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  • Three movies I bought from iTunes this morning do not show up on the 1st Gen AppleTV. Updated:10-11

    I understand some file formats are not compatible with AppleTV (1st gen) but these films were purchased directly from iTunes.  One would assume they are formatted properly to work on Apple equipment, yes?  Previously purchased movies show up on the A

  • How do multiple family members use iTunes.? One account or multiple? Updated:10-11

    How do multiple family members use iTunes. One account right now but apps gets added to all devices and iTunes messages go to all devices.  Can multiple accounts be setup and still have ability to share purchased items?Hey Ajtt! I have an article for

  • I click on itunes but doesnt open and says send error report or dont send Updated:10-11

    i click on itunes but doesnt open and says send error report or dont sendYou will need to provide more details as we cannot see your computer screen. Does this happen every time you launch LabVIEW? What version of LabVIEW are you using? What version

  • Itunes wont open and shows error report. Updated:10-11

    this is what i get when i open it. it was working fine last night. i opened it and it said updating library, but then i played music without a problem. this morning i uninstalled quicktime cause i never use it. so i think that might have messed it up

  • How can a family of 6 share the same itunes library? Updated:10-11

    My family has a major problem on our hands. We are new to ipods and itunes. We have 1 itunes account. My sons are too young to have their own accounts. They are too young for a credit card, and can't have a paypal account until they're 18. We want to

  • How can I Migrate/Split itunes/icloud account for a large family now that they have family sharing Updated:10-11

    Ok, now that Apple has finally come out with family sharing I need to get things sorted out and I think it is going to be a mess. I have 6 family members (my spouse and 4 children) all sharing/using one itunes account. For parental reasons this made

  • How Can I Get an iTunes Store Account? Updated:10-11

    Hello there,  If I sign in to iTunes via create a new account the Mac says  'Just use existing account' - but do not have one When I do that the Mac says 'No you need to create account', when I do that the Mac says 'No you have an existing account' w

  • How can i transfer money from one itunes account to another Updated:10-11

    any way to use my husbands itune money to purchase an app for my phone with my accountIf you sync your phone to a computer that his account is authorised on then you could try buying it on his account and sync it to your phone - but it will be tied t

  • Use one account for apps and other for itunes match Updated:10-11

    Hello everybody My question today is quite simple. I use one account for apps and tv shows, but inwant to use a different itunes account for purchasing itunes match. How can I use them both on my devices? Will it be asking for my user-pass each time

  • ICloud with multiple family members sharing one iTunes account? Updated:10-11

    How will iCloud work for the case where multiple family members share an iTunes account but each has his/her own iPhone/iPad/PC? Will iCloud replicate content based on email address, unique Apple ID, iTunes account, or??  If iTunes, we could have tro

  • How can 2 family members who share an iTunes library both use iTunes match? Updated:10-11

    My wife and I both share an iTunes library on the same Macbook and both sync our phones to that computer. We each have our own Apple ID and we use a 3rd account for iCloud for Photostream. In ios5 we were able to both access the music library on our

  • IPod no longer works with car stereo since upgraded MBA & iTunes Updated:10-11

    My iPod classic has worked just fine connected to my car stereo since i bought it last june. I just bought a new Macbook Air (OS 10.7.3) & installed ITUNES 10.6.1. After I synched my ipod for the first time its recognised by the car but i get a "

  • IPod Touch/Phone 4gens No Longer Detected in WINDOWS MY COMPUTER but OK in iTunes Updated:10-11

    Since I have not found help online regarding the above situation I'm looking for help accordingly.   For most folks it's iTunes not detecting i-Devices, but my situation is unique. It started last night after I was on the phone for hours with Norton

  • IPod not recognized by iTunes, Windows Vista prompts to format iPod drive Updated:10-11

    Hello, I have IPod 80GB which I rarely use. Yesterday  when I wanted to use it, I went to add a few new audios to it, connected to my computer and launched iTunes. I added the folder which contained audios to iPod, synced it and wanted to disconnect,

  • IPod classic no longer being recognized by iTunes Updated:10-11

    iPod classic version 2.0.4 is not showing up in my iTunes anymore. I can see it listed in my device manager under Other Devices as iPod with a yellow exclamation point, although I've followed the instructions in this article iOS: Device not recognize

  • IPod seen by windows, not by iTunes+ weird error message Updated:10-11

    I have a first generation 2GB iPod nano and i use windows xp. I can't load any music because iTunes doesn't see my iPod and an error message pops up that reads like this: "iTunes: iTunes.exe corrupt file. The file or directory \iPod_Control\iTunes is

  • ITunes + Vista = my computer can no longer see my DVDrw drive... Updated:10-11

    I just downloaded iTunes onto my Dell Inspiron E1705 - and when I restart my computer, the computer can no longer see my Optical drive (DVDrw). I contacted Dell support, and they changed something in the regedit limits or something(I'm not a

  • Itunes incurred an error and no longer works? Updated:10-11

    Hello, I have windows XP one day while snycing my Ipod 160G I tunes stopped working and now gives me a message everytime I try to open it saying "iTunes has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." Send erro

  • IPhone 3G no longer recognized by iTunes Updated:10-11

    I don't know what happened. I haven't changed any settings on my pc. I updated my phone software to 4.0.2 last week with no apparent problems. I think I've charged on my pc since but can't remember for sure. Now when I hook to usb, it goes on and off

  • Nano no longer recognizable by iTunes on either of my computers Updated:10-11

    This is a little different from other similar problems I've found here on the forums: Until 2 days ago, my Nano was working fine (with iTunes 6.0.5 for XP). Then suddenly, iTunes stopped recognizing it. I tried resetting the Nano, same thing (and hav