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  • Nokia Maps/ N95: Support for network links? Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have a GPS tracker device I would like to monitor in Nokia N95's maps. On PC I am using Google Maps with a network link, to see it's position in real time. Does Nokia Maps support network links like in Google Earth? Feel free to try - here's

  • Problem with nokia maps N95 8Gb Updated:10-11

    I've been trying to use the GPS navigation trough NOKIA MAPS but it doesn't work, in my phone's screen appears "the license has expired" or something like that. I'd like to know what i've to do to make it work.  Because Iv'e heard that tthe GPS

  • Special characters issue with Nokia Maps on N95 Updated:10-11

    Hi there, when using Navigation in conjunction with Nokia Maps on my N95, all streets and towns which contain any special character in their name (for example: é, è, ü, ä, ö, etc-) do appear as unreadable garbage on the screen of the N95. I only noti

  • Nokia Maps 2.0 don't show maps on N95 Updated:10-11

    Installed the latest firmware on the N95 (V21.0.016 14-02-08 RM-159 A5.01), formatted the memory card, installed Nokia Maps 2.0 (v2.0wk21b02), started it (in order for MapLoader to work properly), installed MapLoader 1.3.8, installed the swiss and ge

  • N95 Nokia Maps 2.0 crashing Updated:10-11

    Help ! Last week I updated the firmware on my unbranded N95 to the latest 21.0.016 and udated Nokia Maps, then went a drive in the car to use the free trial and it worked perfectly. As I was going on holiday at the start of the week, I purchased the

  • N95 v21.0.016 after using Nokia Maps 2.0 Beta on v... Updated:10-11

    After updating software Nokia Maps returns to v1.2 wk48 b01 and of course maps in E:/Cities need to be deleted and old maps downloaded using Maploader v1.3 after running Nokia Maps to define folder structure. However on a microSDHC with 708.5Mb space

  • Installing Nokia Maps on N95 Updated:10-11

    Hi, trying to install the program "Nokia Maps" on my new N95, but it keeps failing. Have tried both from PC and from putting the file "Nokia_Maps_S60.SISX" on the Memory card and starting from there. It get s through "Install smar

  • Nokia N95 8gb Nokia maps problem and comparing E61... Updated:11-30

    Hi everyone, I have a nokia n95 8gb, i cant use the gps sistem of the nokia maps program without using the bluetooth, internet or Wifi(if i use it, the marker on the map is a square. In other words, i cant use it like a tom tom, but a friend of mine

  • N95 8GB Nokia MAPS System Error Updated:11-30

    Guys, When I try to load the application on my phone, I am getting System error. I still have a warranty. Do I have to service it or reinstall it myself. ThanksHi denskits Nokia Maps is pre-installed with firmware so perhaps try a "hard reset" a

  • N95 Nokia maps error Updated:11-30

    I have reset my N95 and afterwards Nokia maps doesn't work anymore. When I want to start up the programme, I see the world in the screen but when he has to open the maps menu I see the standard Nokia menu (contacts, etc.). Does somebody know how to r

  • Nokia Maps do not download - N95 Updated:11-30

    hi guys.. I am trying to download the nokia maps but it sits at 0.0% for hours and does not download anything. I first tired 2 weeks ago and left it running overnight and it only downloaded 61% of the map and appeared to hang. I crashed it and tried

  • Transfer Nokia maps to N95 Updated:11-30

    Hello anybody, I have bought a Nokia N95, i have downloaded maps from route 66. I want to transfer them to my nokia but i do not know which ap to to put them in. the files are all with .prm can anyone help. ps. these are not maps from butt

  • N95 v12 and Nokia Maps. Updated:11-30

    Hi. I made a "mistake" just after I got my N95 and updated the Maps program. Not the entire firmware since it's not avaliable for my phone yet, just the maps program. Now I've understood that I used to have the tracking feature before I updated,

  • Free Nokia MAPS with Nokia N95 Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have a Nokia N95 device and I wood like to know if it's possible to use the free walk or drive feature with Nokia MAPS on this device Thanks for answerWhen they say voice navigation they actually mean navigation to include voice navigation,

  • N95 with Nokia Maps Updated:11-30

    How do I update my maps app to the latest version, 2.0? ThanksHi May be wrong but think I read somewhere that if you update your N95 to latest V30.0.015 it will have Nokia Maps v2.0_2602, but it will decline to install latest v2.0_3204 available for

  • Nokia Maps 3.0 + N95, street searching Updated:11-30

    Hello! I have N95 with Ovi Maps v3.0 and I have a quastion. How I can find this street: Latvia, Riga, Ilūkstes 103 k3 (k3 - korpuss 3)?

  • Nokia Maps 3.0 freeze on N95 Updated:11-30

    Hi! Just a quick question, I installed Nokia Maps 3.0 Beta on my N95 (RM-159) and it loads fine, the maps, it gets the position but then the application freezes for some unknown reason, I googled a bit but no one seems to have found a solution does o

  • Navigation with Nokia Maps crash (N95 8Gb) Updated:11-30

    Hi All. Does anyone have this problem, when the Nokia Maps start Navigation and is calculation route, Crash ! Thanks,Here's my brand new, maps crashing issue; For some bizzare reason, I thought I'd try to use a-gps. I've always had pretty good luck w

  • Nokia map 3.0 doesn't work with n95 any solution Updated:11-30

    after downloading nokia map 3.0 i get this error " not enough memory to start application" i also have deleted qf files & cities after i've started map again but still get the same error...anyone can help please?/discussions/board/message?bo

  • N95 - nokia maps problem Updated:11-30

    Hi, Downloaded latest version of maps. I cant navigate cause i have no map in my screen. please help. thanks, Atehi where are you located? did you connect your phone to the nokia map loadervia mass memory) you'll need to do this you can find all the