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  • Please go on and Nikon D800E Support Updated:10-11

    With my first message here I want to encourage the developers of Apple Aperture: Please go on making Aperture even better. Aperture was my reason to switch to Mac. This was exactly 5 years before in April 2007 and I never ever regretted this big step

  • Edit in Photoshop CS6 doesn't work with Nikon D800E NEF files in LR 4.1 RC Updated:10-11

    The "Edit in Photoshop CS6" menu item or shortcut (cmd+e) doesn't work for NEF files from a Nikon D800E in Lightroom 4.1 RC.  What happens is that LR looks like it goes through all its normal paces, and launches Photoshop, and the CPU spins, but

  • How to open Nikon D800E Raw files in PSE9? [was:Gad, what next?] Updated:10-11

    I'm not a beginner, but after installing and upgrading Photoshop Elements 9, I find it cannot recognize RAW files from Nikon D800E. Either don't load, or load just noise, no picture. Suggestions -- I hope?Moved from Photoshop for Beginners forum to P

  • I have cs5 for windows and can´t use camera raw (6.5) with nikon d800e Updated:10-11

    I have photoshop cs5 and can´t use camera raw (6.5) for nikon d800e.You will need to update to the latest ACR ver 6.7.1 for Photoshop cs5. If you  go to Photoshop's Help menu > Updates..., it should be available for download. GeneRead other 2 answers