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nokia asha 311 software update

  • Nokia Asha 311 software update Updated:11-30

    Hi,  What's the last software update for Nokia Asha 311? ThnxI'll be posting the high level change log of the 3.90 SW update here as soon as there are a few unclarities regarding the update sorted out. Currently the update is also only available via

  • Nokia Asha 202 Software Update Updated:11-30

    Is nokia asha 202 sw update in nairobi kenya? Thanks. Kevo Moderator's note: The title was edited as the post was moved to a more appropriate board.Hi, ngata47. Welcome to the forum. To verify, are you asking if there's a software update available fo

  • NOKIA ASHA 501 SOFTWARE UPDATE(VERSION 14.0.4) MAK... Updated:11-30

    HELLO ANY ONE FROM NOKIA I NEED UR HELP ACTUALLY I AM A BIG FAN OF NOKIA BUT NOW I FEEL SO SAD.. I AM USING NOKIA ASHA 501  I got a update notification on screen i updated with wifi after update my phone all apps including browser automatiacly closin

  • Nokia asha 309 software update problem Updated:11-30

    i bought my brand new ASHA 309 recently. but i am facing a problem regarding the software update. when i try to update my software using fota or nokia suite it show up to date. but my version of software is 5.85v  i really need the update. how do i d

  • Nokia Asha 310 software update and improvements Updated:11-30

    Can you add these features if you build the new software update for nokia asha 310 ? 1. Add Nokia Internet Radio. 2. Add Inbox view features for messages 3. Select , copy, paste , text in browser, applications, message like other s40 phones. 4. Suppo

  • Nokia asha 305 software update issue Updated:11-30

    The software of my nokia asha 305 is not updating it shows updating cancelled by the server what should i do?The software of my nokia asha 305 is not updating it shows updating cancelled by the server what should i do? Can You Help Me to FIX it ? Ple

  • Nokia asha 230 software update Updated:11-30

    In store of my nokia asha 230 some apps like 4shared etc. said to update your phn software phn has the software Nokia asha 14.0.5.Is this the latest software of my nokia asha 230..Please, continue there -Read other 2 answers

  • Nokia Asha 200 software update .. when? Updated:11-30

    Hi, Every user of the new Nokia Asha 200 suffers from the echo problem, is it a software or a hardware isse? And if it's a software issue when will the new software update be released to solve this issue? Please have a look at the below topic: /t5/Ot

  • Nokia asha 305 software update Updated:11-30

    When will be the new software updated for nokia asha 305? we need it plz do s0mething to rectify the bunch of problems in nokia 305 so we can have a self belief on nokia like bef0re. thanks.srikar9: the FOTA update packages for the latest Asha 305 up

  • Nokia Asha 501 software update Updated:11-30

    When will be nokia asha501 software update in bangladesh ? And what's the new.... By the way its already available in other's country... Please answered me....Please, continue there -Read other 2 answers

  • Nokia asha 310 software update trouble Updated:10-11

    I have downloaded a software and when i begun to install,it showed Delete some items. So i deleted everything frm my phone, but it again showed same message. As there are system files that are taking too much memory and i am unable to delete them so

  • Nokia Asha 302 software update Updated:11-30

    Ever since I downloaded an update my phone will not "create a secure connection".  Tries but is unable to.  I'm no phone/software genius so can someone please explain VERY CLEARLY what I need to do. Thank youYou mean secure connection in interne

  • Software update for Nokia asha 311??? Updated:11-30

    when will Nokia release a software update for asha 311 plz? Solved! Go to Solution.5.92 is currently the latest SW version for Asha 311 (and it should be available to most customers). There will be eventually further SW releases for the device, and w

  • New software update available for Nokia Asha 311: ... Updated:11-30

    Hey, There's a new SW update available for Nokia Asha 311: version 3.90. The update is available via Nokia Suite, but not currently available via FOTA update. I will be posting an update here if the situation changes. Key changes: Usability & perform

  • Nokia asha 311 update Updated:11-30

    @armagon and other employees Will Nokia Asha 311 get the new Nokia asha 501's user interface in an update?Hi mdkashem, Welcome to the Nokia Support Discussions! You can check with the Nokia Suite if there's an available software update for your Asha

  • Nokia Asha Platform in Nokia Asha 311 Updated:11-30

    Hello, does Nokia Asha Platform will available be update for Nokia Asha 311? Solved! Go to Solution.Aww? No it isn't. Nokia 311 is running on the Nokia s40 OS under the Nokia Developer Platform 1.0 Whereas Nokia 501 will be using the Nokia Asha Softw

  • About my Nokia asha 311 Updated:11-30

    When are they gonna lunch the new software for Nokia asha 311 in India? What are the new things that i get in it? Solved! Go to Solution.Hi please see the following link:

  • How can i install bangla font in my nokia asha 311... Updated:11-30

    How can i install any font in my nokia asha 311 manually. Help me....please (signhnsk). It's my last chance. I cannot distrub you any time. Help me.....Ah? As already said, it isn't possible for you to manually install languages. You need to flash a

  • Where can I download a flasher for Nokia Asha 311 ... Updated:11-30

    Where can I download a flasher for Nokia Asha 311 ? My phone is not switching on ... It fell down yesterday . So its not working , my brother said me to flash it once . Attachments: Nokia-Asha-311.jpg ‏32 KBYou need to visit Nokia Care .. Not sure if

  • Please my nokia asha can not update again. Updated:11-30

    one of my junior one took my phone and press factory default which delete all information dat comes with my phone,like Email ,chat,my world clock and facebook socia.i have tried all my best to update the information back but it says the update not fo