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  • How to Restrict the values of Field TASKTYPE on a ALV Grid.? Updated:10-11

    Hi; Let me explain my problem. I have report written by another abap developer who has gone now. On the ALV Grid there is a field called "Activity Process". By F1 F9 I can read that field depends on table TCATX_TASKTYPES and field TASKTYPE   . F

  • Class could not be found error Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I'm trying to implement the BADI NETW_USER_FIELDS_F4 to be able to define a search help for an user field in transaction CJ20N. The Badi implemenation, class are active. But upon executing the F4 help, the program dumps with the following des

  • User Exit/BADI while setting status as TECO for WBS in CJ20N Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I need a BADI/User Exit which triggers when we try to set the status of WBS as 'TECO'  in CJ20N transaction. Please help. Thanks in Advance, SagarHi Sagar, Go through this Badis. AFABD_CHANGE DOCUMENT_MAIN01 DOCUMENT_OBJ DOCUMENT_STORAGE01 IH

  • Exit for CJ01 Updated:11-30

    Any exit available for CJ01     Enhancement                                                                                CNEX0036                                    Check deletion as part of BOM transfer                              CNEX0035