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movies missing from atv2 menu

  • Is it possible to play multiple media sources simultaneously via ATV2? Updated:10-11

    This may seem strange but I would like to play video through the ATV2 menu on my TV AND at the same time play a separate audio (a song or podcast) through the same ATV2 via AirPlay.  Both media are iTunes/APV2 supported and work great when played sep

  • Problems with widescreen Updated:10-11

    I recently purchased a 2nd gen apple tv.  My problem is some movies or shows wont display in widescreen even though they are new.  On some movies it will switch between widescreen and the normal view with two bars on each side by itself. I have even

  • One PC multiple Itunes Libraries Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have one family Windows 7 PC with 4 user accounts. I want all Libraries to appear in my ATV2 computer list. The only way i can see each one is to log on to that profile on the PC run itunes and that library is then in the ATV2 menu. Does itunes

  • How to stream TV Shows/Videos from iTunes library to Apple TV 2nd gen Updated:11-30

    How? I can't do it! I click on it in my library and it just doesn't show... This is the whole reason I bought this product and it is so complicated!!I have itunes 10.0.1, homesharing enabled both in itunes and atv2, firewalls off both in router and m

  • I can't get into my apple tv settings to pair remote Updated:11-30

    My ATV2 & the silver remote are not paired, I have tried pressing the menu & right hand at the same time but this is unsuccessful, obviously the ATV2 menu is unaccessible because the remote doesn't work on it? In my iTunes settings it shows that t

  • Streaming playback stops when Sy nc Macbook closes Updated:11-30

    My ATV2 has 2 machines connected to it - machine 1 is a macbook configured to sync, and machine 2 is a macbook pro configured to stream. While playing back a streaming movie from machine 2, if I sleep or shutdown machine 1, the playback will stop com

  • Airplay dropping out during music playback Updated:11-30

    Since all the software updates I have developed a very annoying problem between iTunes 10.5 on my Mac Mini (Snow Leopard) and my ATV2. If I am streaming from iTunes to the ATV2 using airplay I will get audio dropping out during playback. It happens i

  • During update my ATV2 displayed icon to connect to iTunes. Now I have nothing -- can't even get to menu to do restart and ATV2 doesn't show up in iTunes menu to do restart from there. Help! Updated:10-11

    During update my ATV2 displayed icon to connect to iTunes. Now I have nothing -- can't even get to menu to do restart and ATV2 doesn't show up in iTunes menu to do restart from there. Help!The update didn't apply correctly. Did you follow the steps e

  • ATV2 no TV menu... Updated:11-30

    Sometimes my ATV2 has the TV option just to the right of the Movie option and sometimes it doesn't.  Tonight it didn't. If it makes a difference, I have both the ATV1 and ATV2 powered up at the same time.  Any ideas as to why the TV option block is n

  • Strange ATV2 behaviour - Movies can't be selected for downloaded & most menu items not selectable?? Updated:11-30

    ATV2 fully online, previews movies, downloads YouTube, Homesharing all good (and a seasoned ATV owner and user) However download movies is not working, and no error message just a "beep" sound when you select "rent movie". Also many of

  • Clicking on Netflix Menu Option Freezes ATV2 Updated:11-30

    For the past two weeks, whenever I click on the Netflix menu option in Apple TV 2 it freezes the remote for about 5 minutes, after that it askes me to re-login into Netflix but never accepts it. I've tried power cycling, restoring, resetting, switchi

  • Where can I find Vimeo in the menu after the latest ATV2 software update? Updated:11-30

    Nowhere to be found. Dutch language but that shouldn't matterNo but what might matter is your location. Are you in the US? If not, have you verified that Vimeo is supporting your country. That could be the answer. Perhaps you can't see it because the

  • Is the ATV2 a true Apple Appliance or a Toy? Updated:10-11

    Having spent a few hours studying all the problems that people are having, I am amazed at the difficulty the ATV2 is causing. It was supposed to be the transformational device that did not replicate the problems of the ATV1 which was a "hobby" d

  • ATV2 Not showing in iTunes, and bricked, showing micro usb and iTunes logos Updated:10-11

    Hey all, I was given an ATV2 for christmas a few weeks early, purchased new from Big W (Australia). I happily plugged it in on the 14th or 15th December (I can't quite remember, but I did find out later itunes match went live to a bunch of countries

  • ATV2 music drops out after 2-3 songs, withou fail.  Restarted/rebooted everything and my router shows no signal drops, suspect it is the home sharing but can't get into it to fix it. Am at my wits end. Updated:10-11

    Recently bought the ATV2, all working well until 2-3 songs played and it drops out and returns to the main menu.  I have rebooted/restarted everything, and checked the event log in my router which shows no drop outs in WiFi connection.  When I tested

  • Can't find Apple TV Sync Menu; No ATV in iTunes, Home Sharing works Updated:10-11

    OK,  I'm about to give up...  My computer shows up in Apple TV (2nd Gen) in the ATV home sharing computer list but I am unable to find any reference to a sync menu or any options to force the sync to occur.   I find references here in the support com

  • Movie plays in iTunes but not on ATV2 Updated:10-11

    Too bizarre.... I have the original 2 discs of a great German movie - Das Boot - which I converted (using Handbrake) into 2 separate m4v files and then combined (using QT Pro 7.6.6) into one file which saves as a .mov file. Plays fine using Quicktime

  • ATV2 sound loss from HDMI, Optical or both! Updated:10-11

    Hi, Sometimes (and this is the rustrating bit), but not always the sound from my ATV2 will die. I have it connected to the TV via HDMI and also to a surround sound system via an optical cable. I've played around with the audio setting in the ATV menu

  • Airplay from 3gs to ATV2 not working Updated:10-11

    From the ipod airplay is not working.  The icon comes up and i can select my ATV2 and it turns blue like it is connected but no sound.  I can airplay photos from 3gs and play itunes from computer w/sound.  I can also use remote app to control ATV2. 

  • Apple TV has changed main menu Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have an Apple TV 2nd Gen. I live in BA Argentina, and after I've updated my Apple TV the main menu has changed, now I only have as menu "Internet - Computer - Settings", can't see the rest of the menu any more (Movies - Netflix - TV Shows