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no EWA report in solman 7.1

  • EWA Alert  report in solman Updated:10-11

    Hello All, Kindly help me to resolve this issue. We have configured solution manager 7.o EHP1. For connecting to satellite system we have configured the trusted system configuration from solman to satellite system and also assigned logical component

  • Missing data in weekly EWA report Updated:10-11

    Hello SDN, I have run weekly EWA reports for our productive ECC5 system through SolMan 3.1 for some time, but recently I've noticed that some information is missing from the report. Section 11.2 (Response Times) includes a graph showing the Top 5 tra

  • EWA  Report  as Word Attachment to email address Updated:11-30

    hi Currently I have html format of  EWA report automatically sent to Basis Team email id . How do I get EWA  report file  as  MSWORD  Attachment in email. Yes. I can see that   in Solman System , MSword file is generated ., But emailed  only HTML  ve

  • Cannot load EWA report Updated:11-30

    Dear All, i have configure for EWA report but the report still not give reported for each satellite system in Solman. one week ago we receive msg from SAP that give us Red Alert for our Production systems, this mean that solution manager for EWA is w