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N8 için ovi store indir

  • Ovi Store and Nokia Accounts unresponsive on my 80... Updated:10-11

    I sent my 808 in for service and requested a wipe to factory defaults due to some issues that I was having. When my phone was returned to me, I had great difficulty loging in to Nokia Account and Ovi Store Mobile. There is a round wheel that would ju

  • Can not install Ovi Store Nokia 603 Updated:10-11

    can not install shop. Tried to install four different versions, including misrepresented and that you download the browser when they click the icon. At the end of the installation says: "Installation not possible"Download this CWRT file to micro

  • Can not download OVI STORE in my NOKIA 5130 XM. Updated:10-11

    Can not download OVI STORE in my NOKIA 5130 XM.IT SAYS CONFLICTING APPLICATION SHOW ITEMS?Hey Suhit I got the same problem. I cant update version or even open. I think it will get fixed after you update your Software Version of your phone. If you fin

  • Ovi Store Application NOT WORKING Updated:10-11

    I've been experiencing this problem for a while already. Probably like many other users, I could not access Ovi store via its application. Everytime I open it, there's a error script saying " Application Initialisation Failed" I'm using Nokia 58

  • Got double charged in ovi store and no download Updated:10-11

    I wanted to buy a game, entered my credit card info, and got through the confirmation page only to receive the error: Card error Card errors encountered. please try again later or change payment method on the next screen. This problem wouldn't be so

  • 5800 Problem with Ovi Store and Facebook - HELP PL... Updated:10-11

    I have had my 5800 for about 4 weeks now and had a great time using Facebook and downloading stuff from the Ovi Store when suddenly my problem appeared.  When I try and log on to the Ovi Store it says at the bottom "you are logged in as Purpledwarfy

  • Cannot Sign into Ovi Store and cannot create email... Updated:10-11

    Hey all, I have just recently got my N8 back from Nokia. I sent it back due to numerous problems...battery life was less than 16hrs, kept saving sent messages, wouldn't update emails instantly and kept getting mail that was 4 days old, etc... But now

  • Problem updating ovi store and downloading whatsap... Updated:10-11

    When i try to open ovi store on my x2-01 it tells me to update it before i would be able to download it and when i try it always tells me page not other problem is when i try to download any software e.g whatsapp application using my phone i

  • Problem install ovi store and ovi maps? Updated:10-11

    my phone nokia C7 can not turn on, then I use a three finger salute to hard reset, and my phone can turn on again, but social networking application, ovi store and ovi maps are lost, I tried installing again, but always "unable to install", whil

  • N8 Ovi Store and Social Application not working Updated:10-11

    Hi Everyone, I am having issues with my Ovi store app and my Ovi Social app on my N8. I have finally managed to get into twitter through Ovi social, but when I try to access facebook i get the following message "Unknown problem.  Please try again lat

  • E71x ovi store and apps trouble Updated:10-11

    on my e71x i am unable to access the ovi store or apps.  when i open the link that had been sent to my phone for the app, it tells me i need to download the ovi store mobile app.  This has been done several times but then there is no way to open this

  • Issues with Ovi store in Nokia N8 and the OS is ha... Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have taken Nokia N8 in the month of March. It was all working fine and all of sudden I am noticing that the Ovi store is not opening tried resetting to factory settings, It did not help. Tried reinstalling the Ovi It also did not help. I went t

  • Cant get on ovi store with nokia 6700 slide Updated:10-11

    I brought this phone a week ago and spend over £20 trying to access the store via my phone each time it says it cant find the page or unable to connect to the server, i have been in touch with nokia and they have made me re-set my settings and everyt

  • Why my ovi store in nokia 5230 always close automa... Updated:10-11

    My phone model is nokia 5230. Why my ovi store always close automatically after i've opened it about 3mn? I've tried to uninstall it and reinstall it again, but this couldn't solve my problem. Anyone please help me, i'm very thankful for that.Hi, Ple

  • I installed an application in Ovi Store and my pho... Updated:10-11

    Hi Every body Few weeks ago i installed a new Application in ovi store in my nokia X6 , suddenly the screen turned black n turned off , now i try to turn it on but it only shows me a white screen n the Vibrating , but all that appears is a white scre

  • Ovi Store 2.6.0 Broken on 6350. Fix or workaround... Updated:10-11

    I've been using the Ovi Store app on my 6350.  Recently, it told me that I had to upgrade to 2.6.0.  I did.  Now, it will not start.  I tried deleting and re-installing.  Tried telling it not to keep my old data.  Nothing works.   Get's as far as "lo

  • Ovi Store update v2.12.033 on N8 failed to work Updated:10-11

    I have updated Ovi Store 2.12.033 on my N8 (PR 1.2) today but it failed to update completely. I uninstalled it and downloaded it from ovi store, installed it but it fixed on the loading page. Restarting also dosen't help. Now I also not able to inst

  • Can't open Ovi Store and Internet on my C3-00 Updated:10-11

    Im from Malaysia and my problem is whenever I open ovi store, "Unable to connect to service.Try again later" will come out.. Another problem is,whenever I try to browse the internet, "Invalid web setting" will come out My firmware vers

  • Ovi store question. Nokia 97. Updated:10-11

    Are we now charged for receiving the confirmation text saying our purchase has been completed? I only ask because I have two premium rate text charges on my phone bill - one for £3 the other for £1, both sent immediately after a purchase, as the orig

  • Ovi Store Error Nokia C6-00 Updated:10-11

    Hello friends! I am using a Nokia C6-00.....I want to but an app called "Mazelock" from the Ovi Store...But each time i try to buy it, i enter my details, and press Confirm, Ovi Store says "Error. Check Details and Try again"..... What