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nokia c6 01 touch screen freez

  • NOKIA Lumia 710: Touch screen focus no longer work... Updated:10-11

    Hello. I've only had my Lumia 710 for two weeks.  Up until 4 days ago, the touch screen focus attribute was working perfectly.  I was taking pictures and it simply stopped working. I've since tried resetting the camera options back to defaults with n

  • Nokia lumia 710 touch screen cracked. Updated:11-30

    I was walking on road &ma phone felt down from pocket and screen cracked..but its working good as before and there is no problem on display...i went to nokia care to change this they are saying it costs 4600...will it costs that much??? Or else shall

  • Nokia 300 Frozen Touch Screen Updated:11-30

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can offer any help or advice on a problem I have encountered with a Nokia 300? The problem is that the screen seems to have completely frozen and as such the phone is now totally useless. I have tried all the usuall stuff like

  • Nokia C3-01 Faulty Touch Screen Updated:10-11

    My Nokia C3-01 touch screen stopped working.  I changed the screen to a new one, but it is still not working.  Any advice please?Unfortunately we are prohibited from discussing disassembly of devices upon this manufactuer's sponsored forum and it per

  • Nokia N8 touch Screen stop working.. Updated:10-11

    first of all Thankyou for reading my post. espicially to those who wanted to help me. also before i post this problem i read lots of problems same as my phone problem. main is Touch Screen wont work. i did this. 8secs depressed the power botton. fail

  • Nokia C3-01 get hanged with Touch screen lock Updated:10-11

    I have been using Nokia c3-01 for the past few months and the firmware is uptodate.(V 7.51) Some time after a call has been disconnected the touchscreen lock will be activated and it will not get unlocked.(The Touch Screen will not respond). The phon

  • Nokia C6- Touch Screen is not responding Updated:10-11

    Hi   I have bought a nokia c6-00 few month back.. from last two-three day, the touch screen of this cell is not working properlly..Even i have restarred mobile many time..some time is working..but within the second again faceing the same problem... I

  • Nokia Lumia 520 - Screen Cracked, Touch Screen not... Updated:10-11

    The other day I accidentaly dropped my 520 in the street. The screen has a large thin crack from the top left corner to about the middle right of the screen. I can live with the crack, it's barely noticable, as it looks like a hair on the screen. How

  • Nokia E6 touch screen problem Updated:10-11

    My E6 00 comes with symbian belle i bought it last month a week leter the touch screen stop functioning proper, i need to lock it and reopen it every minute for me to use the touch screen and even then its not all the part of the screen that is worki

  • Nokia x6 touch screen Updated:11-30

    Yesterday I was to a party. I danced, in this time my phone was in my pocket and..there aren't any risk to damage my phone, but..when I got home, i have seen that my touch screen is broken and doesn't work. I want to know if touch screen doesn't work

  • Nokia 300 touch screen problems Updated:11-30

    hi ,  i have bought this nokia 300 recently and after just three months its touch screen is malfunctioning, the proble is that if u touch the left side if the screen the effect is visiblle on  a little right side, not that exact point which i want to

  • Nokia 5233 touch screen problems Updated:11-30

    Sometimes when someone calls me and I try to receive the call by pressing the touch screen button on my 5233, the button does not respond and I have to pick up the call by pressing the green button. Other times it works fine. Since the  problem is no

  • The touch screen of my Nokia N8 is not working. He... Updated:11-30

    I blocked my nokia n8 with the code, and now I can not unlock it because the touch screen is not working. Currently I am using Nokia system Belle what should I do ?  thanks for the help.  Solved! Go to Solution.hey man no need to go to any nokia care

  • My 5800 touch screen is not working properly. Updated:10-11

    Hi, Frequently my 5800 touch screen is not working. Some times I am unable to use the screen. It's just hung. The call, menu and disconnect buttons only work during this time. Can any please let me know what might be the problem.? Thanks in advance,

  • NOKIA C3-01 touch and type: S40 software Deficienc... Updated:10-11

    there are few Deficiencies in the software, which i found out in my nokia c3-01 touch and type phone. i would like to list out them. and i hereby request the nokia team to make the required changes in the next firmware update.  the main menu icons ca

  • Droid Touch Screen acting up Updated:10-11

    The touch screen is becoming a diva.  It only wants to work and response when it wants to.  Most of the time it doesn't unlock when I swipe my finger across. The "home" screen will not responded when I try to execute a function.  Random things h

  • X2 Dual SIM touch screen issue. Updated:10-11

    I bought a Nokia X2 dual sim phone last December but the touch screen is now malfunctioning, what do I do please? Moderator's Note: Post was moved and changed the title into a subject-related title. This is to keep the forum organized and let other f

  • Touch Screen not working - C7 - 00 Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have bought this Nokia C7 just two months ago, to my surprise, the touch screen is not working from this morning. I tried switching off and removing the battery, has to take it to the Support people. Any suggestions or some one faced such type

  • What are the new gestures for touch screens? Updated:11-30

    According to the help file with the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise build 9879 the same gestures that work on Windows 8.1 are supposed to work on Windows 10. I cannot get swiping down from the top of the screen or the bottom of the screen

  • N97 Touch Screen Updated:11-30

    I have an N97 and every day now the screen will stop responing to touch input. I think this is a hardware issue as i have always updated the firmware as soon as its released and I have the same problem no matter the firmware. Resetting and turning of