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mouthpiece solution for blackberry z30

  • BlackBerry Z30 - Country selection of BlackBerry Solution License Agreement Updated:11-30

    Hy everybody! I just changed my BlackBerry Bold 9700 with the new BlackBerry Z30 and during the start up procedures, from error, I have selected another country than mine for BlackBerry Solution License Agreement. Do you have any idea on how can I se

  • 10.2.1 Official Update for the BlackBerry z30 Updated:10-11

    Hello, First off...I have a BlackBerry z30 which I had to purchase unlocked to run on the T-Mobile netwrk because I really wanted the z30 and T-Mobile is not carrying the z30 online or in retail stoes. Now I am running the leak and it run

  • Unable to update my BlackBerry Z30 to 10.3.1 in Pakistan Updated:10-11

    Hi there. I have been using the BlackBerry Z30 smartphone for almost a year now. I purchased this phone unlocked and carrier-free, but not from ShopBlackBerry, but rather a local online retailer selling brand new unlocked smartphones. I am on Telenor

  • Trying to recover my stolen BlackBerry Z30 Updated:10-11

    My BlackBerry Z30 was recently stolen and it is very important that I recover it. GPS and BlackBerry Protect were both on before the phone was stolen, however when I try to track it through my computer it gives me a message saying it was last seen at

  • Transfering music from Iphone to Blackberry z30 Updated:11-30

    Hello , I am loving my Blackberry Z30 especially after the last update. I was able to transfer all my info from my previous Iphone all exept my Music. I used an app called device switch and it worked great. My question is what is the easiest or best

  • White BlackBerry Z30? When will it be available? Updated:11-30

    Just as described in the Subject, when will the "WHITE" BlackBerry Z30 be available in Canada? From BELL, Rogers and/or Telus? Thank You, The White Z30 is now available on (although I believe shipping only to the USA). 1. If a

  • Blackberry Z30 Updated:11-30

    Hi there. I recently purchased a Blackberry Z30 with OS version I am unable to download an APP to support printing from my phone. When will Blackberry have this available? I find it difficult to understand that HP does not support the la

  • BlackBerry Z30 sync help wanted Updated:11-30

    Firstly I am new to the forum having moved from the "dark side" (iPhone) to the new BlackBerry Z30 - so hi to all. I am unable to sync with outlook on my pc. Actually I cant sync anything. I am in the Uk. I have downloaded the BlackBerry Desktop

  • Blackberry z30 sending duplicate emails Updated:11-30

    i had a blackberry z30 and it's sending duplicate emails to outlook how i can solve this problem . thanksashrafs wrote: i had a blackberry z30 and it's sending duplicate emails to outlook how i can solve this problem . thanks POP, IMAP or Active Sync

  • How to unlock my blackberry z30 Updated:11-30

    my blackberry z30 has locked and says to type "blackberry" to continue but not display the typed words and gives warning as you have entered incorrect pasword 5 times.after 10 unsuccesful attempts your device data will be erased and says press o

  • My blackberry Z30 is displaying a vertical pink line on the screen what should I do? Updated:11-30

    My blackberry Z30 is displaying a vertical pink line frn top to bottom of screen, what should I do to clear it, secondly the head phone need to be supported by hand before it can funtion.That sounds like a display hardware problem. You should get the

  • UNLOCKABLE BlackBerry Z30 - I challenge you! Updated:11-30

    Good evening, I own a BlackBerry Z30, but not just any bbz30: - I bought it off of kijiji last week, the device appears to be very new. - It works with Telus's network proven by inserting their simcard. - It has Telus written on the side of the box B

  • Blackberry Z30 running OS Updated:11-30

    I recently upgraded the firmware on my Blackberry Z30 phone and have noticed two issues. Most importantly my some of my contacts have started to disappear. I suspect it's syncing to my linkedin, Yahoo, Facebook etc and the manually added accounts are

  • New BlackBerry Z30 amplifies the BlackBerry 10 experience Updated:11-30

    New BlackBerry Z30 amplifies the BlackBerry 10 experience The BlackBerry Z30 amplifies the BlackBerry 10 experience with: Bigger and Better Display  All of the great BlackBerry 10 experiences come to life on a large, 5” display that excels at sharp t

  • Broken power button for a BlackBerry Z30 bought on Updated:11-30

    Hello BlackBerry community, I use a BlackBerry Z30 which I bought from I am super-excited with the device, in terms of usability, performance and battery lifetime. Unfortunately the device fell of the table and the power button was brok

  • BlackBerry Z30 stopped working after OS update and reboot! Updated:11-30

    I bought a blackberry z30 from dubai and it was working perfect! And about 3 weeks back there was a OS update and I rebootted the phone after the update. And kept for charging. Once I tried to on it it doesn't. I went to all forumsmost have same prob

  • I am facing "Please re-login to renew your session" error in Blackberry Z30 smartphone Updated:11-30

    After updating my OS y2 days ago, when I am logging in to Facebook using my Blackberry Z30 smartphone, I am facing "Please re-login to renew your session" error. Please help me resolve this problem.Ah, you move too fast and too far with restored

  • BlackBerry Z30 cloud not working Updated:11-30

    The cloud creates duplicate contacts. How do I get backup assistant back in BlackBerry Z30?they do not care my friend Read other 4 answers

  • My blackberry z30 does not turn on with red light flashing Updated:11-30

    hi i have a blackberry z30 , after charging my blackberry z30 it does not turn on and show me a red light blinking 5 times...what i should do? please help. Hi and Welcome to the Community! Please try this sequence...note that, throughout the entire 4

  • Blackberry z30 audio Updated:11-30

    Hello, I bought a blackberry z30 yesterday and when I make a call, the person on the other line can hear me but I cannot hear them except when using loudspeaker. Since I bought it whilst on holiday in another country and now I am in the UK, what can