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  • How i get my data back written on notes in n73 Updated:10-11

    hello,i have lost my data written on "notes "of my n73,bcoz i restored my phone from memory card but the data was lost.could i rollback my phone memory or how i can get my files back.......plz HElp me .........thnx Moderator's note: Information

  • Connect a Nokia N73 to a PC in the year 2013? Updated:10-11

    Hi! I have a Nokia N73 on my desk which keeps rebooting at random intervals. This used to be my phone but I gave it away to my brother. He has been using it for about a year without any problems. He did drop it once on the pavemen and the plastic scr


    N73 BATTERY BP 6M BATTERY HEATING DURING CHARGING AND DISCHARCHING WITH IN HOURS FROM CHARGING ITS SIZE IS ALSO INCREASEDPlease replace your battery with new one RIGHT NOW. Continue using this BP-6M may cause danger. Usually turning heat while chargi

  • N73 ME Battery HEATING TOO MUCH - Please Help Updated:10-11

    N73 ME Battery HEATING TOO MUCH - Please Help Hi Friends, I am from India Need Help/Suggestion from Mobile Gurus right here I have 1 Year Old N73 ME and I mainly use it for Calling and Texting. Very Occasionally I use it for Music/Gaming and Browsing

  • Nokia N73 clear logo success Updated:10-11

    I have been trying for a long time to set a clear operator logo on my N73, i have now got a clear logo thanks to the site below, all i did was search the site for an old type blank logo, eg: for 3310, 3330, etc, i then had the logo sent to my phone v

  • Network problem with my N73 Updated:10-11

    Hey frns i am shoaib from india. recently my bro gifted me a nokia N73 cell phone he brings this cell from Gulf region. here in india i am facing a problem of his network i cant receive nor dos a call. sometimes its catches the network but after few

  • Animated gif images not working, n73 problem pleas... Updated:10-11

    my phone is n73music. when i try to use animated or gif images as wallpapers, the images are not moving as they should do in standby mode on the display. what could be the problem, please advice. thankyou.Sorry, N73/ME is a s60 phone and s60 doesnt s

  • NEdit binary not working on MacBook Pro Updated:10-11

    Hi All I have X11 in working condition. I downloaded NEdit binaries which contain four files (nedit, nc, and I want to execute nedit from terminal. For this, I understand that I need to put nedit and nc in /usr/local/bin/ but I don

  • How can I restore an n70 .nfb file to my new n73 w... Updated:10-11

    Hi, I've just had my n70 stolen but ironically my new n73 arrived the same day. I have a recent nokia file backup which I created through the nokia PC suite that came with the n70, but when I try to restore the .nfb to the n73 it doesn't even recogni

  • N73 software update problem- Be ware Updated:10-11

    After updating my N73 to ver,3.070 , Nothing seems to work. delay proplem , cant access my calnder , cant open my text messages.I tried many times to re install in vain. How can I go back to the older software ? HelpI don't know if your phone support

  • N73 ME SERIOUS ISSUE - PLEASE HELP!!! Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have an N73 Music Edition - purchased it in Jan, 2008. It was working fine until recently I removed the memory card to clean it. Ever since my gallery doesn't show any items from the memory card. I've set my phone to save all new and downloaded

  • All day events on N73 Updated:10-11

    It's great that Nokia N73 syncs with iCal by iSync 2.4, but one thing is very annoying. All day events are synced as "meeting" starting from 12:00am to 11:59pm. In iCal, I have a lot of all day events including holidays, so the weekly view is fu

  • Nokia N73 - Birthdays + iCal + iSync = 2 day events Updated:10-11

    All day events in iCal are displaying on the Nokia N73 as expected, a single entry with the time displaying as: 0:00 - 23:59 However Birthday's don't display correctly. Rather, they appear as two day events on the Nokia N73 with the time dislaying as

  • N73 defect: cannot delete e-mail messages Updated:10-11

    I've noticed a defect in the N73 which I'm able to reproduce reliably. The steps are as follows: - Set up a POP3 account with standard settings (specifically, in Retrieval Settings, specify "E-mail to retrieve: Headers only") - Connect to a POP3

  • N73 will no longer connect to Gmail application Updated:10-11

    Hello, I've seen this problem all over the internet and no one seems to have ever found a solution. I live in France I have a Nokia N73 and my provider is Bouygues Telecom. I have had the same brand and make of phone for 3 years (my current one is ju

  • N73 Radio no longer works Updated:10-11

    The radio on the n73 no longer works , i have a headset connected and stuff and when i scan for stations it doesnt find any and when i put in a frequency manually there is no sound coming out , btw i have tried 3 different headphones and stuff the re

  • N73: restore doesn't work after firmware update Updated:10-11

    Hello! I just made a firmware update to my N73 with NSU, and the procedure completed with no errors. Just before the update I made a backup with the application in the phone menu; the app wrote a backup.arc file in the MMC. After the update I tried t

  • N73 with Windows Media Player... Updated:10-11

    Afternoon, I am having the most stupidist of problems with my n73... I have put all of MY CD's onto my NAS via Windows Media Player (v11) using the WMA format. Of course some of (if not all of them) have this bloomin DRM hanging over it. So, I though

  • PC Suite Issues after Firmware Upgrade of N73 Updated:10-11

    Hi, A new Firmware finally became available for my N73. The version number of this firmware is 4.0735.3.0.2. After upgrading my firmware, every time I connect my phone via bluetooth or USB i get the "The connected mobile phone does not have PC Suite

  • Nokia N73 tim brand...when a new firmware...??? Updated:10-11

    I saw that the latest firmware version (for n73 tim brand) is v 3.0638.0.0.2 yet... when tim and nokia will release a new version??? PS sorry for my english.. XDLatest available software for Nokia N73, product code 0543836 Version: 3.0638.0.0.2 when