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nokia lumia 2520 plugged in not charging

  • Faulty Nokia lumia 2520 charger Updated:11-30

    I have learned Nokia has suspended sales of its lumia 2520 due to risk of electric shock from the charger. I use Nokia lumia 2520 for my day to day work. My charger so far work well! Let me know the serial numbers of the faulty chargers and the proce

  • Nokia Lumia 2520 Charger Updated:10-11

    I bought a Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet  One charger comes in the box. The tablet doesnt charge through usb port (data only). There appears to be no chargers on sale (anywhere!) for this tablet.  What happens if:  The one I have breaks, is faulty, is lost

  • Nokia lumia 2520 two observed bugs Updated:11-30

    Yesterday, i bought a nokia lumia 2520 (UK) and till now i observed two bugs: 1. Reader App froze the screen. I was reading a pdf and the screen froze, the solution was to hold the power button to hard reboot the device. 2. Infinite restarting. i shu

  • Adapter micro HDMI to VGA for Nokia Lumia 2520 Updated:10-11

    could someone tell me which adapter micro HDMI to VGA is suitable for Nokia Lumia 2520 please?Hi, melpa. Welcome to our community. There's no particular brand, but it should be HDMI-D. You may try checking the stores near your place for the price and

  • Nokia Lumia 2520 Power Keyboard Updated:11-30

    Hey Everyone. I have a slight problem. I recently purchased this tablet (Nokia Lumia 2520) because I was looking for neither a tablet or laptop. I wanted both. So I came to contact my Verizon dealer, who recommended this tablet because "It comes with


    DEAR SIRS, We are from India, We are great fans of Nokia, am having NOKIA X7 fully loaded handset, now am waiting for NOKIA LUMIA 2520 TAB WITH POWERKEYBOARD, when this 2520 tab get released in India??? have been waiting since october last year to bu

  • Connection problem with Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet Updated:11-30

    I found the problem when connecting Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet to Linksys EA4500 router WiFi network "Wireless-N" mode. TheInternet and local network  connection disappears after a few minutes, the ping test fails. In "Wireless-A" mode (5

  • Silverlight on Nokia Lumia 2520 Updated:11-30

    I am trying to watch BT sport on my Nokia Lumia 2520 but says I need Microsoft Silverlight. Any ideas how I can do this?Hi Jennifer, I believe the Lumia 2520 is a non Intel\AMD processor, maybe ARM. This would mean Silverlight is not supported. Brad

  • Nokia Lumia 2520 - stuck in updating mode. Updated:10-11

    I have a new Lumia 2520, which I began to commission today.  I got it to look for updates, and it found a large number to download and install including one for the firmware.  It appeared to download them, but then installation of all of them repeate

  • Nokia Lumia 2520 compensatory voucher Updated:11-30

    Hi everyone, is there anyone who has been affected by ac-300 charger product advisory that has already received the promised compensatory voucher? Two month after receiving the replacement charge still no voucher for me. thank you very muchHi partfov

  • My nokia lumia 900 won't fully charge Updated:11-30

    Ok this started happenig like two weeks ago and i dont really know why, my lumia only charges like 40% sometimes 25% OVERNIGHT, it starts charging in a normal way and when it gets in 40% stops charging even when the icon still flashing it doesnt char

  • Nokia Lumia 2520 Outdoor readibility/ " enhanced o... Updated:11-30

    Hello, I'm a student from europe and keen to buy a tablet. I'm looking @ the lumia 2520 and must say that so far it is looking good! Most of all, I'm interested in  the " enhanced outdoor readibility " and since I'm often on the go or outside th

  • Nokia Lumia 2520 Updated:11-30

    I have the Lumia 2520 keyboard cover.  I have had to replace it within one week of purchase.  The reason for this was that some of the keys did not work.  Now the same issue is happening to the replacement.  More and more letters are not working on t

  • Nokia Lumia 2520 Shut off after connected to keybo... Updated:10-11

    Hello all,  I have a Lumia 2520 tablet which I've had for about 4 months now.  I initially purchased one of the power keyboards with my tablet which worked great at first.  Then the tablet stopped responding to tkeyboard.  I sent in the tablet for re

  • Nokia Lumia 2520 serial number? Updated:11-30

    I am trying to find the serial number for this device so I can get some technical support.  Can anyone tell me how to find it?Good day, debraken. You can find the Lumia 2520's serial number by doing the steps below: Swipe in from the right corner to

  • Nokia Lumia 800 Evaluation and Repair Charges Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have an issue with my Nokia Lumia 800. Recently, the screen turns off when making or receiving calls in-door but it stays on out-door. I read a forum abt if online which indicated that it is an issue with d proximity sensor. I don't have a prot

  • Nokia Lumia 2520 Domain Capability, Ethernet cable... Updated:11-30

    Hi all, Trialling a Nokia 2520 for corporate use and need to have this connected to our domain (initially) to enable VPN certificate installs, profile management etc.... Now, I'm having some issues finding some hardware for the Nokia 2520 - anyone pr

  • Nokia Lumia 2520: Bluetooth Speakers Updated:11-30

    I am thinking of getting a new tablet and really like the look of the 2520. However, I recently had a lot of problems with a Surface 2 and had to return it. The worst problem was a problem when streaming music and using a bluetooth speaker at the sam

  • Nokia Lumia 2520 SU-42 power keyboard Updated:11-30

    I just bought the su-42 power keyboard. And it doesn't work at all. Sometimes it connects to the tablet, but usually it doesn't. Also it didn't charge the battery on the keyboard at all. Some ideas ?  Help ?Hi, greenmoose. This link may help you rega

  • Nokia Lumia 2520 SIM holder Updated:11-30

    So to start with I bought USB 3.0 adapter to connect my flash to the tablet and it was not working. Other thing, I bought a SIM card. When I tried to get the SIM older out, I wasunable to do it, it seems that this thing is stuck. My plan B was to ins