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  • How do I add image upload to web app edit template? Updated:10-11

    How do I add image upload to web app edit template. When creating fields I am selecting image from the field type. But the only way to upload and image is when I create the web app item within the admin. The option to upload an image is not available

  • Edit Template in Dynamic Conversion Admin is not working Updated:10-11

    Latest oracle UCM 10gR3 is installed with patches and Site Studio 1ogR4 on windows XP and it is running fine. When I click on "Edit Template" button after selecting a template in Oracle Content Server >> Administration >> Dynamic Con

  • Let me first say the DW CC SUCKS!!!  Why can't I edit templates in CC that I created in DW CS6? Updated:11-11

    When I try to edit templates, ANY template, that I created in CS6, I can't.  The tool bars are grayed out.  The properties panel is grayed out.  It acts as though it is in LIVE mode, but it isn't, or not that I can see.  I'm trying to edit a link in

  • Adjusting Edit template in Web app Updated:11-30

    Hi All, Is it possible to adjust the edit template in a web app so that certain users can edit only certain fields? I am using a web app to submit insurance claims for cell phone repairs, my technicans on my premises should have access to all fields

  • Problem on editing template   .dwt file Updated:11-30

    I have a problem with dreamweaver template. When I edit a template in dreamweaver, and apply changes to all the pages , it propogates on all pages and .dwt file also , but all the design or layout or graphics of the pages  are gone and everything get

  • How to edit template for report generator in stimulus profile editor in Veristand 2011? Updated:11-30

    How to edit template for report generator in stimulus profile editor in veristand 2011? We are using Veristand 2011.When we run any sequence in stimulus profle editor,we get test results in form of ATML file. We want to customise the template for thi

  • PDF to Editable Template Updated:11-30

    I need to make a pdf an editable template. The security permissions allow this. How do I do it?You need Acrobat. Reader can't do it.Read other 2 answers

  • Locking editable template regions to Contribute users only Updated:11-30

    Hi, I would like to know if it's possible to lock some editable template regions to Contribute users only? We need to have these regions editable through Dreaweaver so our site designers can still modify them. I'm not talking about the "Optional regi

  • 'Edit Template' link Updated:11-30

    Hi I would really like to hide the 'edit template' link from our administrators when they are in the edit mode of a page. We would like to use one global template and it would be disastrous if it could be changed by our administrators. ThanksIf you r

  • Can I use an alternate Edit template for a WebApp? Updated:11-30

    Can I use an alternate (backup) Edit template for a WebApp?Nope! If it is absolutely essential that you have different editable bits of the web app, then you might want to consider splitting your web app into different apps and linking them together

  • Edited template in Dreamweaver, once uploaded...another story! Updated:10-11

    I purchased a template and began to edit it in Dreamweaver 8. It looked great until I uploaded it.  Some of the background doesn't show, as well as certain icons and logos.  Everything has been uploaded using Yahoo! Webhosting.  I uploaded the layout

  • I can't make an editable template in dreamweaver CS5 help! Updated:10-11

    Here is my problem. I insert an editable region, and that works just fine. However, when trying to create a page from this template, I can't edit the CSS. Normally, I click the area of the CSS I want to edit, and go to modify>templates>make attribut

  • Edit template layout workbook Updated:11-30

    Hi there, I need to do some change at the layout and logo of a group of workbook in bex suite 3.5 How can I do to modify only one and have the same result for all of them? I tryed to modify the template they are based on, but the others didn't receiv

  • Editing template substitutions, like #TAB_CELLS# Updated:11-30

    Is it possible to edit some of the tags that APEX puts in templates. Essentially I am looking at #TAB_CELLS#, My apex theme uses a certain image in between each tab, and I would like to change this image, without cheating and going onto the server an

  • Can't edit template in dreamweaver Updated:10-11

    even though I have not set up any non-editable regions.Sounds like you have some bad code in your template.  Can you upload the file to some web space that you control and paste a link to that page here?  Failing that, can you paste the code from you

  • Edit template in Dreamweaver Updated:10-11

    I have always put <head> part of page in my template, this than makes this part the same on all pages using that template. But I've now been told that the Meta keywords should be match to keywords on individual pages, so how do I now make this part

  • Edit Templates With Multiple Languages (want to see all templates) Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I have the following problem: I want to edit this template: On my old windows pc I can see all three templates (German, English & French) one below the other! Which is important, because I need to edit each one, how ever it is only one file!

  • Unable to Edit Template Properties Updated:10-11

    I have created an optional editable area in a DW template for a submenu. It functions properly in DW when I create a new page and go to Modify>Template Properties. However in Contribute 4 (on a page created from this template) when I go to Format>Te

  • Image (Co. Logo) in Template header appears but not in Topic when viewing a topic which is attached to the Template Updated:10-11

    I have an image (Co. logo) placed in the header of a template. Topics are attached to the template. I also have a separate page that has hyperlinks to the the Topics in the several books I have in the project. When I generate (WebHelp) project and vi

  • Editing template content of 'standard' templates in Business Catalyst Updated:10-11

    I used the Uniquate template example as the basis of the development of a new site. While I can update content I cannot find a way of editing the text within the standard template framework. For example I cannot edit 'Uniquate' to my required title.