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mirror dbs are in recovery state

  • Mirroring Disconnected and in recovery Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, we have mirroring setup, in which principal was restarted as a result mirroring was disconnected and in recovery, and the DR server went to OFFLINE. Now, the error log says " Database mirroring connection error 2 'Connection attempt faile

  • Why db mirror can not set db recovery model to simple? Updated:11-30

    Hi ,All I have a question .  DB replication can set db recovery model to simple ,why db mirror can not  db recovery model to simple. DB mirror must be set to full recovery model. As far as I know, whatever db mirror  and db replication ,there is a lo

  • How do I automatically backup SQL Agent jobs and SSIS packages on the mirror daily? Updated:11-30

    I have seen this question asked before but I could not find a satisfactory answer. What is the best solution to get your SQL Agent jobs/schedules/etc. and your SSIS packages on the mirror server? Here's the details: Server A is the principal with 2 D

  • Database Mirroring and Replication in SQL Server 2008 R2 Updated:10-11

    I have configured the mirroring and replication between 4 servers (A,B,C,D).i.e, Mirroring between A to B and C to D, Replication between A and C. The configuration was a success and I am able test the replication(B to C) when I have failed over the

  • Failover SharePoint SQL Mirror steps? Updated:11-30

    Hi I have a stretched SharePoint 2010 farm across 2 DCs.  We have a SQL server in each site (2008 R2) using asynchronous mirroring.  We use Power Pivot service application - its DB is also mirrored.  I set the failover server/database location using

  • Restore database that has mirroring enabled Updated:11-30

    I apologize, as I'm the default SQL person now and my skill level is pretty much limited to running queries. SQL 2008 R2 We have a Test database that is mirrored and has severely outdated data. I'd like to copy the data in from a recent back up of ou

  • SQL Server 2005 High Availability and Disaster Recovery options Updated:11-30

    Hi, We are are working on a High Availability & Disaster Recovery Planning solution for an application database which is on SQL Server 2005. What different options have we got to implement this for SQL Server 2005 and after we have everything setup h

  • RMAN is picking up old pfile Updated:11-30

    I am in the early stages of recovering a backup onto another host. I've recovered the spfile to pfile from autobackup and have been editing it. I've exited RMAN, but when I start it with: rman TAGET / NOCATALOG , it is finding an old copy of my pfile

  • A few SQL related protection group Questions - DPM 2012 R2 Updated:11-30

    Hi - Here is my environment: DPM 2012 R2 backing up SQL 2012 DBs. Some of the DBs are simple recovery model, some are full recovery model in the same protection group. 1) Regarding the fact that DPM only looks to the recovery model when the DB is fir

  • Circular Logging in exchange 2010 Updated:11-30

    1.       How to enable circular logging in Exchange 2010 while is in DAG in place. 2.       When enable it will it clear my Transaction Log automatically? RegardsThe Exchange Management Shell can be used to determine which mailbox databases are enabl

  • Error mirroing 1478 Updated:11-30

    Dear All, I want start a mirroring database server. I already Full backup database from server and restore on mirroring server with restore with no-recovery option. All that step was successfully. After that I start mirroring task with sql server man

  • Database storage considerations having 10 hdds ? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I must replace poor performing disks for my db2 sap database. Storage admin asigned 10 hdds from our corporate SAN (I mean I must decide in what RAID level disks will be configured(using SAN) ). Config : AIX 5.3 db2 8.1 SAP R/3 8 cpus 32 Gb RAM I

  • Cisco ONS 15454 Optical protection switch Updated:11-30

    Is there a list available which details all possibilities that will cause an optical switch to protection on a BLSR node.Hi Ryan, I think my connectivity is fine now between the ONS switchs but  Brocade switch  is having trouble negotiating the link

  • Lync 2013 Std and Ent Edition Edge co-existence Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I'm seeing an odd issue with our current migration. We have the following: Site1: Lync 2013 Standard with Edge server. Site 2: Lync 2013 EE with 3 FEs, mirrored DBs and no Edge server deployed All users live on Site1 and all is ok. Site 1 con

  • Incremental Backups Not Working - DPM 2012 R2 Updated:11-30

    Hi Having a strange issue where incremental backups in some situations are not working, however the daily full backup is succeeding. This doesn't seem to be a SQL instance issue, in that within the same protection group, on the same sql instance, the

  • Dataguard configuration from 2-node rac to single instance with out ASM Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, Oracle Version : Operating system:linux. Here i am trying to configure data Guard from 2-node rac to a singled instance stanby database . I have done all the changes in the parameter file for both primary and stand by database and

  • RMAN help please Updated:11-30

    Hi RMAN expert I have to do a recover test excercice on a RAC cluster 11gr2 aix with ASM. Do you have a test plan i could use in order to perform those restores tests plase?I have attached the full procedure with restore and recover SQL> shut abort O

  • Oracle11gR2 RAC&DataGuard  rman  duplicate Updated:11-30

    RAC 環境の data guard でちょっと悩んでいます. data guard というより.rman と tnsnames.ora の関係あたりです. 結果的に実行したいことは.rman での接続の後の duplicate だけです. (プライマリ・データベースの複製) rman での接続がそもそも正常でなく.何が原因か分からない状態です. 詳しい方いれば教えていただきたいと思います. よろしくお願い致します. ▼ 実行時の画面出力: standby 側 db が open の時: exp

  • Mirror DB Stuck in (Mirror, Disconnected / In Recovery) state After Breaking the Mirror Updated:11-30

    After a network outage and a lot of processing our mirroring fell behind for one of our DBs.  It started to catch up, then just stopped shipping logs and on the restoring side it was running very slow.  It was clear that the mirrors were corrupt and

  • SP 2013 - Database Recovery Mode When Using SQL Server Mirroring Updated:11-30

    Hello Community, Our DBA is configuring a High Availability Architecture for our SharePoint 2013 Farm.  Essentially he is using SQL Server Database mirroring with a clustered automatic failover using a witness server.  He has informed me that mirrori