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  • Keynote '09 ... Hang and closed Updated:10-11

    After open app Keynote '09 and click new or open old file. Application hang and close in a few minute everytime "Keynote quit unexpectedly" Problem Detail and System Configuration Process: Keynote [4465] Path: /Applications/iWork '09/

  • Safari shuts down when trying to open a link in a second tab or window. Updated:10-11

    If I try to open a link from a web site in a seperate tab or window safari shuts down then the "Report ot Apple" comes up. Does not matter what web site, even if I try to open another tab or window it shuts down. Have tried to reset permissions

  • Canon Pixma 180 Navigator/Scanner stopped working with Snow Leopard? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I recently got a new IMac with Snow Leopard. Everything was backed up from Tim Machine and the Apple store installed the drivers for my Canon MP Pixma 180 all-in-one printer. The printer does work but my Navigator shuts down when I choose the Sca

  • What's causing this plugin process crashing? Updated:10-11

    I'm getting the following at least once a day. Something is crashing, but it's not taking down Safari or the system. Can anyone determine what's causing it? This particular report seems related to Safari, at least that was the open application in the

  • Blue tooth question Updated:10-11

    I use a macbook white 2007 with OS X 10.7.5 When I click the bluetooth symbol in the pagetop and open Bluetooth Preferences, and click Advanced I find a few questions about waking up outoff sleepingtime. Wright under them I find Serial Ports with whi

  • Connecting iBook G3 with repeater (WPA Updated:11-30

    For some time we've been using a conventional router over WLAN access and partly with a repeater (range extender) with various macs/PC without any problems. Now, with WPA Personal protection the repeater didn't work (not supported) and we got a new o

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