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multi provider using bex

  • Universe - SAP Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I am not able build the universe from followinf SAP Objects SAP Multi Provider SAP Bex Query (Based on DSO) Its giving  me time out error. What could be the reason ? need to set any Property Seettings. Is there any other work around.. Thanx.H

  • Multi pass bursting of a Crystal report on business view with a bex query Updated:10-11

    In BO CMC, we have a group with a list of user. The idea is to burst (via the multi pass bursting method) a Crystal report for this list of user with the constraint that this report should only contains data of the store linked to the user. Our data

  • What are the fundamentals concepts to know about BEX Queries on Multi Cube? Updated:10-11

    Hi ALL, i have executed a Bex Query on a Multi Cube (2 Cubes: SalesAnalysis, SalesAnalysisHistoric) but i havn't received the same data that we have in R/3, after i have executed the same query on just one cube (SalesAnalysis) and the result it was c

  • BEX Multi-Language SQL Query Updated:11-30

    1) I have created a BEX Master Data Query on 0MATERIAL.  The Material Master Object also has a text table associated with it called /BI0/TMATERIAL.  It has text in French and in English.  We also have the "Language Dependent" box checked on the

  • Bex Report / Multi Providers Updated:11-30

    Hello to all experts and BW users, I have question regarding advanced Bex reports.  Is it possible to have one Bex report (Excel Workbook, with different sheets) using more than one multi providers or info cubes? The reason for this question is simpl

  • Does BEX Report supports Multi Languages???? Updated:11-30

    Dear Gurus,                     Does Bex report supports Multi Languages???? I mean, I had developed a report for the client and client wants the report for their different locations globally. Is there any way in BI, so that we can provide the same r

  • Multi provider issue and not able perform BEx. Report Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have one issue on multiprovider that is when I check the content of multi provider it say one info object does not exist.Actually this missing info object was set as navigational attribute in the ODS and at present this info object does not exi

  • How to copy Bex queires from another multi provider Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, I developed one new multi provider in dev box, i need to developed some queries on this multi provider but same queries having another multi provider. finally i need copy some exesting queries to another new multoprovider with different t

  • Multi Provider BEx Problem Updated:11-30

    Hi all, We have created Multiprovider which is made up of stock,sales,production and purchase cube. All the Cube has 0MATERIAL as characteristics and 0MATERIAL__0MATL_GROUP and 0MATERIAL__0MATL_TYPE as navigation attribute. 1)    Now while creating t

  • Bex report on Multi Provider Long Text issue Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I have a report that running on a multiprovider and I have a field that I use as a selection parameter. I changed the settings for this field's info object settings to "long text" to see long description in the pop up search window. Howe

  • Multi Characteristic average aggregation in BEX Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have a query with one formula that should consider always 3 characteristics for the calculation. Example P1 M1 I1  Formula P1 M2 I2  Formula is working for all types of drill because I set Formula aggregation Average by P P1 M1 I1  Formula P

  • Difference Between BEx Web and Web Intelligence Updated:10-11

    Hi, Could someone help me understand why someone would want to choose SAP BW BEx Web over Web Intelligence (apart from license issues)? Web Inteligence is a very strong tool from a UI point of view and has can do most of the functions that SAP BW BEx

  • Key figure data in BEx report Updated:10-11

    Hi, We are viewing some of the Key figure data of a particular report as ".", "$21.99MIN" etc, where $21.99 is the original value. When we click on the excel sheet cell and view in the formula bar, data is showing $21.99 correctly. But

  • Problem in Bex report Status of Data based on multiprovider Updated:10-11

    Hi Bi Expert, I am facing probelm in my bex reprot having field "Status of data" Report is based on multiprovider which using 3 cubes. Out of this three cube report showing data with cube havnig oldest date data load. How can I get latest one re

  • Error message: "application.exe has stopped working" under BEX event name on Windows 7 64-bit. Updated:10-11

    I am trying to run a third party program on my Windows 7 64-bit. It has an executable file. 1. When I double click on this file (appname.exe), I will see a GUI window. 2. In this GUI window, I will have to select a dynamic link library file (appDLL.d

  • Closed orders in R3 showing as open in BEx Updated:10-11

    Hi, Good Day! So, I am trying to execute a report which shows me sales orders' status. I notice that few orders which are showing as completed in VA02 are showing as open in BEx report/BW. I had looked further into this and observed that the schedule

  • Fields Not getting Populated in Queries on Multi Provider Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Product class,Product form and Packet size from Zqn6x03 (ods) are not getting populated in Queries(Multiprovider). Our`s is Heterogenous Multi Provider Points will be awarded. Thanks in Advance....Hi xys redd, After checking all the options i

  • Custom Filter in Universe on top of BEX Query is not working in BO Explorer? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have created Condition(Filter) for an Dimension Object "Submitted by Group Hierarchy" in Universe designer tool on top of SAP BEx Query and then exported the universe to Repository. <FILTER KEY="@Select(Submitted By Group Hierarchy

  • Issue with status of data information in Bex analyzer report Updated:10-11

    Hi BI gurus, One of the queries showing older date for the "status of data" information in the report of Bex Analyzer. I have tried to correct it in Bex analyzer by removing existing Text information element and adding a new Text element in the

  • BO BI 4.0: WebI report based on BEx query (OLE DB enabled) Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts We are trying to create WEBI reports based on BEx queries, but we are experiencing some issues. We have created two BEx queries og two separate multiproviders and opened them for external use but checking the OLE DB enable checkbox. In Web