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  • Nokia 5800 Web browser not reponding Updated:11-30

    Hi Guys, I'm having this problem where the Nokia 5800 Web Browser hangs the phone. It shows the first page of any address properly, but doesn't navigate to any links from the page, not even simple google search is working. Is anybody facing this prob

  • Nokia 5800 - UC Browser Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I have found this great browser for my Nokia 5800 phone called UC browser I have been using it for quite some time and as you use it you find it knocks spots off the built in browser thats on my Nokia 5800. The pages all display correctly and

  • Nokia N73 web browser error Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am facing problem in my Nokia N73 web browser. When i am oppening any website its showing SERVICES:UNABLE TO PERFORM OPERATION. Please help mehi mate, have you checked via nokia Suite on your PC if there are any fimrware updates available for y

  • Nokia 6630 web browser Updated:11-30

    My nokia 6630 web browser crashes down when attempting to open ( I formatted the fone but it still doesn't help.I would like some advice abt the above problem.Try a firmware update using the Nokia Software Updater.

  • Nokia 701 web browser is not working Updated:10-11

    i have nokia 701. My phone web browser is not working. Net is working in other browsers like opera and uc browser. it's a big problem for me i can't watch online videos and i can't access to google or any other site.. I also delete the cache folder i

  • Nokia N8 photo browser, Messaging problem Updated:10-11

    Hey guys. Recently I got a problem with my nokia N8. The photos I captures recently are not in the photo browser, but they are saved on my phone because I can find them using file manager app. Also the new texts I receive are not in my inbox.  Any he

  • Please help, Nokia c2-02 browser troubles Updated:10-11

    It's been 3 months since I've updated my nokia browser and since then the browser is not working I have updated my phone using nokia suite 3 times (today was the 3th time) I've been searching online for a solution but all whatI've seen was to downloa

  • Can Nokia 6630 Web browser be set to use MMC? Updated:11-30

    Hi all I have a Nokia 6630 and it works very well for most purposes, but I have been experiencing problems with the web browser. I like to browse the internet and save pages to my phone's memory using the Advanced option under Bookmarks. It seems tha

  • NOKIA 5800 WEB BROWSER HELP! Updated:11-30

    My web browser on my nokia 5800 does not work anymore. I go onto the web browser and the phone freezes and stops responding until the web browser can shut it self down. I am currently using the opera web browser available on the Ovi Store. I need hel

  • Nokia 701 Native browser. Phone scroll : memory fu... Updated:11-30

    Hello, Have somebody have the "Phone scroll : memory full, close some app" when browsing with native browser? I always receive this error message when i use more that 1 tabs, or if i only use 1 tab, i open heavy page (just like

  • Nokia N80 Web Browser: "Web already in use"? Updated:11-30

    Just got my nokia N80, connected to my WLAN perfectly, I managed to have a couple of hours browsing the internet using the Web browser found under "My Own", I wanted to see if msn Web Messenger would work, after the login the web browser crashes

  • Nokia E71s default browser selection? Updated:11-30

    Can I choose say Opera Mobile to be the default browser on my E71 or am I stuck with opening the Nokia browser everytime for example when I wanna connect to a link from SMS? Strange that the difference in browsers quality can be so big..The built-in

  • Nokia 5800 Web Browser Encoding messed up for TIS-... Updated:11-30

    Model: Nokia 5800 XPressMusic Software version: 20.0.012 Type RM-356 CustomVersion: 20.0.012.C01.01 The problem is when I browse to web site that using 'Thai (TIS-620)' charset, the character appears like it is using 'Western' charset. but when i go

  • Nokia 2700c default browser. Updated:11-30

    There is no goto address option in my nokia 2700c's default browser.There was a opera mini but it is not working now. Ofcourse i can download other browsers like bolt etc, but such downloads always asks for permissions while downloading,for accessing

  • Nokia's Default Browser Updated:11-30

    Does anyone use the default Nokia browser ? I ask as I seem to have issues logging into secure site such as Twitter, and each time I have to use Opera Mini 6.1 If there is an update how can it be updated on the phone, can it be updated by us

  • Nokia SDK with browser embedded Flashlite available? Updated:11-30

    Hi, does anybody know if there is an NOKIA (or other) SDK available which is able to display flashlite content *within* the browser? I've tried several (but not all) SDKs (Series 40 SDK 3rd Edition FP2, Series 60 SDK 3rd Edition FP 2 beta, Series 40

  • Nokia 5700 XpressMusic Browser Crash Updated:11-30

    My Nokia 5700 XM's Web Browser crashes as soon as i run it. As soon as i click on "Browser", it seems like opening, but quits suddenly.. Please let me know how to restore it.. I'm very much in need of it.. And also some of the applications seem

  • Nokia C6 01 browser Issue Updated:11-30

    hi dude... long time using nokia c6 - 01after updating to symbian anna!!! browser doesnt seems to work fine... any flas cant i open... browser stas downloading a file named st not a single file multiple files of the same... and famous websites like n

  • I cannot log into nokia messaging, also browsing t... Updated:11-30

    anyone have any ideas to fix this?   I could log into nokia mesasging for weeks, now it is rejecting my password.  Also, when i try to browse to the website with my computer i get page cannot be displayed. help? im having the same trouble messages sa

  • Nokia Belle Web Browser ! Updated:11-30

    I have a problem with Nokia Belle browser. On videos are displayed but not launch this problem I had no with Anna on the same page.Do you have any suggestions or not ...Read other 2 answers