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nokia asha 305 update 7.42 download

  • Nokia asha 305 software update Updated:11-30

    When will be the new software updated for nokia asha 305? we need it plz do s0mething to rectify the bunch of problems in nokia 305 so we can have a self belief on nokia like bef0re. thanks.srikar9: the FOTA update packages for the latest Asha 305 up


    when i update my nokia asha 305 it says that no new software update available plz help meThe software of my nokia asha 305 is not updating it shows updating cancelled by the server what should i do? Can You Help Me to FIX it ? Pleaseee ? Thanks ! Rea

  • Nokia asha 305 software update issue Updated:11-30

    The software of my nokia asha 305 is not updating it shows updating cancelled by the server what should i do?The software of my nokia asha 305 is not updating it shows updating cancelled by the server what should i do? Can You Help Me to FIX it ? Ple

  • Update the software for nokia asha 305 Updated:11-30

    Hey plz update a new sw for nokia asha 305 as the phone has got lots of drawbecks like, hangs up quite often and doesnt restart after it gets hangs,youtube not supported,poor battery backup,always shows application error whenever i try to run any app

  • Required Update for Pattern lock nokia asha 305 Updated:11-30

    Nokia asha 305 is not supporting pattern lock apps like maze lock.. (since it has a s40 os which will not support sis files). But can i get an update for my asha with in-built pattern lock like in androide.. i really loves to use pattern lock.. Why c

  • Software problems on nokia asha 305 Updated:11-30

    @armagon after update of new version 7.42 the phone becomes worst any app does not open also nokia browser,ebuddy,whatsapp and downloaded apps and does not play any video tells video quality too large only sound plays does not play any type of videos

  • Asha 305 update problem Updated:11-30

    I have download new software but it is not install in mobile due to less memory. So i delete all data from my phone memory it still need more space now what i can do help me.Hi, I am using Nokia Asha 305. I installed latest phone software version 7.4

  • Hike not working on nokia asha 305 Updated:11-30

    my hike is not working as my filmware version of nokia asha 305 has to be upgraded. how can i do it from Nokia supportHi, Welcome to the forum! If the application prompted that the phone needs to be updated, you can check the link below for the steps

  • Is there the youtube app on Nokia asha 305/306 Updated:11-30

    There is YouTube on Nokia asha 310. Is it available on Nokia asha 305/306 . I need to catch up with trending videos around the world & am so lacking behind. Moderator's Note: The post was moved to a more appropriate board.Hello, Gumag. Thank you for

  • How to set group contacts in nokia asha 305 Updated:10-11

    how to  set group contacts  in nokia asha 305....thank u......Can Some one Tell same group contact creation for ASHA 308 too?Read other 2 answers

  • Cant use whatsapp in nokia asha 305 Updated:10-11

    Is there any working version of whatsapp for nokia asha 305?? it is available for almost all other s40 phones !!!! Nokia Asha Lover..... and Proud to be a Nokian If this post helped you, don't forget!! click on the white staras this is a user to user

  • Help With Nokia ASHA 305 Updated:10-11

    How can i connect to wireless/wifi in nokia asha 305?you can't mate. it doesn't have WiFi functionality at all.Read other 2 answers

  • How i called nokia asha 305 is a smart phone Updated:11-30

    Nokia asha 305 not support smart phone functionhi mate, I see that you have some suggestions to give, however this isn't the most appropriate place to do so. if you have any concerns, please contact Nokia directly by clicking the Nokia Support link a

  • Nokia asha 305 not update Updated:11-30

    please update nokia asha 305There is no such thing. V. 7.42 is the latest available SW version for Asha 305.

  • Nokia asha 311 update Updated:11-30

    @armagon and other employees Will Nokia Asha 311 get the new Nokia asha 501's user interface in an update?Hi mdkashem, Welcome to the Nokia Support Discussions! You can check with the Nokia Suite if there's an available software update for your Asha

  • Nokia asha 200 update Updated:11-30

    hi i have nokia asha 200 . it have v11.56 and i want to update it to lattest software i.e  v11.81 ..i am doing so with my nokia suite but it is not updating and giving me an error,,,please guide me?? wether i have to update first nokia suite ??? i ha

  • When is the next nokia asha 501software update ? Updated:11-30

    Hi when is the next nokia asha 501 software update ?hi mate, Nokia does not specify when the next updates for devices will be. you will need to wait if/when there is an upcoming update, for which Nokia will usually state them here on the boards or th

  • Nokia asha 311softwarw update Updated:11-30

    What new software updTe for Nokia asha 311RizOne wrote: What new software updTe for Nokia asha 311 Nothing yet. 5.92 is still the latest firmware. I suppose 7.x, which has come to Asha 305 already, will at some point be available for the 311 as well.

  • Nokia Asha 310 cannot support notes downloaded fro... Updated:11-30

    Why my phone nokia asha 310 can not support notes i have downloaded from emai? Im being told unsurported format. Why? Moderator's Note: We have changed the title of this post as we have moved it to a more appropriate board.Which file format are these

  • (Solved!) turn off Camera Sounds in Nokia Asha 305... Updated:11-30 click the link, you can see the how to, and link for download.Ignore the above post or download at your own expense. If  i have helped at all a click on the white star below would be nic