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Nokia 210 charger not supported solution

  • Nokia 2630 "Charger not supported" Updated:11-30

    Hi all, Just got a new 2630 and a wireless headset (HS-26W). Charging the phone while powered off is ok - indicator animation comes on the screen showing it is charging. However when the phone is powered on, I get the "Charger nor supported" mes

  • Nokia 6500 - charger not supported Updated:11-30

    just bought a nokia 6500 classic. first thing i know when i plug in the charger, i get a message "charger not supported". this is bizarre. nothing wrong with the charger itself, it seems, but a software quirk? anyone else with the same problem?I

  • Nokia 6300 charger not supported Updated:11-30

    when i plug in my nokia charger, it says charger not supported, what shall i do, the charger works on my sisters nokia 6300 but not mine!!!There is a little chip inside the phone that if it is faulty or damaged you get this message. If it was sealed

  • Nokia 6233 Charging Problems Updated:11-30

    I keep getting an error message when i try to charge up my nokia 6233 "Charger not supported". Can anyone give me any clues as to why this has just started to happen? I also received the same message when i used the car charger. I have had the p

  • GPS LD-3W and nokia 5800 charger Updated:10-11

    hi , i have a nokia 5800 and a wireless gps module ( LD-3W) . in bundle for Gps i received a DC-4 car charger  but i need also charge GPS module at home . May i use the nokia 5800 charger for this ?  i remember that :  5800 charger is  5v/890mA .. an

  • Nokia 210 issues with Wlan WPA2-EAS PEAP Updated:11-30

    I can't connect to wifi. When i went to Settings> Connectivity > Wlan > Turn on > [select network and] Connect, it's 'Connecting' for a few seconds,  but i then get "Network not available." When i go to 'Options > Add new network

  • Nokia E75 does not support sis files Updated:10-11

    I've been trying to upgrade the Ovi maps on my E75, because navigation has kept me saying that I need to renew the license. I went to Nokia web site and found out that I need to upgrade Ovi maps in order to get the free navigation. I have a 202.12.01

  • Nokia Lumia 2520 - No support email received? Updated:11-30

    I'm wondering if someone could help me with figuring out why I didn't receive a support email back regarding my shipping details for my support case. Does anyone know an email or contact number for Nokia support so I can get that tracking info email

  • Nokia 6700 - Charge from Micro USB? Updated:11-30

    Hi, The 6700 manual confirms that the phone can be charged from both microUSB and the standard mini charge but what it doesn't say is that the only way to charge using the microUSB port is to connect the phone to a PC or Laptop. If you plug the USB c

  • Charger Not Supported, Subsequent Death Updated:11-30

    I started re-using an old 2323c I had in the house after losing a previous phone. It's only temporary. Anyway, it was working fine, but it ran out of battery and when I plugged in a charger I got the 'Charger Not Supported' message. I tried another c

  • Why nokia 500 will not support widgets after the b... Updated:11-30

    please reply....why nokia 500 willnot support widgets after the belle update...i buy this phone for belle and all its specs... Solved! Go to Solution.Having read the FAQ on the Nokia Homepage (I'm assuming this is what you meant...) this is what is m

  • Nokia: bad software, bad support, bad system, bad,... Updated:11-30

    Nokia: bad software, bad support, bad system, bad, bad, bad!Hey, Y not b specific abt ur Nokia Ovi Suite issue with pc and phone details, ur post doesnot hav any concrete issue. If my post helped you, click on Kudos button and if my solution provided

  • My Nokia 6681 is not supporting for PC Suite SMS/M... Updated:11-30

    How can I access my "Nokia 6681" PC Suite support for SMS / MMS. Totally dissapoint in this regards. Please help. Raaj. Bangalore.After researching this phone on the website, discussions with customer service, a call to the flagship store, and e

  • Charging not supported 2gen Ipod touch Updated:11-30

    I have JVC KS-PD100 cd player for my car that has built in Ipod contol.I had to purchase a JVC cable to connect my 2gen Ipod touch 16gb.When connected the screen says charging not supported and i am unable to play the songs on my ipod also..the displ

  • Nokia 808 Charger compatibility Updated:11-30

    Can I charger my Nokia 808 with the original Nokia car charger having an output of 5.V? My nokia battery says its 3.8 V1400A type is BV-4D. Solved! Go to Solution.Hi, You can use these Car Chargers with your Nokia 808: DC-4, DC-6, DC-10, DC-17, DC-20

  • Nokia 2310 charger specs needed Updated:11-30

    I have lost my Nokia 2310 charger. I was hoping to buy an universal charger for it but I need to know some info about the specs before I can buy it. If anyone have any Nokia 2310 charger I hope you can let me know the followings: 1. Output voltage 2.

  • Cark 91 with CA55 - Charger Not Supported with Nok... Updated:11-30

    OK, for all you out there help/suggestions are required. I have a cark 91 car kit and used the ca55 cable to enable this for pop port operation with my nokia 6280. I upgraded the black module box so that it would charge my phone whislt driving, so ev

  • 6233 "charger not supported" Updated:11-30

    I've just received a replacement 6233 handset from orange and when I plug it in to charge (using the original charger) As soon as the backlight turns off I get a message saying "Charger not supported". I have tried a new charger which also doesn

  • 6131 Charger not supported Updated:11-30

    I have a 6131. When I turn the phone on, after booting up, it displays a message of "Charger not supported". What is interesting to me is that the phone is not even connected to a charger. Has anybody seen anything like this?I've got a N95 so no

  • Charger not supported asha 201 Updated:11-30

    Ever since yesterday my charger has been working fine then today i plugged my Nokia asha 201 in to charge and it showed charger not supported, i tried two other charges the same thing i need help pleasehelpme2014 wrote: Ever since yesterday my charge