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Nokia asha305 radio chhanal problem

  • Nokia 5800. Headphone problems with Radio (1 earph... Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have a trouble with radio. MP3: works both earphones, Radio: left - works OK, right - very quietly. Can you help me?This isn't the solution but such an issue reported earlier... /t5/Nseries-and-S60-Smartphones/Nokia-5800-Radio-Problem/m-p/6

  • Nokia Internet Radio problems on 5800 XM Updated:11-30

    I have a 5800 XM and downloaded Nokia Internet Radio from the Ovi store straight into my phone last night. I had a good first-time experience with it with no problems met. However, I have experienced several problems just within this morning alone. 1

  • Nokia Internet Radio Error: Connection Timed Out. ... Updated:10-11

    Hi, I'm having an issue with the Nokia Internet Radio application on the Nokia N95. The app launches ok but if I try and browse the station directory or perform a search I get the error 'Connection Timed Out. Try Again' This happens almost instantly

  • Nokia Internet Radio app - on N8? Updated:11-30

    Has anyone been able to succesfully use the Nokia internet radio app on the N8? I tried downloading it - but when i try to lauch - it does nothing - the screen flashes for a second as if its loading - but does nothing ....Botjoh77 wrote: Hi i have go

  • Adding stations manually in nokia net radio Updated:11-30

    i am currently experiencing problems adding , then connecting to stations on nokia net radio app i have a n95-2 running firmware v30.0.018 i have managed to install correctly net radio and net radio keyspace, but when i add my friends radio station a

  • Volume Up/Down of Nokia Internet Radio In E63 ? Updated:11-30

    Hope I post it correct the topic is for a particular software on particular phone model. As title suggest can anyone enlighten me how can I perform Volume +/- of Nokia Internet Radio in my E63 ?  In my workplace there is a large bandwid

  • K-pop on Nokia Mix Radio Updated:11-30

    I think it's time for a k-pop genre on Nokia Mix Radio. And some other thing, I have a problem too find where to log in on the W8app, there is no link/button too klick on the start screen. Not that I can see...Hi, Welcome to the forum! You may change

  • Nokia Internet Radio unable to choose Packet Data ... Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have just downloaded the Nokia Internet Radio v1.04 to my N95 8GB (v20.0.0.16). It works fine over WLAN but doesn't even display the Packet Data access points (O2 Postpay WAP & O2 Postpay WAP) when I go to settings or when it starts up. I have

  • Nokia Internet Radio Updated:11-30

    I was using nokia internet radio on my nokia5630xm and it was working very well. Now the new nokia internet radio for N8 doesnt work so well. The sound is distorted, somehow metallic sound. I have set quality to best. Others are reporting bad sound p

  • Nokia internet radio - unwelcome guest Updated:11-30

    I installed the Nokia internet radio app on my N82, but it couldn't access any radio stations so I tried to remove it using the Applications Manager. It failed to remove it completely, and there is a folder called Resource on my memory card that I ca

  • Nokia Internet Radio from OVI Updated:11-30

    Hello ! I have a friend and he have one Nokia 5230. I don't know the firmware version. He downloaded directly to her phone Nokia Internet Radio from OVI Store via WCDMA. When he want to open this aplication, the phone return this message: " Cannot op

  • Nokia N8 installing driver problem !! HELP ME !!!! Updated:10-11

    Hi guys, i recently bought a Nokia N8. i've install Nokia Ovi Suit from folder that exist in my phone, it's completely install ovi suit and download Nokia N8's USB driver from internet and stores it in "C:\Program Files\Nokia\Connectivity Cable Drive

  • Nokia 5610 XpressMusic Startup Problem.. Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have Nokia 5610 XM startup problem with memory card.. (I tried with 3 different micro SD card also) I made video of problem.. video found here:​=channel_page If I remove the memory card, then i

  • What happened to Nokia Internet Radio? Updated:11-30

    I have been using the Nokia "FLAGSHIP" N97 for more than a month now.. I still don't see any support for Nokia Internet Radio I assume the Nokia Internet Radio is discontinued at this moment..  Does anyone know if Nokia ever going to have it for

  • Still no Nokia Internet Radio for N97?! Updated:11-30

    In order to listen to Internet radio, like I always do with my N96, I have to purchase the JoikuSpot so that my N97 can become a Wi-Fi hotspot.  And then I have to use my old N96 to connect to my N97 via Wi-Fi and listen to Internet radio using the N

  • I am attempting to listen to iheart radio. Problem is, there is too much buffering going on. How do I correct this issue? Updated:11-30

    I am attempting to listen to iheart radio. Problem is, there is too much buffering going on. How do I correct this issue?Robert, did you have an iPhone 4 or 4s? And did that iPhone 4 buffer just like the iPhone 5? And that is my frustration, I am tes

  • Add stations to Nokia Internet Radio on 5800? Updated:11-30

    I have Nokia Internet Radio on my 5800 but it has very few BBC stations - how do I add the rest?Hi papadeltasierra, Thank you for your post. The availability of radio stations available in nokia radio may vary depending on your area. If that list doe

  • E51: Nokia Internet Radio cannot be installed! Updated:11-30

    Hello, I always used the program Nokia Internet Radio on my E51. The program is this one: Trying to update the software, I uninstalled from the phone. I went to the link in Ovi Store, and I began t

  • Nokia 5300 - Power Saver Problems Updated:11-30

    Hi! I have a 5300 and sometimes my Power Saver mode does not work. I'm sorry but I coudn't figure out the problem reprodution steps yet. All I can tell is that from a certain point beyond the power saver does not appear although it is activated. One

  • Nokia E5 firmware v81 problem Updated:11-30

    Hi guys this is first time posting here so expecting a reply from someone .  i just updated to v81 for nokia e5 and my in call quality is very poor now i hear too much distortion i cant hear the voice clearly it was good before the updat e but now it

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