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no ocijdbc12 in java.library.path

  • No ocijdbc12 in java.library.path -- Oracle 11g client on machine - 4.1 EA Updated:11-30

    no ocijdbc12 in java.library.path when trying to open a connection SQL Developer 4.1 EA version My 32-bit machine has an 11g cllient. Connections should work with 11g client as well. Not planning on 12c client until we  start migrating to new release

  • Migration 10.1.2 - 10.1.3, error:: no ocijdbc10 in java.library.path Updated:10-11

    Hi, I'm using Jdev 10.1.3, and my problem is the following one: In my connection definition, that ORACLE_JDBC_TYPE is oci8 and when i try to conenct to BD, it occurs: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no ocijdbc10 in java.library.path I've Oracle Clien

  • How can i find what the java.library.path is?? urgent Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have an unsatisfiedlinkerror and the message is no jicmp in java.library.path. can anyone tell me how to do System.out.println and the path??? This is very urgent so anyhelp would be gratefully recieved Thanks VanessaI have an unsatisfiedlinker

  • Starting JVM from C++ via JNI with specified java.library.path switch... Updated:10-11

    Please how i can pass java.library.path switch to JVM during JVM creating in C++...????Check out this tutorial: Do a search for the word 'Djava.library.path' fitzRead other 2 answers

  • How to pass java.library.path as a VM argument in JNLP file Updated:10-11

    I jave a jar file containing reference to sqljdbc4.jar as I am using JDBC to talk with SQL Server. It works fine through eclipse IDE when I give the fillowing VM Argument -Djava.library.path=C:\Users\reddys2\Downloads\sqljdbc_4.0\enu\auth\x86. Withou

  • How do i print out the java.library.path?? Updated:10-11

    hi, can anyone show me how to print out java.library.path to the terminal? im having unsatisfiedlinkerror problems thanks for help in advance vanessaSystem.out.println(System.getProperty("java.library.path"));Read other 3 answers

  • Oracle Calendar - UnsatisfiedLinkError: no csdkjni in java.library.path Updated:10-11

    Hi, all. I deployed my test calendar application developed using Jdeveloper (on Windows XP) to the Oracle 10.1.3. AS on a linux server, but the CalendarServer in on another installation (Collaboration Suite 10.1.2) on the same linux server.

  • No ocijdbc9 in java.library.path Updated:11-30

    I am running an app against Oracle 8.17 with an OCI connection using ocijdbc8.dll. The web server is Tomcat 3.2.3. The app has no problem connecting to the database. If I run against Tomcat 4 I get the error java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no ocijdbc

  • Java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no ocijdbc8 in java.library.path Updated:11-30

    hi, i am trying to connect to an oracle 8.1.7 database from my application running on tomcat 4.0.3 / jdk1.4 /windows nt. using the thin jdbc-driver ( everything works fine. when i try using the oci8-driver, i get an error-message saying

  • No ocijdbc10 in java.library.path Updated:11-30

    Hello, I am using suse 9.3 I installed Steps: 1. copy files to /opt/oracle/client 2. insert /opt/oracle/client into /etc/ 3. copy tnsnames.ora into /opt/oracle/clie

  • No ocijdbc10 in java.library.path - can not figure out Updated:11-30

    I am using Eclipse 3.2 and connecting to an Oracle 10g server. All of my projects were working just fine. BUT, I needed to move the java code and directories from one server to another becuase the other server was retiring. I recreated all my project

  • Java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no ocijdbc10 in java.library.path Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm using Java 1.5 with Oracle 10g on a Mac 10.5.6 and trying to use the OCI cilent. Sadly, I'm getting the following error Caused by: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no ocijdbc10 in java.library.path at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary(ClassLoa

  • JDeveloper 9.0.3 - no ocijdbc9 in java.library.path Updated:11-30

    I am on Windows XP. I have 8.1.6 and 9.0.3 client drivers installed. I am trying to connect to an external Oracle database, but having no luck. I can connect fine with Windows apps including TOAD and SQL*Plus. However, using JDeveloper, if I try to u

  • SQL Developer Not Working "no ocijdbc11 in java.library.path" Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have Oracle 10g with SQL Developer 3.0 on Windows XP, they worked well untill I just installed Oracle ODBC (ODAC101040.exe). I started to receive error message "no ocijdbc11 in java.library.path" and I am no longer able to use SQL Develope

  • Error "no ocijdbc11 in java.library.path" in SQL Developer 4 Updated:11-30

    Hi! I have just installed the latest version of Oracle 12c and the latest SQL Developer ( I have also JDK 7u25 installed. I run everything on Windows 7 64bit. When I create a local connection in SQL Developer and test or try to connect I ge

  • No ocijdbc11 in java.library.path Updated:11-30

    Good day, I am trying to set up SQL Developer to use TAF; I am frequently getting the error in this subject and am pulling my hair out trying to get to the bottom of it. My environment: freshly downloaded Instant Client Full Oracle Client 11

  • UnsatisfiedLinkError: no something in Java.library.path Updated:11-30

    Hi everybody, This error seem to be common with many ppl, but i couldnt solve it after go through couple of available solutions. My java program using native C++ code to control the hardware input like mouse click or keyboard under Linux. I've also u

  • How the java.library.path is set? Updated:11-30

    Hi, Can anyone please tell me know how System class (or JVM) sets the default value of the property java.library.path? I tried searching the answer on net but I was not able to find any thing. Regards, Kev.If you don't set it, I believe the JVM then

  • No orageneric9 in java.library.path on Win2000 Updated:11-30

    I have installed Instant Client on Win2000 by creating a directory, unzipping the archive to it, and adding it to my path. I get an UnsatisfiedLinkError when I try to connect to the database. "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Unsatisfie

  • Wrong java.library.path in Netbeans? Updated:11-30

    I write some java code and call native method with JNI, it does not work under netbeas, but work well in terminal. I try use System.out.println(System.getProperty("java.library.path")); to know what's wrong, i get two different output: netbeans: