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  • BI/Netweaver Support Stack 17 and 18 source system dependencies? Updated:11-30

    Does anyone know what are the source system dependencies for BI/Netweaver Support Stack 17 and 18?  I have looked everywhere online and I cannot find anything.  Any help would be much appreciated it.  Thanks!Those dependencies are describe in the sta

  • How does NetWeaver support FIPS in java part? Updated:11-30

    As we know,  default JDK doesn't support FIPS in the SSL/TLS socket. There are 3rdpart soft, like certicom, bsafe can support this. And in the opensource, NSS + jdk, seems can be a solution. Here, just a question, how does NetWeaver support FIPS in j

  • What changes are needed to have iDS 5.1 support SHA instead of SSHA as the default ? Updated:11-30

    We have an application that ONLY supports SHA passwords and when we upgraded from iDS 4.16 to iDS 5.1 it doesnt work any more. Looking further, iDS 4.16 supported SHA as the default for password storage and iDS 5.1 supports the more secure SSHA as it

  • NetWeaver Support Platform Updated:11-30

    Dear Colleagues, <b>Welcome to the NetWeaver Support Platform Topic!</b> I have posted a">support [original link is broken] [or

  • NetWeaver Support Platform Classloading Updated:11-30

    Hi,   I'm attempting to write a simple plug in for the Netweaver Support Platform but need to find out what classes are available to the application at runtime?  For example, I'd like to access the Keystore service which I can look up with JNDI but n

  • Does LMS 4.0.1 Support SHA 256? Updated:11-30

    Under LMS 4.0.1 when I look at devices under credential settings for devices SHA1 is only available. Is there an add-on that needs to be installed to support SHA 256?Where exactly do you see the SHA settings in LMS? I can only recall using that setti

  • Which NetWeaver supports JDK1.5 Updated:11-30

    Hi, Is there any NetWeaver system, or Enterprise Portal, supports JDK1.5? I've built a repository manager using jdk1.5 and tried to upload it into my EP, which is SAP NetWeaver 2004s SR2 (SP9) downloaded from

  • Do Mountain Lion and Safari 6.2.2 support SHA-256 Hash algorithms in HTTPS security certificates? Updated:11-30

    I use SalesForce for my client CRM. I've just received a notice informing me that they are upgrading from SHA-1 hash to SHA-256 for increased HTTPS certificate security. Will my current OS X version (Mountain Lion) and Safari version (6.2.2) support

  • WILL MAC OS 10.4 server SUPPORT SHA-2 SSL CERTIFICATES Updated:11-30

    Am running Mac OS Server 10.4.11 on a PowerPC Mac Mini (1.42GHz) and currently have SHA-1 SSL certificate from GoDaddy. They want everyone to upgrade to a SHA-2 (SHA256) SSL certificate for Google's Chrome browser which will soon start showing SSL er

  • Netweaver Support stack 18 Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, Upgrading netweaver 7.0 to stack 18 we face several problems.  We had some transaction iviews which now are not displayed correctly. Please help ThanksInfo;20/2/2009;14:16:56:177;LOGIN.OK ;;;User: BI_U4 ;;;Authentication Stack: ticket ;;;

  • Three tier PKI - support both SHA-1 and SHA-2 Updated:11-30

    Hey guys, We're about to implement a new three tier PKI - root, intermediate and Issuing CA's... is it possible to have the root and intermediate configured as SHA-1, and have multiple Issuing CA's - some SHA-1 and some SHA-2, or do the SHA-2 Issuing

  • Is SHA-3 Supported? Updated:11-30

    Does SCCM 2012 R2 CU4 support SHA-3 certificates?See  Torsten Meringer | http://www.mssccmfaq.deRead other 2 answers

  • Any concern about upgrade SHA-1 to SHA-2 on Windows Server 2008 R2 PKI ? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a little knowledge about PKI. I was saw about how to setting and configure CA server to support SHA-2/SHA-256. Has anyone know about what should be concerned before migrate or what have to be done after migrate. 1. Any impact with endpoint

  • What is the role of java in the netweaver platform Updated:11-30

    Hi All sapnetweaver platform is the integration of the java and abap.then what is the role of java in that netweaver platform regards SunilHi Sunil,         Java makes Sap NetWeaver more powerfull than it was before.        One of the new additions t

  • Open platform for developing small java applications  - Support platform. Updated:11-30

    Hello everyone, The SAP NetWeaver Support Platform is an open platform to develop and run small utilities (known as plug-ins) that perform support oriented activities on any and all components of NetWeaver. I appreciate if you can take a few minutes

  • Need material for netweaver Updated:11-30

    hi all i am new to this field.....i have some doubts what is netweaver .... what for it is used .... what is the relation between netweaver and XI .... can get some study material for those two regards johnCheck this....

  • New IBM JDK 1.4.2 for SAP NetWeaver 2004 and 2004s Updated:11-30

    In May 2006 IBM System p brand and SAP announced the direction to enhance the IBM AIX 5L JDK 1.4.2 for SAP NetWeaver 2004 and SAP NetWeaver 2004s based applications. The new IBM JDK 1.4.2 for SAP NetWeaver applications on AIX 5L is 100% upward compat

  • Server 2003 SHA-2 Certificate Updated:11-30

    I am renewing an SSL certificate that will be installed on several web servers in our organization. Some of these servers are Server 2012 but a few are Server 2003 and these are not yet ready to be upgraded to the current OS. Since SHA-1 will be depr

  • BW SUPPORT PACK 13,14,15 Updated:11-30

    hi all, can any one give some info and the link where I can find information about BW support pack 13, 14 ,15hi ajay, i think these oss notes should sufficient, they contain info what error corrected, possible new errors, new features added in the su

  • Hash & SHA-256 Updated:11-30

    Does java card 2.2.2 support SHA-256 hash algorithm? In thejava card api there is MessageDigest class and ALG_SHA property. Which algorithm does it really represents? SHA-1 or SHA-256?Hi, From MessageDigest in JC2.2.2: public static final byte ALG_SH