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  • Confirming transfer order for nested handling units (picking and shipping) Updated:10-11

    Hi My shipping location is HU + WM, I understand we cannot "auto confirm" Transfer Orders during creation from an outbound delivery (LT03) in the case of nested HUs because the system wants to know which exact box HUs ( The TO only specifies the

  • How to create nested Handling units at VL01n Outbound delivery Updated:11-30

    Hi Please assist me How to create Nested Handling units at the time of Outbound delivery VL01nHi, go to Edit-Pack, In First tab will be "Pack Material", give Packing Materials & enter. You will get a HU Number generated. select this line &am

  • VLMOVE 321 with nested Handling Unit Updated:11-30

    Hi I have the following situation: - Handling Unit active - WM active (with Storage Unit) - QM not active I have nested HUs: .1         HU001 ...2       HU002 ......3    Material A, Batch B1, quantity 10 pcs in inspection stock ...2       HU003 .....

  • Nested Handling Units and Confirmation of Transfer Order - Pick HU Updated:11-30

    Friends & Gurus, I have nested (low level) handling units and when confirming  I would like one of the nested HU to become the pick-HU. So far I haven't been able. The pick-HU is always generated with a new number and if I try to assign manually one

  • Creating Handling Unit Updated:11-30

    Hi All, Can anyone guide me which BAPI/FM to use to create Handling unit? And, How to update the delivery with the HU information? Was able to get the Handling Unit number through FM V51P_FIND_HEADER given the packaging Material number. Regards, Raj<

  • Handling unit - t-code Updated:11-30

    hi SDNers, I want to create one handling unit manually.and also i want to know the mandatory fields for creating handling unit. Since i am an ABAPer i dont know In which t-code can we create it manually. Thanks in advance. Reward sure for helpful ans

  • HU 6000021947 is nested. Withdrawal of handling units must be entered Updated:11-30

    HI All, I want to confirm transfer order, but there is a error log "HU 6000021947 is nested. Withdrawal of handling units must be entered ". But when HU 6000021947 entered  there is another error log "HU 6000021947 does not contain any avai

  • Handling unit Updated:10-11

    can anybody explain handling units -what is it's use -how material are kept in W/H i have gone thru but unable to understand concept Nikhil Edited by: nniikkhhiill on Feb 8, 2010 11:22 AMHi Handling Unit Management   Purpose You can use Hand


    Hi Experts when i am doing PGI i am getting the following error and system is not allowing to do PGI ERROR: When trying to read the status of an object (HU  210868), a system error occurred: For object number HU0000210868 there is no status object.Hi

  • Physical inventory with and without handling unit managment Updated:11-30

    Hello all, I would like to know what is the difference between physical inventory with and without handling unit management. Pl. advise. Thanks, MaxxAssuming you are referring to WM inventory, it is very similar.  Inventory is conducted at the SU lev

  • SAP Handling Unit Managment Updated:11-30

    Hi folks, I very urgently need some documents about SAP HUM. Can any one help me. LaxmananSAP HU - SAP Handling Unit Management (HUM) The SAP HU is used for tracking the handling units used by the materials.  Some common handling units are packagings

  • Handling Unit number Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus,              How handling unit number selection happens in delivery document? Does system determines this number automatically? If so from which table? Thank you ANilHi Anil, Handling Unit Management The SAP HU is used for tracking the hand

  • Provide information about handling units Updated:11-30

    Plz provide information about handling units. Explain all the paths and information about HU.Hi, Purpose You can use Handling Unit Management (HUM) to reflect packing-based logistics structures in the SAP System. Using this method, you track the move

  • Handling unit(lengthy question please take patience to reply) Updated:11-30

    hi SAP SD guys,                            can any body explains me about handling unit? i read SAP library according to my knowledge handling unit isa single variety  material items+ packing material is it true. but SAP library is saying " A handlin

  • Who familiar with Handling Unit Management(HUM) module? Updated:11-30

    Hi, It was said that if we active the HUM module in Clint level.  Then the packing BOX number will not be allowed to be duplicated. Whether this means that VEKP-EXIDV, this field will not be allowed to be duplicated?? Could anyone help my understandi

  • Failed to update handling units status Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm joseph. I'm trying to load my shipment in LM30. I have 8HU's in one outbound shipment. I successfully loaded the 5HU's but on the last 3HU's i encountered problem "Failed to update handling units status" <note that they are nested HU'

  • Batch management & Handling unit management? Updated:11-30

    Dear Expert, could you explain Batch management & Handling unit management? thanks saravanakumar.<b>HU:</b> The SAP HU is used for tracking the handling units used by the materials.  Some common handling units are packagings materials like

  • Packing Handling Units Updated:11-30

    Secnario : A delivary has 5 Handling Units. A B C D E I need to Create a new Outer HU (PALLET) and Pack D & E HU's into New Outer  handling Unit (PALLET) F - Please Explain Steps to do this. How to identify inner HU 's and Outer HU's in ABAP Program.

  • Line items are clubbed in Handling Unit's Updated:10-11

    There are two line items in delivery for same material , while packing  I am selecting single line item  and packing it . But when I select line item 10 and try to pack it, line item 20 also automatically getting clubbed with line item 10 and getting

  • Deriving/ change the item category from handling unit Updated:10-11

    Hi SAP GURUS, In vl01n I want to derive the item category based on the handling unit. Hnadling unit is derived from the payment terms. Please let me know the required configuration or the development for this. Thanksi need ur help regarding the Sales