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  • Buffering icon appears when including a video demo in a project published as mp4. Updated:11-30

    I have a project containing slides and video demos.  I inserted the videos as CPVC slides into the project.  When I play the project in Captivate, all works fine.  When I publish to video (mp4) and play, before each video starts, I get the buffering

  • Problems with infinite/jumping buffering using Strobe MP with progressive download MP4 Updated:11-30

    Hello, I am fighting with the Strobe Media Player and an MP4 video that it is supposed to load and play with progressive download. The video is playing perfectly fine, except if it needs to buffer somewhere on the middle (the first "buffering" w

  • Infinite buffering at start of mp4 Updated:11-30

    We are using Strobe Media Playback with Adobe Media Server - video on demand - with mp4 files.  I have a series of six videos of which one does not play - it gets hung up in the initial buffering cycle and does not proceed past that point.  If the us

  • ATV Streaming MP4 HD over network constantly buffering and freezing help Updated:11-30

    Hi so the problem is the bulk of my collection of movies are in h264 MP4, and I don't sync movies to the Apple TV it's mainly a streaming tool to my tv. The problem is it's buffering the movie every 20 minutes so it pauses and a few minutes later it

  • Apple TV buffering issues with iPhone 4s and iPad 2 Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I just got me an Apple TV 2nd gen (yeah, I know, ordered 2 days before the presentation of the new one). So far so good, the device is up and running, connects just fine to my Airport Express router and all. However, if I try to stream a vide

  • After IOS 4.1 update, some of my user generated MP4 files no longer play. Updated:10-11

    You can see them correctly in the play menu in home sharing, and you can fast forward through the file, but they won't play. The same files worked flawlessly in IOS 4.0 and now they are broken. It's not all files, only some. I have a case opened on t

  • I uploaded videos to website server and when playing videos they keep buffering and stop & start Updated:11-30

    Hello, I edited videos in PP CS6 and encoded 1920x1080 clips in .mp4 format. Encoded vbr 2pass 5.00 mbps , audio is AAC 320 kbps, 48khz. The videos play perfect in player on destop, and when downloaded from site, but don't play well in website player

  • MP4 Videos with Hikvision codec? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I've a great amount of videos that need to be available in a website. The videos are recorded using Hikvision cameras and therefore they have a propietary codec. I'm having a lot problems with these codecs (running on some pcs, not working on oth

  • Airplay Video quality and buffering Updated:11-30

    I'm new to apple TV and am trying to watch my home movies (holidays etc) over airpay. However, I've found that if I try to watch in Full HD there's a considerable amount of buffering (2-3 mins) before the movie will start to play, and if I skip if bu

  • When I try to watch video, my computer is constantly pausing for buffering?!! Please help Updated:11-30

    When I try to watch video, my imac is constantly pausing for "buffering"... I have a solid wireless connection.. Please help..More details bud... WHAT MBP version do you have? What movie player are you using....? Is it a AVI MP4 MKV? IS it a DVD

  • What is a good bitrate for my video (mp4 website embed)? Updated:11-30

    I'm trying to encode some music videos with PE to embed on my website as mp4 (streaming with jw player). How do I figure out a bit rate for maximum quality yet no buffering delays.  I should probably assume some of my viewers will have relatively slo

  • Apple TV - buffering problems Updated:11-30

    I have my favourite films and TV series on a network drive, linked to iTunes and accessed locally by my three apple TV 3rd generation boxes. They have worked very well, until the latest apple TV update. Now it plays for 15 minutes then endlessly buff

  • Slow/choppy playback - cache buffering issue Updated:11-30

    On playback, PP6 randomly slows down and plays back choppy on visually complex shots.  It takes repeated stops and starts to clear it out.  I have troubleshot the life out of this, read every relevant thread, and tried everything imaginable to fix it

  • Quicktime (.mp4) and (.mp3) via EDGE (o2 UK) Updated:11-30

    Hi there I seem to be unable to view mp4 quicktimes or listen to podcasts (.mp3) when using the edge network. Everything works just nicely via wi-fi but visit the same pages via EDGE and no joy (i.e. I dont get the blue play arrow just the first fram

  • Quicktime .mp4 & ,mp3 in Safari via EDGE (o2 UK) Updated:11-30

    Hi there I seem to be unable to view mp4 quicktimes or listen to podcasts (.mp3) when using the EDGE network. Everything works just nicely via wi-fi (i.e. touch the blue play arrow it brings up the standard transport controls and starts buffering) bu

  • Strobe media player stuck buffering until FMS is restarted. Updated:11-30

    We've been experiencing issues with live streams getting stuck buffering. I've verified all the stream files are being created correctly on the FMS 4.5.2 server. I can see the streamsegxxx.f4f file size growing so I know data getting to the server. T

  • Video jitters/buffers/severe loss of framerate Updated:11-30

    I'm out of ideas, I don't know what to do. Whenever I change the duration of a clip (speed it up), the video framerate drops for that clip. It buffers and jitters and just looks awful. Why is it doing this, why can't I just speed up a clip (it's supp

  • Airplayit buffering with films on apple tv off ipad Updated:11-30

    I have airplayit app on my apad and stream films from my pc with no problem. When I send it to apple tv it buffers. Anyone know how I can fix this?The problem is I have over 1000 films all in avi. and the only way I can send them to apple tv is with

  • AIR for iOS.. best strategy to play 100MB+ MP4 videos? Updated:11-30

    Hey all, Is anyone able to play a 100MB+ MP4 on iPad1? Whether StageVideo, StageWebView, etc? StageVideo starts to bog to death at about half way (netStatus reports buffer empties and it never regains). Trying to URLLoader download crashes the app (t

  • Seeking in a Streaming H264 mp4 to unbuffered section. Updated:11-30

    Hi everyone. I'm working on a video player for my company, and I need to get H.264 videos streaming. I've gotten the mp4 file playing and buffering, which is great, but when I try to seek ahead to a part that isnt buffered, the video stops, goes to t