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  • Data acquisition of CV7-V wind sensor under labview using NI 9403 Updated:10-11

    hello I want to measure a numeric type RS232 signal at the output of a CV7-V wind sensor (attached PDF file) I used the module CDAQ 9191 and NI 9403 under NI MAX and I got the result on the attached figure how I can retrieve the information from this

  • Can i generate PWM output from digital out of my PCI 7041 RT DAQ card? Updated:10-11

    I want to generate 4 PWMs using my PCI7041 card. I do have only 2 analog outputs and 2 counters to output my signal that's why I want to use digital out of my card for PWM. How can I do that? If there is any example then please let me guide that way.

  • How can I vary a PWM´s duty cycle inside a while loop? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I'm using the "Generate Pulse" to generate pwm signals in counters 0 and 1 in order to drive a DC motor both ways. The problem is, I need to control the movement of the dc motor with my PI controller which is inside a while loop. I'

  • Can I use a Change Event with a NI 9403 module? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I would want to know if the NI 9403 supports a Change Detection Timing configuration to generate events for programming something like this thread and not polling the Digital Inputs:

  • How to generate a pwm whose duty cycle has to be varied depending on the frequency of the input trigger?? Updated:10-11

    Sir/madam, I am quite new to the Labview FPGA module.  I am currently working on an application where i have to generate a pwm to control the ON time duration . The pwm ON time depends on the frequency of an input signal.I want to retrieve the ON tim

  • PID control of Counters (PWM) Updated:10-11

    Hello everybody!! I work on a closed loop PID controlled problem (Labview 8.5) and I have a couple of questions in order to make some progress! Firstly, I have to declare that my loop is composed of 2 AI channels (2 accelerometers), 1 AO channel (exc

  • How do i create 6 digital 25Hz PWM output signals with my PCI-6221 card? Updated:10-11

    Hi! I´m a student, who´s trynig to control a gasturbine process for my diploma thesis. The control program should be written in LabView 8. I need to control 6 25 Hz PWM signals for the gasvalves. The  needed accuracy of the duty cycle has to be about

  • Problem when combinning PWM signal and Analog signal TOGETHER! Updated:10-11

    Hello everybody, first of all i have DAQmx 6212, and i need to run a small water pump (9V-16V) which needs to be driven by a PWM signal; also i have a motor (5V-13V) for a water valve that needs to be driven by a analog signal and it has a built in a

  • How to write multiple inputs into 1 file + how to use PWM Updated:10-11

    hi, I wanna take analog inputs from 2 channels, then write them into a single file, have them the data plotted on 1 graph.  how can I do that? also, I wanna output 2 PWM signal lines after some calculations with the data of those 2 channels.  how can

  • Simultaneous Digital Input and Output from NI 9403 Updated:10-11

    Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to digital output through one line in this module(NI 9403) while simultaneously reading from 10 other lines? Basically what I need is for line0 to always be closed(true), and read lines1:10 - at very least 1sampl

  • How to use Counter/ti​mer PWM Pulse as a trigger to aquire data?? Updated:10-11

    I posted this question on the Counter/timer BOARD, but i got no replies. So i decided to post it here. (1) I'm using the NI DAQpad 6015 multi-function card with the DAQmx Driver. I'm using the counter/timer (counter 0, and counter 1) to generate 2 di

  • How to use Counter/timer PWM Pulse as a trigger to aquire data?? Updated:10-11

    (1) I'm using the NI DAQpad 6015 multi-function card with the new DAQmx Driver. I'm using the counter/timer (counter 0, and counter 1) to generate 2 different PWM pulses to supply my sensor circuit. each pulse is a 1 second in duration. The pulse wit

  • How to make PWM signals In Labview 7.1 Updated:10-11

    How to make PWM signals In Labview 7.1, Could someone give me .vi for examples. Thank you.There is a shipping example that shows PWM if you have installed NI-DAQmx.  You can open the example through Help >> Find Examples >> Hardware Input and

  • Is my PWM-520 broken? Updated:10-11

    I have a cFP-PWM-520 module for controlling some electric heaters, but it doesn't work. The module is connected to eight solid state relays which in turn controls the heaters. Regardless of duty cycle setting, voltage supply or channel, the output is

  • Where is the output for PWM on NI 7774 connected to motion control card 7356 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have NI motion control card 7356 which interfaced through 7774 interface board. PWM outputs are written to be on pins 5 and 9 on Digital IO, yet there is no indication about the whereabouts of these PWMs on the interface board (7774). Would you

  • PXI R Series PWM Behavior Updated:11-30

    Hello, I created a simple PWM using a PXI 7851R and it was working fine for the past month or so however now it is behaving oddly.  Previously if I provided a min and max output, the generated pulse would be between those two values.  Now what is hap