps doesn't work... Updated:10-11

    ...then you can try the following. When I tried to download Nokia Maps from "" via "Web" with my E61i, once I clicked on "Accept Terms Service", the browser always took me back to the starting page with the red

  • Download option is not working Updated:10-11

    my nokia x6 00 ,in Nokia Store option option is not working Moderator's note: We have provided a subject-related title to help other forum users easily view and respond to this post.Hi ahrar3359, Welcome to the Nokia Support Discussions! C

  • Windows 7 & Ovisuite 2.0 problems Updated:11-30

    Hi, Tried to install Ovisuite 2.0.10 on a Windows 7 x64 installation, some observations: - As soon as you connect your phone (5800 XM in my case) it starts installing drivers. Most drivers are downloaded from Windows Update... except for one ... PC S

  • How do I get Social App to work again on N8 Anna Updated:11-30

    Stopped loading 3 weeks ago, have tried uninstalling and reinstalling via Ovi and it still won't load. Any ideas ThanksWEB TV is a third party service hence not Nokia responsibility. Mine vanished after the firmware update, but there are some still a

  • N95-3 NAM firmware upgrade to 35.2.001 - broken Ov... Updated:11-30

    Last night I noticed that 35.2.001 was available for my RM-160.  I successfully upgraded it. I was able to upgrade Download! to get OviStore working for a little while, but now I have the following two situations: 1) the OviStore app reports (in a sy