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  • Receiver determination step in the BPM and multiline container Updated:10-11

    i have made a file2file scenario where: there is a BPM, the BPM has a send step which contains a receive step, a transformation that mapps the incomin message to two messages(Split-messgae case), and then a FORK step which sends the two messges to th

  • Regarding receiver determination problem in IDOC-XI-XML file scenario Updated:10-11

    Dear All , In IDOC-XI-xml file scenario , I have configured SLD , IR . But in ID , after file adapter , reciever agreement configuration when I am doing receiver determination configuration I am not able to insert mapping program in configuration ove

  • How to get a dynamic receiver determination based on a table an SAP PI ABAP Stack Updated:10-11

    Hello folks, currently I get stuck dealing with a problem about the receiver determination. Let me first describe the Problem: We are using to different SAP ERP- backend system in our test enviroment. But only of this systems is marked as current "ac

  • No receiver found in Receiver Determination Updated:10-11

    Hello Experts, Sub: Calling integration process (which in software component1) from sender service interface_Out (which is in another software component2) in Receiver Determination Fails.        There are two software components, S/W C1,  S/W C2,    

  • Multi Mapping using condition & Dynamic Receiver determination – Used XSLT Mapping Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts,      I am struggling to identify an error on the Technical Routing. Firstly according to my scenario, I receive an XML file with multiple PO's and I have to split the file to 2 different target messages. and also according to the source

  • File name based routing in Receiver determination Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, I have a requirement to do receiver determination based on file names which are dynamic.To put it clearely, i will be having two files in my source File location and i need to route it based on the file name to two target systems. The fil

  • How many Receiver determination in File to SOAP scenario Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am trying a File -SOAP-File scenario, where file will be send to PI asynchronous. BPM is configured to receive the file and call the web services and get the response (Synchronous call) .After that BPM send the file asynchronous to File via FTP

  • Receiver determination in BPM ..what is used for? Updated:10-11

    Hi everyone. I've never used 'receiver determination' step in a BPM. I want to know what is used for. Regards, can ref: this link to find example where a receiver determination step is used in BPM-

  • Receiver Determination and Interface Determination Condition conflict in ICO Updated:10-11

    Hi, I found a strange issue today while configuring two receivers using the Receiver and Interface Determination conditions. Sender - Proxy Service Receiver1 - ReceiverA Receiver2 - ReceiverB Receiver Determination Condition : When Field1 = 100, mess

  • Multiline Check in Receiver Determination Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Can anyone explain me the exact functionality of the multiline checkbox in receiver determination. Lets say I have the following input message <node1>        <value>21</value> </node1> <node1>        <value>22&l

  • BPM step Receiver Determination Updated:10-11

    Hello Friends, the operator "Receiver Determination" - how can be used in BPM? Is there any weblog or example for that? Best Regards, F.K.check this link Receiver Determination in BPM Use of Receiver determination step in BPMRead other 4 answers

  • Multiline in receiver determination Updated:10-11

    Dear all, my payload is like this: <item>       <WERK>PLANT_A</WERK>       <RCODE>99</RCODE>     </item>     <item>       <WERK>PLANT_A</WERK>       <RCODE>0</RCODE>     </item>     &

  • Dynamic Receiver Determination [W/O using BPM] Sync interface Updated:10-11

    I have been exploring options w.r.t. performance sensitive service interface. This has following issues : 1. Gets a org code looking up instance and route the msg. accordingly to an RFC and get response back. 2. Prominent answer would be Enhanced rec

  • Receiver determination in BPM Updated:10-11

    Hi Folks,     I wanted to send a message to 2 receivers from 1 sender using BPM. People on SDN advice that I have to use 3 receiver determinations for it. I just can't understand why to use 2 receiver determinations where as I have only 2 receivers.

  • Receiver Determination in BPM - Correct me Updated:10-11

    Hi everyone, I came accross some document saying that <b>every send/ receive step in BPM, there should be one receiver determination.</b> Can anyone explain this to me. thanks, -Naveen.Hi, Yes your IP will be another service like your Business

  • Receiver Determination with Synchrnous Send step in BPM Updated:10-11

    Hi,    Is there any way to use BPM Receiver Determination step type with Synchronous send step ? Is it possible to send a request to multiple receivers synchronously and capture the response? Appreciate for your response. Thanks, Rao.MallikarjunaUse

  • Condition check (based on sender file name) at receiver determination step Updated:10-11

    Hi, My scenario is File to AS2 (Sender side file adapter and receiver side AS2 adapter) We have 5 customers, but the source location is same to pick the files, Here we are not using any ESR objects. Based on the source file name PI need to determine

  • Integration Process Receiver Determination Step Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, May I know whether the "Receiver Determination Step" (in  Integration Process) that collects the list of receivers configured, can be used only to find list of asynchronous receivers? Can't we use this "Receiver Determination St

  • About receiver determination step. Updated:10-11

    how does the receiver determination step in bpm knows to calls which receiver determination in ID? which parameter determines this?>> is there receiver determination info in your header info? the receiver for a particular msg is always determined fr

  • Receiver determination wildcard in condition editor Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, I have a question regarding the condition editor for receiver determinations on PI 7.1. I have an xpath expression on the left side and I need to have a condition on the right side that includes a certain pattern. One example: p1:myDocume