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  • Nokia Video Cable for n95 vs Cheap Video cable, wh... Updated:11-30

    Hey, so im interested into understanding why the nokia video cable for n95 costs around 40€ in my country while you can get a very very cheap one for no more than 6€. What are the advantages of nokia 1 vs a normal 1? does it scale the image to a high

  • Nokia Video Manager - Upside down and back to fron... Updated:11-30

    Have been trying to convert some avi(DivX) files to watch on my N95 using the Nokia Video Manager. Converts the files fine and all but they are upside down and back to front??? Have seen that a few people on the net have had the same problem but have

  • What's the music in this Nokia Video ?? Updated:11-30

    Please Please Please help me!! I really want to know what's the music of this Nokia Video: Can anyone help?! I hope you will be able to find out the song! Thank you in advance guys! Message Edited by aeon19 on 08-Jan

  • Converting Videos using NOKIA VIDEO MANAGER Updated:11-30

    Hi Folks Just recievd my N95 Phone Very pleased. Been reading about and it says the movie format supported on the NOKIA phone is MPEG4. Ok np there. I have a HDD (hard disk drive) Camcorder with some movies on there which are watchable on my PC. I lo

  • Problem with Nokia Video Manager - No video, only ... Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I have a problem with nokia video manager. I have been converting movies to mp4 and watching with my cell phone for a while now. But all the videos I have converted were less than 30 min. long. When I tried to watch a video longer than 36 min

  • Nokia Video Manager 1.5 does not install! Updated:11-30

    According to the download page of Nokia Video Manager 1.5 (, the program should run under Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. I have downloaded the program and give it a try on Windows XP x64, however, I get the foll

  • Nokia Video Manager (PC program) Updated:11-30

    I wanted to make use of Nokia Video Manager program to make an own Video available for my Nokia N95 8GB. Does any one knows whether their is a Nokia Video Manager program available for the Nseries and where I can find that one? I do find a Video Mana

  • Nokia Video Manager Updated:11-30

    Anybody having problems with the Nokia Video Manager? I can't convert any of my AVIs to MP4 and when I try I get the message: "An unknown error occurred. See the log file for more information." And I don't even know where the log file is! Any he

  • Nokia video manager converts upside down Updated:11-30

    when i convert video with nokia video manager all videos play upside down on computer and nokia n93 any helpI also get this same problem were the video is upside down and mirrored. It is like this on the pc and phone. I have tried the latest codecs a

  • Can i use nokia video manager for converting video... Updated:11-30

    Can i use nokia video manager for converting videos will this support n79Only be aware that Nokia video tools only work for videos that are not longer than 35 minutes. Also the quality is not very good, you can get better results from other encoders.

  • Nokia video converter for 40S Updated:11-30

    hi.. can any one help me in getting a nokia video converter for 40S.. i do have nokia video converter for 60S.. it is gud.. thanks for ur help.......No, you will need to convert the files on a PC before they can be used on the phone. I don't know of

  • Nokia Video Manager converting problems Updated:11-30

    I want to use the nokia video manager software to convert videos to playback on my Nokia 6120, however when played back on my phone, they appear upside down and back to front.... Any ideas? Thanks.Did you use the stand alone Nokia Video Converter wha

  • Could someone please upload Nokia Video Center fil... Updated:11-30

    Hi, I had to format my phone after a serious bug while using Nokia Video Center (reboot and card memory corruption error). Even with Nokia Software Update, or using the RAR file provided on​=1834664&

  • Nokia Video Manager doesn't show video after 35min... Updated:11-30

    I think this has been posted before, but does any1 have a solution for this yet? Whenever the converted MP4 file reaches 35mins 45sec, the video freezes for a few seconds on the phone, the screen goes black, but the audio continues. I am using Nokia

  • Nokia video manager fails Updated:11-30

    hi! I have n81 2gb model. I have installed latest Nokia PC suite. Nokia Video Manager is version 1.8. Whenever I try to import any type of video - it fails. NVM starts to convert the file, but then along the way or at the and when I check the result

  • Nokia videos: What are Software Updates & How to d... Updated:10-11

    Hi all, we've been busy in Nokia Care and have been preparing some videos to explain you what the whole software update concept is all about and how you can update your phone over the air or via PC - and how you can use WiFi to save data download cos

  • Real player compatible with nokia video manager? Updated:11-30

    I have got a nokia 5220,downloaded video manager yet still can't get it to transfer music videos from my real player on the PC to the phone ...tried to transfer direct via cable,it doesn't work either....can anyone who's been there,done that please t

  • Nokia Video Manager 1.5.12 - "High Quality" Updated:11-30

    Under Tools - Settings - Conversion Type, why is "high quality" dimmed out, even with the phone disconnected? How do I force it to "high quality"?20-Aug-200712:36 AM iggy23 wrote: I use the DivX converter (in mobile mode) and the DivX

  • Nokia Video Manager - "High Quality"? Updated:11-30

    Under Tools - Settings - Conversion Type, why is "high quality" dimmed out, even with the phone disconnected? How do I force it to "high quality"?20-Aug-200712:36 AM iggy23 wrote: I use the DivX converter (in mobile mode) and the DivX

  • Nokia Video Manager can't find any videos :S Updated:11-30

    Up until now, I only just realised that when I plug my Nokia N95 (non-8GB) into my computer via usb, and open up Nokia NSeries PC Suite to click into Video Manager, I can't search for Videos on my computer. I choose the root folder (My Documents) to