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  • I am running a strain gage test and can't get more than 1000 samples Updated:10-11

    A formor employee left a strain gage VI that I am attempting to reuse but no matter what I do I can,t get more than 1000 samples before needing to restart the loop. In the task timing (of NI-DAQmx) I have set the acquisition mode to N Samples and the

  • Why do I need to connect QTR and S+ directly on the strain gage? Updated:10-11

    I connected two wires with a 2" 120-ohm strain gage. Later, connect these wires to a strip connector. Now connect the red wire from NI system (SCXI-1314 which is already converted for 120-ohm) to red in the strip. This red is P+ in SCXI-1314. Now I c

  • How to I import MAX 4.6 config files into MAX 5.5? Missing Data Neighborhood. Strain gage set up is different. Updated:10-11

    I have been trying to import my config file from MAX 4.6 into a new system running MAX 5.5 and daq 9.8. The data neighborhood does not appear, however my application sees the information. How can this be remedied? Start over?  I have a lot of inputs

  • Which module of CompactRIO can be used to measure strain gage Updated:11-30

    I wonder which module of compactrio can be used to measure strain gage. or should i use the analog input module to measure the value and use the analog output module to excite the bridge?Hello, You are correct that you can use any of the analog input

  • Measure 16 strain gages simultaneously with SBRIO 9626 + 2 NI 9235 modules Updated:11-30

    Hello everyone, I am currently working on a deformation measuring application. I need to measure 16 strain gages simultaneously, using a SBRIO 9626 + NI 9693 (two C Slots) + 2 NI 9235. I started checking out the example included for measuring strain

  • How to connect 2-wire strain gage to NI 9237 by quarter bridge Updated:11-30

    I have a Strain Gage: KYOWA KFG-20-120-C1-11 (2 wire), NI 9237 on a Compact DAQ (cDAQ 9174) and RJ-50 (10-pin modular plug to pigtail wires). Strain Gage features: Gage Factor: 2.08 +/-

  • Problems with Sampling rate in LabVIEW with 1/4 bridge strain gage Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have a question.  I have SCXI 1001 and am trying to read strain gages and thermocouples.  In the slot 1 I have a 1122/1322 with thermocouples that works great.  In slot 2 I have a 1121/1321 that needs help.  I cannot figure out how to make a

  • Remote strain gages Updated:11-30

    I have to measure from eight strain gage channels disposed at 100 m from the PC. The cheapest solution I found is to use a SC-2043-SG in a CA-1000 enclosure, a NI USB-6008 and a USB extender. Question 1: in its User Manual, is mentioned that the outp

  • I am confused by instructio​ns for calibratin​g strain gages. Updated:11-30

    Hi all, In my quest to learn all things  some things LabView I am attempting to calabrate my strain gages prior to running a test.  Using the Measurement and Automation program I open the NI-DAQmx tasks and run the Channel Calibration Wizzard. I have

  • Does the SCC-DI01 can be set as a trigger for strain gage measuremen​t? Updated:11-30

    I used the SCC-SG01 to measure the strain. I need a trigger to activate the gages to get the data when the test happen. Can I use the SCC-DI01 as a trigger for gages for my test? If I can, how I can do it?   Hello hopezx, The 2345 is a fairly passive

  • Need a VI for strain gages that will operate using LabView v 8.5 Updated:10-11

    I am looking for an example VI similar to the one found at that will operate with my LabView v 8.5. All of the examples that I can find say that they will not work with my LabView because they were generat

  • Error 200077 during Strain Gauge Calibration in Measurement and Automation Explorer V5.3.1f0 Updated:11-30

    Hey Guyz! I am experiencing a problem perfomring my shunt calibration using a 350ohm(GF 2) strain gauge connected with NI9949 and NI9237 in a NI cDAQ-9178 Hardware. When i click on strain callibration under configuration-Device: R3 being my shunt of

  • NI9237 calibration in MAX Updated:11-30

    Hello, I try to calibrate my strain gages. My set-up is as follows: - strain gage - NI9945 - RJ50 cable - NI9237 - cRIO9024 (DAQmx driver is installed, see Figure 1) and LabVIEW 2014 installed I would like to start with a calibration in MAX as descri

  • Please tell me how to connect 3-wire-strang gage to NI 1314 (SCXI1520) by 1/4 bridges Updated:10-11

    I'd like to connect 3 wire strain gage to NI-1314 (SCXI-1520) to measure the strain with quarter bridge configuration Please show me which line goes to which terminal..Hello blackburn, All of the wiring information is included in the SCXI-1520 user m

  • Using third party Strain Amplfiers, feeding DC output to NI 1102 multiplexer to increase channel count, has anyone a vi. already? Updated:11-30

    As I see required events, measure un-strained millivolt value, file, after applying force, measure strained millivolt value, determine difference between strained and unstrained, convert delta millivolts to strain, and present. Using NI strain gage b

  • How do I calculate strain from a volt amplitude vs time plot that labview generates Updated:11-30

    I have set up four strain gages, a DAQ system and a coded output in labview. After running my program labview gives me a voltage vs time plot. How do I convert the voltage measurements to strain? My strain gages are configured in a Wheastone quarter

  • Strain measurement using 9237 and cDAQ 9172 Updated:11-30

    I am trying to measure strain using a 9237 and cDAQ 9172. The strain gage is connected to 9945 (Red wire to EX+, White to IN+ and Black to QTR terminal also tried connected the white and black to IN+ terminal). The 9945 is connected to 9237 quarter b

  • Constant current excitation for strain gauges Updated:11-30

    Ideally I would like to log 46 strain gauges using a scxi-1000. At the moment we have two 1102B modules, one 1100 module, and a 1122 module. The 1122 module supports quarter bridge strain gauges but is very limited in scan rates when logging 16 strai

  • Converting voltage to strain Updated:11-30

    I need to convert voltage from a strain gauge to strain (usina Wheatstone brdge). The gauge is placed on a cantilever and needs to be used to count objects using strain values. How do ui write the code in labview to do this?There is a couple of ways

  • DAQ Assistant Strain Calibratio​n Adjusted Gain Updated:11-30

    I am trying to understand how the DAQ Asst calibrates and offsets a quarter bridge strain gage using a USB NI 9237 on a 9127 chassis.... -how can I tell what the gain is -what is the "gain adjusted value" -what known/"simulated" strain