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  • VIRTUAL RADIO APP ON 6300 Updated:11-30


  • Nokia 6300 firmware wishlist Updated:11-30

    Hello! Let's give our suggestions for improving the Nokia 6300's firmware. Post feature requests, bugs and ergonomy issues. Contact list: * All the fields of a contact should be searchable (name, surname, phone number etc...) * The user should be abl

  • Nokia 6300 - headset Updated:11-30

    I've a Nokia 6300 for a week i really like it but something happened that when i connect the headset to listen to radio the phone doesn't recognize it... on the first days was fine but now it's not. does anyone have the same problem?Sadly yes :-(Read

  • How can I delete an E-Mail account in Nokia 6300 Updated:10-11

    I have setup an E-Mail account (e.g Gmail) on my Nokia 6300. I would like to delete this account which is no longer needed. I couldn't find any delete option there. Before Nokia 6300, I have used Nokia E-50. It has a very simple option in Connect fol

  • Nokia 6300 Text Message Options Updated:10-11

    I own a Nokia 6300 which was Made in Hungary. It came with firmware revision version 5.00. I only see 6 options in my Text Message Settings and nothing seems to resolve it. There's supposed to be 10 options. I contacted Nokia care centre and they sug

  • URGENT!! Nokia 6300 issue please help Updated:10-11

    Hi, Basically I turned my Nokia 6300 off the other night and when I turned it back on it starts up as normal, However when I try to put my security code in and press OK it just freezes and wont let me into my phone. I havent forgotten my security cod

  • What is new in Nokia 6300 firmware v07.00 Updated:10-11

    Hi I have just upgraded my Nokia 6300 to firmware v07.00. I can't notice any visible change with this new firmware. Can anyone put some light on what is new in Nokia 6300 firmware v07.00 Hyp3rionAfter updating mine yesterday...da screen refreshes or

  • Events in iCal doubled after use of iSync and Nokia 6300 Updated:10-11

    Hi, I've got a problem with the sync though iSync of the Nokia 6300 and iCal on my Mac – a problem which might be related to the imported phoneplugin – but I really don't think so, as other users doesn't seem to have any problems with this phoneplugi

  • Nokia 6300 error message when trying to connect to... Updated:10-11

    Hello I have owned a Nokia 6300 for several months and have been successfully backing up my phone book data etc via the PC Suite. However I have attempted to connect recently and the software does not recognise the phone stating: "There is a problem

  • Nokia 6300 - Data Recovery - Please Help !!! Updated:10-11

    HI.... I had been using the Nokia 6300 for the past 10 months and had encounter no problem at all. But do not know why, suddenly 2 days ago, the phone just suddenly freezed. I tried to turn off and turn on the phone, but I just can't enter into the m

  • Problem With Nokia 6300 USB DATA CABLE OPTION Not ... Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a Nokia 6300 v.5.00. My problem is when I connect my phone using a mini usb cable to the pc, USB Data Cable option on my phone is not highlighted, so I can't use the pc suite mode functions etc. I tried 3 different computers with Windows X

  • How to open .jar files in nokia 6300 Updated:10-11

    hi, Recntly i downloaded few games to my nokia 6300, its in the jar format, when i tried to open it, i get a promt as file format not supported, Please guide how to access n open a .jar file in my mobile ? ? ? ? keeryou can try to install it via pc s

  • Nokia 6300 - Instant Messaging icon/functionality ... Updated:10-11

    Hi everybody, I'm from Canada, and just bought a Nokia 6300 brand new a few days ago. This morning, I went on my phone to change the wallpaper, and for a second, the phone blinked and changed back to the default provider theme. I then changed back th

  • Nokia 6300 ! Very Urgent !!!!!! Updated:10-11

    Hello ! The company of telecom of my country in Morocco has started the service of MESSENGER i activated it by using : Personnal Configuration But i have a very big problem !!! I dont found the "Chat" in "Messages" like the 6300 of my

  • How much usb power nokia 6300 consumed? Updated:10-11

    How much usb power a nokia 6300 needed to make connection between phone and pc?Powering Apple and third party peripherals through USB Dah•veedRead other 2 answers

  • Contacts Back Up Nokia 6300 on PC Suite Updated:11-30

    I am having problems with PC Suite, I don't seem to be alone! I have had a look through some of the previous posts but can't get the following sorted. I have made a back up of my contacts etc via PC Suite from my Nokia 6300. The problem is viewing th

  • Nokia 6300 - transferring data to new micro sd car... Updated:11-30

    I recently purchased a Nokia 6300 and I want to swap the supplied memory card for a 2gb Micro SD card. I was hoping to just copy and paste the data from the standard card that came with the phone but when I tried this, some of the important applicati

  • Nokia 6300 corrupt theme Updated:11-30

    hi i have my nokia 6300 for a year now and i always download new themes for my phone. but last week as i was changing to another theme, my phone suddenly restarted, then when i was applying a theme it said the theme was corrupted. i tried applying th

  • Nokia 6300 switch off itself Updated:11-30

    i have a nokia 6300 that usualy appears "check info service" then switch off itself. why "check info service" is appears? are some software missing? your feedback is my best solution. Regards, Matiastry turning off cell broadcast in me

  • Nokia 6300, iSync, and Contact Photos- Updated:11-30

    Thanks to the following links, I was able to get my new Nokia 6300 to successfully sync with my Mac’s Address Book via iSync: